Top 75 Best Stick And Poke Ideas

best stick and poke ideas

Top 75 Best Stick And Poke Ideas -One of the trending stuffs in the fashion world is the stick and poke tattoo. This method of tattooing doesn’t require any electric gadgets. All you need is a needle and ink. Moreso, it can be done at home. In this article, you will get to know about the best stick and poke ideas

Best Stick And Poke Ideas

  1. Simple Stick and poke
  2. Trippy stick and poke
  3. Funny stick and poke
  4. Cute stick and poke
  5. Cool stick and poke
  6. Meaning stick and poke
  7. Big stick and poke
  8. Hand stick and poke
  9. Finger stick and poke
  10. Arm Stick and poke
  11. Foot stick and poke
  12. Thigh stick and poke
  13. Neck stick and poke
  14. Best friend stick and poke
  15. Japanese stick and poke
  16. Collar stick and poke
  17. Shoulder stick and poke
  18. Back stick and poke
  19. Nice cool stick and poke
  20. Hillarious stick and poke
  21. Thoughtful Stick and poke
  22. Floral-hand poked
  23. Mountain range stick and poke
  24. Line work stick and poke
  25. Heart shape stick and poke
  26. Aesthetic hippie stick and poke
  27. Stick and poke butterflies
  28. Ghost stick and poke
  29. Skull stick and poke
  30. Skull and butterfly combined stick and poke
  31. Stick and poke mushroom
  32. Hippie stick and poke

Best Stick And Poke Ideas

1. Simple stick and poke

This is one of the unique stick and poke idea. Even though the process of tattooing may take some time, the outcome is always nice. It is a straightforward design. It could be a flower or any other kind of design.

2. Trippy Stick and poke

It is another creative stick and poke idea. The ink usually contains different pattern and symbols

3. Funny Stick and poke

It includes funny hilarious designs. This style is great for people that are naturally funny in character.

4. Cute stick and poke

This stick and poke ideas is a nice one. It is something that people will always want to look out at. Even your friends can help but admire it.

5. Cool Stick and poke

This is one stick and poke idea that is highly appealing. The texture is quite nice. Design could be a symbol, an eye, etc. It can be just anything that will call attention to you.

6. Meaningful Stick and poke

The concept behind this idea is to use some meaningful words as the design. It could be your favorite quote, your slogan, etc. or a phrase that is always on your heart

7. Big stick and poke

This stick and poke idea is usually large. It can be a design that will cover your whole back or chest or some other part of your body. People use this kind of body art design to decorate their body.

8. Hand Stick and Poke

Even though creating designs on the hand can be hurtful, but it can be fun. The stick and poke has high visibility. Everyone can easily notice it . It can fade off over time because of the regular use of the hand.

9. Finger Stick and Poke

It involves creating designs on your finger. It can really be hurtful because of the absence of muscle and also presence of a lot of nerves there. Design can fade much later because of the regular use of hands and fingers for different things.

10. Arm Stick and Poke

The arm is a good location for body designs. This is because of the presences of enough muscles to cushion the pain. Also there is enough space to create any design. And if you need to cover it up, you can do so with your clothes.

11. Foot Stick and poke

This body art design also comes with some pain. You should be sure that you would be able to handle this before opting for it. It is important to note that you wont be able to wear shoes until it is healed.

This style can easily be covered up when you want to. Moreso, it fades over time.

12. Thigh Stick and poke

This is common in females that love to display some feminity. The pros of this ideas is that it is less painful as there are enough muscles and fat in the area to cushion it.

13. Neck stick and poke

Most times, it is the bold and daring people that choose this. This is because it is an obvious place that cannot be hidden. You must really be sure that it is a design you really want because it could put you in some big bad trouble.

14. Collar Stick and Poke

It is one of the most painful parts of the body to get inked. Women tend to go for this more. It fades over time too.

15. Shoulder Stick and Poke

It is another popular stick and poke idea. It is not really hurtful because of the thick skin and few nerves present at the shoulder. Moreso, you can easily cover up the body art if you need to.

16. Back Stick and Poke

This is a common stick and poke idea among men. There is enough space at the back to create any design of your choice. Moreso, the pain is quite moderate. It can easily be covered with your clothes.

17. Best Friend Stick and poke

Friends use this stick and poke idea to celebrate each other . There are so many designs that can be used. You could use the sun and moon, interlocking hearts, little birds, etc.

18. Japanese Stick and Poke

This stick and poke idea requires a lot of skill. Also it takes a lot of time and money too. However, it always come out nice and colourful.

What You should Know About Stick and Poke

Stick and poke is not really a new technique. Its actually being in existence before now. But currently, it is what is in vogue. You can create so many designs with this inking system

What is Involved in Stick and Poke

Stick and poke usually hurts but it is not as hurtful as electric/ machine tattoos even though it may take longer to complete its process. Stick and poke  usually fade at a faster rate than tattoos done by machine.

Precautions to take when employing a stick and poke idea for tattooing

#1. Stick and poke ideas for tattoos are actually safe and there is nothing to worry about. However , you must take the following precautions:

#2. Use a stick and poke ink of good and high quality.

#3. This will save you from any kind of infection. Using inferior stick and poke ink could pose a lot of health problems for you. Best Stick And Poke Ideas

#4. Be careful of cross contamination: This can occur when you touch a tattoo ink and the also touch the tattoo several times while you are making the tattoo. While working, always have spare ink, disinfectants, gloves, etc.  Now you don’t have to worry about getting these materials as your stick and poke  kits come with excess of these materials.

#5. The stick and poke designs are really difficult to remove

This calls for caution when choosing a suitable stick and poke idea. Don’t choose a design that you would be having a change of mind about later on because erasing it off is not as easy as you think.

#6. Always employ a professional: Ensure it is a professional that does the designs for you. This would your risk of complications, infections and poor/unpleasant art work.

Advantages of Stick and poke over machine tattoos

  • Stick and poke ideas of tattoo does not hurt as much as electric tattoos.
  • They heal faster
  • Stick and poke is usually cheaper than electric tattoos
  • It can be done at home but advisably with the help of a professional

Last Words

Stick and poke idea of tattooing is a less painful and also cost effective method of body art design. Once you employ a professional to do the design for you, there wont be complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trying to DIY stick and poke or consulting a friend who is not skilled in that profession is not advisable. The following issues may arise if you try to DIY:

  • Cross-contamination because of unprofessionalism or using unsterilized tools
  • There could be exposure  to bacteria and viruses  which could lead to serious health complications such as hepatitis, permanent scarring staphylococcus, etc.

Yes. You can if you want to. But you will have to employ the services of a professional.


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