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Best Sports News Apps -For sports lovers, the only way to feel like you are in the game is by watching it live on a sports app or following the news on a sports news apps. For football lovers, there are apps developed by the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and other leagues so you can get live information on any football match.

However, it is such a bore to download all the apps and start following the matches differently. There are apps that carry all football matches and report them steadily and very fast. Apart from showing just the score and stats, these apps tell you what happens by the minutes.

While some of these apps carry only football news, some apps carry almost every sports from basketball, golf, volleyball, and others for both genders. Some of these apps allow live streaming while others do not.

Using factors like stability, consistency, news quality, livestream quality, and a few others, we have ranked the best sports news apps. After listing the apps, there are important mentions which may include sports websites.

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The Sport News industry has reached more than 20 billion USD in market value. The figure is expected to double in eight years. In the last ten years, more and more investors have put a lot of effort into developing apps that make you feel like you are watching the games in real life.

Some of these are able to help you understand exactly what happened in the game without any livestreaming or videos. This article is written to help you know what the best sports news apps are and how they operate.

Best Sports News Apps

  • Sofascore
  • Livescore
  • BBC Sport
  • Bleacher Report
  • Yahoo Sports
  • TheScore
  • CBS Sports
  • 365Scores
  • MSN Sports
  • Flashscore

1. SofaScore

SofaScore has been around for years, providing quality sports news and most importantly, match ratings. On SofaScore, you can choose to see football, cricket, motorsport, American football, rugby, badminton, Snooker, darts, futsal, table tennis, beach volley, basketball, water polo, cycling among other sports.

The app is a complete news app that is very easy to use. Visit Google Play Store or Apple app store to download the app. Using the search tab, type “SofaScore” and search for it. It is the first app displayed with blue, green and white themed logo.

Click on download and install it and you are almost ready to go. Launch the app and you will get a prompt that asks you to choose a sport to follow. There are more than twenty options to choose from. After selecting, the homepage will show you the matches for that day.

You just need to click on any match and you can follow all that happens. You can watch clips of goals that are scored as you follow the match, and very notably, you can use SofaScore on your android smartwatch.

Each player is rated in every match with stats like shots, passes, duels, goals and assists and all the ratings for that week is used to make an average weekly rating. The weekly ratings are used to determine the players of the month and thanks to all of these features, SofaScore is one of the best sports news apps. The app has more than ten million downloads and is rated 4.6 out of 5 by more than 800,000 users.

2. Livescore

Livescore is one of the oldest sports news apps, having been established in 1998. Since then, the app has gone on to become one of the largest, best sports news apps in the world. For millions of people, Livescore is the go-to place for football, basketball, table tennis, and a few other sports.

Apart from the instant notifications, the app offers an option of live commentary for every match. This means you can feel like you’re watching the game since you can hear the commentaries live. It is arguably the most used sports news app in the world with more than fifty million users.

The user experience is great thanks to the very simple layout that allows beginners to see stats with a few clicks only. Users can set live notifications so that the app sends notifications every time something happens.

There is also a calendar that helps users track important matches and get notifications on the dates.

3. BBC Sports

Without any doubts, BBC Sports is one of the best sports news apps in the world currently. Everything here beams a lot of quality and the app is generally outstanding. You can personalize your news on the “my sport” page so that you only see news that you want to.

The user experience is really great even for beginners and you can even stream live matches on the app and watch highlights with chrome cast.

Instead of offering everything there is about sports news, BBC Sports lets you choose and then brings you a personalized feed. This is innovational and makes it stand out among other sports news apps.

A problem with many sports news apps is that they may miss some major events. This problem is completely solved by BBC Sports as all the big matches are always there.

4. Bleacher Reports

Bleacher report has created a very solid userbase across all platforms, especially twitter. The app has gained the respect of sports fans (especially football) considering the quality of its updates for the past few years.

On the app, Bleacher covers more than ten different sports including MMA news, basketball and others. The personalization system is quite unique and is made such that users just need to follow their favourite teams to see the latest updated about their matches and stats.

The reporting is very fast and your dashboard is updated as soon as it happens on the pitch. Users are also allowed to bookmark news pages, in a one-of-a-kind feature.

5. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo sports is considered the best sports news app that is free and offers livestreaming without any payments. The app covers all major football leagues and provides short articles for users to read.

These articles provide even more information on users’ favorite leagues and teams and all of these are provided for free.

Apart from football, Yahoo sports offers quality news and updates of other sports and leagues too. The UI design is also very simple, offering quality user experience such that new users will have no problems with navigation.

6. TheScore

TheScore is a very popular sports news app that offers updates, ratings and analysis on its responsive app. Users can easily set calendar notifications to keep them notified when it is time for the matches.

Just like BBC Sports, TheScore offers a personalized feed which may not be as effective though. You get to filter what you want to see and this is a feature that many people would love in a news app.

On the dashboard users get to see current matches, stats and scores without doing much. There is also an option to join communities and you can share results to other apps.

7. FlashScore

FlashScore is well known for its wide range of sports programs. This app covers thirty different sports and offers thousands of events. The app notifies users of news, stats and table standings in real time.

It offers similar services with SofaScore and is also available for download on android and iOS devices. The push notifications are quite impressive as you do not need to be using the app to get notified of sports matches and stats.

Instead of a live audio commentary, FlashScore offers text like commentary. You can read this instead of listening. The commentary covers every shot on goal, cards and some more information but is not as good as audio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about the best sports news apps:

What is the best source for sports news?

There are a couple of sport apps and websites that are very great to follow sports news, fixtures and highlights. Here is a list of the best sports news apps:

  • Sofascore
  • Livescore
  • BBC Sport
  • Bleacher Report
  • Yahoo Sports
  • TheScore
  • CBS Sports

What is the best website for sports?

Here are some of the best websites for sports that offer livestreaming, real-time stats or commentary:

  • Bleacher Nation
  • Score808
  • ESPN
  • Yahoo Sports

What is a good free sports app?

Here is a list of good free sports apps you can use:

  • Yahoo Sports
  • Sore808
  • FanDuel
  • Livescore
  • Sofascore
  • Flashscore


A lot of people who are not able to watch live football are usually in desperate need of a sports news app that delivers notifications instantly. There are several apps made for this purpose, with many carrying additional features.

Apart from the best sports news apps mentioned in this article, other recommendations include and Adrar tv. These two websites and apps allow you to stream football and other sports live on your smartphone for free.

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