Top 5 Best Sports Apps For Firestick

5 Best Sports Apps For Firestick – Sports have taken the heart of many, getting access to unlimited sports games can be very demanding as you would need to either subscribe to get the premium sporting events.

There are so many sports apps you can get. Some sports apps allow you to watch only a specific game while they are some that provide several sports.

In this article, we would be discussing the best sports apps for firestick to enable you to enjoy unlimited sporting activities as you are a big fan of sports whether Tennis, Football, Golf, and many others.

What Is A Firestick?

If you don’t have a smart Tv and wish to have some apps to enable you to enjoy some online channels like YouTube, Netflix, PrimeTv and others, do not worry as there is an option. 

Firestick is your best option with it you can do so many things and also enjoy a lot of facilities. Firestick is compared to decoders like Dstv, and many others that provide you with programs. 

However, with firestick, you can do many things, such as storing music, and videos and even downloading apps to access them on your Tv.

So Firestick is an Amazon streaming device that enables you to access streaming platforms over the internet. Most TVs are not smart, with the availability of a firestick you can turn your TV into a smart tv.

What is needed to make this work is an internet connection (Wifi), and a TV with an HDMI port? Once you have this then you are good to go. You can have access to several movies, music and others online meaning you don’t have to get the traditional decoder.

Note: To enjoy Firestick you would need to use VPN to also encrypt for security reasons and also to convince the internet of your location. With this, you can access more content online.

5 Best Sports Apps For Firestick

Firestick is available over Amazon platforms and the are other alternatives such as google chrome cast and others. With these devices, you can easily get to access the internet and enjoy quite several Apps and platforms.

There are a series of apps that are available on Firesticks such as Kodi, CatMouse APK, Pluto TV, Nova TV, Tea TV, Bee TV, UnlockyMy TV, Peacock TV, Shudder TV, YouTube, Netflix and many others where you enjoy series of programs.

To enjoy or access unlimited sports on Firestick, there are several apps you can go for, here are the five best apps for sports on Firestick.

  • ESPN+
  • Fox Sports
  • FuboTV
  • Live NetTV
  • Lepto Sport

  • ESPN+

This is one of the most notable sports channels that comes with loads of sports. The streaming platform is one of the best American sports platforms with a series of sporting games such as Tennis, Football, Baseball, Hockey, and more. With an ESPN+ subscription, you get to enjoy unlimited games live and recorded games.

The ESPN app is available on all platforms, Android, iPad, FireTV and iOS, once you are registered with ESPN+ you can access all the programmes including MLB, NHL and MLS. ESPN+ App subscription includes monthly and yearly plans as customers can pay $10 per month and $100 per annum.

  • FOX Sports 

FOX Sports app is also available for Firestick. It is also another interesting American sporting channel. The App can be got on Android, iOS, iPad and other platforms for download. Once downloaded and install you can enjoy several games both live and recorded.

With the platform, you can enjoy games like NFL, EPL, MBA, MLB, PGA, FireTV and more. It is a recommendable platform for sports lovers to catch up with their interests. 

  • FuboTV

FuboTV has over 100 Live streaming channels, it is also one of the best apps to get engaged with sporting games. FuboTV provides users with games such as MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, NCAA College Football, NCAA College Basketball, MLS Soccer, FIFA World Cup, Champions League, English Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga and many more.

FuboTV is available over Android, FireTV, iOS, iPad and others. FuboTV is actually not available in all countries only a few like the United States, Canada and Spain however, there is a hack you can use to access it like using the VPN to make it accessible in any country.

To enjoy more on the platform, you can subscribe to its basic bouquet which is around $20 per month. There you get to enjoy it more.

  • Live NetTV

Though this might not provide users with all kinds of sporting games. However, if you are a lover of cricket and football then LiveNetTV is the right spot for you. There are so many live matches to watch on LiveNetTV. The interesting part of this app is that it is totally free. You don’t have to subscribe to enjoy any game.

The free streaming app is available on Android, iOS, iPad, FireTV and more. You would surely enjoy this platform once you download it.

  • Lepto Sport  

Lepto Sports is an amazing application for live sports streaming. With the Lepto Sports application, you can access a series of games from UFC, Formula 1, Basketball (NBA), Football (NFL) and Golf. The Application is available for Android, iOS, FireTv and many others. You don’t need to subscribe to enjoy all its amazing live streams.

Once you download you can follow this link to know how you can install it on various platforms. The Application is user-friendly and provides users with interesting programmes.

We have been able to list five sports apps for firestick, however, there are other interesting apps you can also try if you wish to enjoy more content, these include;

  • NBC Sports
  • CBS Sports
  • Stremio
  • DAZN
  • SlingTV

How To Use Firestick

Firestick can be gotten from any store online or at any retail store. To enjoy this tool, once you can get it then you plug it into your TV via the HDMI port. Once this is done then you set it up and try to download the application to enjoy it.

You would need an internet connection to enjoy this process. Unlike the decoder where you have to subscribe for limited content, Firestick allows you to download apps and enjoy a series of TV channels while some may require a subscription for a premium bouquet.


Many people would love to cut corners to enjoy unlimited TV programs such as music, movies, sports and others. Subscribing to cable can be restricted however, there are ways to enjoy some of these great apps on TV. 

Firestick is a tool to turn your non-smart TV into a smart TV, while you get to download a series of Apps. If you are a lover of sports, some platforms provide unlimited sporting programmes with the firestick you can access so many apps. We have listed several sports apps for firestick. We hope you find this insightful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is ESPN+ a month?

ESPN is one of the best American sports platforms. The ESPN+ goes for $10 per month.

Can I watch ESPN on Firestick?

ESPN is one of the apps you can download for Firestick. If you have the Amazon firestick you can download the ESPN app and enjoy all its amazing sports programs.

Which Live TV app is best for sports?

There are so many Live TV apps to enjoy sports. You can follow this link for amazing Live TV apps.


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