Steps to Partake On Federal Government Youth Empowerment Programs

Federal Government Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment is a process where children and youthful people are encouraged to take charge of their lives. And they do this by addressing their situation and also take action in order to ameliorate their access to offers and transfigure their knowledge through their [beliefs, values, and stations].

Youth Empowerment aims to ameliorate quality of life which is achieved through participation in youth commission programs. The students argue that children’s rights perpetration should go beyond learning about formal rights and procedures to give birth to a concrete experience of rights.

So there are multitudinous models that youth empowerment programs use that help youth achieve commission. And a variety of youth empowerment enterprises are underway around the world and these programs can be through [Non-profit Organizations, Government Organizations and Schools or Private Organization].

This youth empowerment  is different from youth development because development is centered on developing individualities, while empowerment is concentrated on creating lesser community change and relies on the development of individual capacity.

The empowerment movements which include [youth commission, originate, gain momentum, become viable, and become institutionalized]. Youth empowerment is usually addressed as a gateway to [intergenerational equity, civic engagement & democracy building]. Some activities may focus on [youth-led media, youth rights, youth councils, youth activism, youth involvement in community decision-making], other systems needed.

This empowerment proposition focuses on processes that enable participation- to enhance control through participating decision making and produce openings to [learn, exercise, and increase skills]. The theory also suggests that engaging [youth inpro-social, meaningful, and community- enhancing conditioning] that the youth themselves [define and control, helps youth gain vital skills, liabilities, and confidence] necessary to become productive and healthy grown-ups.

The Types of Youth Empowerment Program You Needs To Know

This great youth empowerment programs examines the six interdependent dimensions

  • The organizational,
  • The economic,
  • The social and cultural.
  • The psychological,
  • The community,

This psychological empowerment enhances an existent’s [knowledge, belief in self- efficacy, mindfulness & knowledge of problems] and results, and also how individualities can address problems that harm their quality of life. Though this dimension aims to produce one- confidence and give youth the skills to acquire knowledge.

This community empowerment focuses on enhancing the community through [leadership development, perfecting communication] and also creating a network of support to rally the community to address enterprises.

This organizational commission aims to produce a base of offers for a community, including [voluntary associations, unions and associations] that aim to cover, promote and endorse for the helpless. Again, this economic empowerment also teaches [entrepreneurial skills], how to take power of their means and how to have income security.

This community empowerment teaches youth about social addition and knowledge as well as helping youth find the offers to be [visionary] in their communities.

This social and cultural empowerment aims to recreate artistic practices and review artistic rules and morals for youth. And through these confines of empowerment, programs can work on empowering youth in one or more aspects of their lives.

The Pretensions of The Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment programs are aimed at creating healthier and advanced rates of life for depressed or at- threat youth.

The five (5)capabilities of a healthy youth are:

  • The decision- making skills,
  • The moral system of belief, and
  • The [Pro-social connectedness].
  • The Positive sense of self,
  • The self- control,

Experimental interventions and programs have to be anchored on these capabilities that define positive issues of healthy youth. But youth empowerment programs thrive in positive experimental settings and these positive experimental settings promote youth [capability, confidence and connections].

Two features of the positive experimental youth settings are probative connections and support for efficacy and mattering. These probative connections are those that are between [youth and non-familial grown-ups] that foster trust and respect. And as well supports for efficacy and meaning specifically focuses on youth being active, necessary agents of change in their [communities, collaborative decision-making and grown-ups] hears to and admire their voice

The Nigerian Govt has already made available an occasion for the youths through the [Youth Empowerment Programmes] for the year [2021] to gauge up skills accession and training in [Agriculture affiliated businesses, tailoring and Fashion Design].

The Federal Government’s commitment to engage the youths entered a boost with a planned sustainable livelihood skills accession and commission programme in colorful husbandry related business and acclimatizing/ fashion- to a well programme initiated by the [Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development] to feed for [Jobless Youths] in the [36 countries] of the [Federation and the F.C.T].

The Ideal Program For FG Youth Empowerment [2022]

The main idea of this capacity structure programme, as stated by the [Ministry of Youth and Sport], is principally to reduce the rate of [Youth severance, poverty and restiveness] amongst others.

The [Federal Government Empowerment program 2021] in [Agricultural related business, tailoring and fashion design] is among the multitudinous [#EmpowerNigerians2021 programmes] designed for the youths, also continue to learn about the details and how to share, If  you need to acquire these skills for free.

The Youth Empowerment Training Venues and Dates

A): Agricultural- related Business: The skills accession and training programme on Agriculture affiliated business is listed to hold at the [National Youth Development Centre] at [Shere Hills, Jos- Plateau state] for aspirants from the [Northern States Venue 1].

Venue 11 will be held at the [National Youth Development Centre], at [Owode- Egba, Ogun State] for actors from the [Southern States]. And this will last for [2 weeks]- from [February 7- February 21, 2021].

B): Tailoring and Fashion Design: For the training programme in [Tailoring and Fashion Design], it’ll be held at the [National Youth Development Centre], at [Ode- omu in Osun State] and unexpectedly, will last for [3 weeks] and it’s also commencing on [February 7 to February 28, 2021].

Their Eligibility Criteria

The actors in the [Youth Empowerment Programs 2021] from the [36 countries] must be within the periods of [15- 29] and as so defined by the [National Youth Policy] for [2019- 2023] revised edition.

How to Partake in This Youth Empowerment Program.

To register for the [FG Youth Empowerment Program] for the year [2021] is done online or at the training venues. And to share, simply walk into the designated venues to enrol. Just be well prepared because, you may be needed to present the following;

  • Your utility bill
  • Your business proposal
  • Your guarantors form with passports
  • Your two current passport
  • A copy of your [National Identity Card or NIN enrolment card]

Please Note: These enrollment conditions may slightly vary depending on the training venue you choose.


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