Stephen Akintayo Couldn’t Afford Office Rent, Set Up The Office in His Room And Now Making it Big in the Real Estate Business

Stephen Akintayo Set Up Office in His Room

Popular businessman Dr. Stephen Akintayo shared heart touching stories of his little beginning in the business world.

He revealed that at the initial stage of his real estate business in 2015, he was to rent an office space for himself but couldn’t afford the rent amount and as such, he has no option than to set up the office in his 1 room and parlor apartment. This was one of his encountered challenges as a business man.

He shared this experience through his Facebook page post and you can read what he wrote below;

“I almost quit!

I remember when I had just started my real estate business in 2015. I delved into real estate because I wanted to make money to give my family the kind of life they deserved.

Few years down the line, I ran into debt without taking a loan from anyone. I couldn’t afford to pay for the office rent at Ikeja and we had to park up and set up the office in my 1 room and parlour house at Sango-Ota.

My clients didn’t believe in my vision of building Africa’s first green and smart homes, hence they asked for a refund of their money. That was how I become a debtor. Moreso, it looked as though I was saying gibberish, because I didn’t look like the vision I had set for myself.

I was tempted to abandon my vision and take a job so I could fend for my family, and today, I am grateful to God I didn’t. If I did, you wouldn’t be hearing of Dr. Stephen Akintayo today, and I wouldn’t have impacted the many lives I have across the world”

This is indeed inspiring!


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