7 Steps to Getting a Netherlands Work Visa

7 Steps to Getting a Netherlands Work Visa
7 Steps to Getting a Netherlands Work Visa

7 Steps To Getting A Netherlands Work Visa is a guide to international or foreign travelers who wish to work and live in the Netherlands.

As a foreigner in another country, it is often a difficult process to get a work visa especially if you do not have the right information or use the right resources.

Just as you are planning to travel and work, foreign nations are eager to meet and work with people like you as long as they meet the requirements. People from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland would need a work permit.

This work permit is of two kinds; an employment permit and a single permit.

Work Permit required for Foreigners from outside the EEA

Workers who wish to earn in the Netherlands and are from outside the EEA are issued an employment permit (TWV) by their employers. The Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) may not issue a permit unless the conditions have been met.

Workers employed through a company or temporary employment agency are been applied for by the company or agency and required to send a copy of the worker’s ID and permit to the company hiring the employee.

The hiring company, therefore, checks the documents before he or she resumes work.

Groups That Don’t Need Work Permit

However, some workers do not need to have a work or employment permit as they have a residence permit or visa if they intend to stay in the Netherlands for less than three months. Other categories of such people are:

Foreign nationals who are self-employed and have a residence permit that states ‘self-employed’.

Foreigners who have a residence permit as ‘start up’ and are starting a business.

Highly-skilled migrants who contribute to the Dutch economy

Foreigners who live abroad and are currently performing a special task for a short period, and attending meetings or preparing for a supply by their employer abroad.

Finding a Job in the Netherlands

Finding a job in a foreign land requires more than usual. Finding a job in the Netherlands requires translation of your CV amongst other regulatory requirements such as a dutch Visa and Dutch Work permits.

There are opportunities in the Netherlands for professionals to work as there are a lot of international companies such as Heineken, Unilever, Phillips, and ING Group and recruitment agencies ready to place workers in jobs.

The rate of skilled workers needed in the Netherlands is high as they are always open to immigrants who have something to offer. These skilled workers are engineers, IT specialists, finance industrialists, and sales marketing.

Salary in the Netherlands

The average monthly salary in the Netherlands is about 2,430 Euros depending on the sector you find work. Some sectors pay as high as 4,000 Euros all dependent on the minimum wage and the number of hours put into work.

The working hours in the Netherlands are from 30 to 40 hours per week, sometimes spreading over four days. This makes work more structured, creating room for weekend jobs and the usual 9 am to 5 pm work schedule.

Required language to Work in the Netherlands

You do not have to speak Dutch to work in the Netherlands; English is the language that is generally spoken in companies and businesses. However, your idea of Dutch increases your chances.  

Sometimes, small companies speak Dutch while international companies are more open to the English language as they have a mix of different races.

Expats who speak other languages like German, Dutch or French are often in high demand so if you decide to take a language course in the Netherlands.

How To Find a Job in the Netherlands

Sharing borders with Belgium and Germany, the official language is Dutch. There are different ways to find a job in the Netherlands. Below is a short list;

  • Search engines like Google, career jet, Indeed, rabota.ria.ua
  • Blogs and websites
  • Overseas and Expat job websites like overseas jobs, Go Abroad, Linkedin
  • Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies in the Netherlands

As a foreigner seeking a job in the Netherlands, you cannot do it alone especially if you do not live in the country. So, seeking the services of agents or agencies is crucial to finding the right job. Some legal agents are recognized and authorized by the Netherlands officials to assist foreigners with their job search.

Here is a list of the agencies;

  • Language Matters Recruitment Consultants
  • Projob
  • Adams Multilingual Recruitment
  • Octagon professionals
  • Abroad Experience
  • Randstad Multilingual Recruitment
  • Undutchables
  • Blue Lynx
  • Unique Multilingual
  • COREcruitment
  • Progressive
  • Orange Quarter
  • Language Matters Recruitment consultants
  • Independent Recruiters
  • Brainbox Consulting BV
  • WeAreXena
  • Finest people

Qualifications to work in the Netherlands

To work in any organization, foreign or not, a Bachelor’s degree is needed at least. Other job requirements could be a master’s or Ph.D. in the field of work. If granted an interview, prospective employees are also required to tender their certificate or diploma, or testimonials.

Requirements to Apply For a Work Visa in the Netherlands

Before we discuss the 7 Steps to Getting a Netherlands Work Visa, we should also look at the necessary things needed for an application.

This requirement depends on the type of job you are seeking but there are basic requirements for any type of work in the Netherlands.

Firstly, you need to get a copy of the application permit online or in person along with the following documents;

  • Financial sufficiency documents
  • A valid passport and travel documents
  • A clean background check
  • Job validation letter from your employer recognized by the Netherlands officials
  • Verification of documentation
  • Medical test results
  • Some years of work experience for the highly skilled Expats

7 Steps to Getting a Netherlands Work Visa

Having gotten all the necessary documents and scheduled an appointment with the Dutch Consulate, here are the 7 Steps to Getting a Netherlands Work Visa;

Have a Covid 19 report

The pandemic has set the wheel for the ultimate health and medical safety for the citizens of each nation. Whether you are visiting or staying for long, the most important criteria is a Covid 19 report that clears you.

Also, always check with the Embassy to see if they are still accepting applications for a Work Visa.

Background Check

To live and work abroad without any issues arising, it is vital for the country you are planning to work at knowing a bit about your past, not necessarily all the details but a confirmation that you are a good citizen of your country and can abide by the rules and regulations governing immigrants in the Netherlands.

Employee Validation

Applying for a Work Visa requires validation from your employer, stating that you have been employed and have gone through the right processes. Without a job, there is no need for a work Visa. This Validation is often written in letter form, explaining your job responsibility and details.

A valid passport and Travelling Documents

To enable a Visa stamp, ensure that your passport has a few blank pages, it also has to be valid for at least three months after the time you intend to leave for the Netherlands. You also need your flight itinerary and reservation information for your flight.

Application Information verification

This contains all personal information such as social security, birth certificates, documentation like marriage certificates, etc. whatever information you provided during the application should be handy for backup at the 7 Steps to Getting a Netherlands Work Visa Embassy. S

Full Medical History

The medical result required is usually referred to as a tuberculosis Test. This is part of the health screening that you must undergo which must be included in the documentation to be tendered at the Embassy. This also helps you know your health status.

Financial documentation

As a foreigner, your financial background is been checked for evidence that you can cater to yourself for some time. Therefore, bank statements, credit reports, and any other financial information are submitted for validation.

Before taking the steps to apply for a Visa, it won’t hurt to cross-check for the availability of these documentation or requirements to avoid having an uncompleted application. This affects your chances of applying in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a work visa for the Netherlands?

In order to work in the Netherlands, you will need both a residence permit to stay in the country as well as a separate work permit to be allowed to work

1,488 USD

As a non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen, in most cases, you must have a job offer in order to move to the Netherlands. You can move to the Netherlands without a job offer only in the following instances: You apply for a Dutch student visa.


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