Stephen Akintayo Revealed That He Was Chased Out of Exam Hall Due To Failure To Pay School Fees, But Now He Has 2 Doctorate Degrees

Stephen Akintayo Revealed That He Was Chased Out of Exam Hall

The popular business mogul took Dr. Stephen Akintayo took to his LinkedIn profile to share the story of how he was chased out of exam hall because he was unable to pay his school fees, but now he is a graduate with two Doctorates degree.

The real estate business mogul shared this story as he bagged a doctorate degree.

Read through what Dr. Stephen wrote on LinkedIn below;

“From Being Chased out of Exam Hall due to failure to Pay School Fees to Having 2 Doctorate Degree By Dr Stephen AKintayo.

I remember being sent out of Exam Hall in OOU for not being able to pay tuition fees. I felt very bad but was very sure it was a temporary issue . Today various Universities are offering Me Doctorate Degrees .

Did I know I will get to this level? Yes I did! One of MY CLASS MATE SEEING ALL THAT WAS GOING ON SAT ME DOWN BEFORE EXAM ONE DAY AND SAID; “ I Am worried for you Stephen, I fear you will never get a good result and never get a good job and never amount to anything in life”. I smiled and told Her, I don’t need Degree to become great in Life.

I Am only in School so that, it’s on record that I went to university . I will never need to use My degree , I told her. Ladies and Gentlemen, this has become My true testimony today. I have never had to use My degree since I left University. I have employed over 1000 people since we started our company 2008 with current staff of over 300 and over 15,000 independent staff.

Yesterday Another University called ; Myles Leadership University with campus in India and Benin republic awarded Me with Honorary PhD in Strategic Leadership and Management.This year alone I rejected 3 Doctorate Degree because I wasn’t sure of the credibility of the awarding institution.Myles University team said they have followed all the great impact myself and our organization are making in business and Philanthropy. I Am grateful to God for this opportunity to be this honored in My lifetime . I dedicate it to God, to My wife, Kids and every hard working Member of Gtext Holdings .How did I Get here? It was simple , I knew how to be able to Make impact I need money and a lot of it. I knew if the money will come, it will not be by hard work alone, I needed to build a financial structure that allow me make money while sleeping even in Recession .That single right decision of making money work for Me, has allowed me to be able to make impact today.We created Gvest Cooperative so that you too can be in my shoes and make money work for you , and change your world” – He wrote

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Credits: LinkedIn

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