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Stratford University Financial Literacy Scholarship
Stratford University Financial Literacy Scholarship

Stratford University Financial Literacy -It is a well-known fact that individuals with high levels of financial literacy have better health, wealth, and higher longevity than their less financially literate counterparts. Studies have shown that well-informed consumers are also better able to manage their finances by utilizing a variety of strategies such as using credit cards for cash flow management and monitoring for patterns in spending. These strategies help them understand how money works, which can then benefit them in ways such as lowering fees or increasing savings through developing basic personal finance knowledge.

This financial awareness is crucial to the average citizen’s ability to effectively manage debt and save enough to invest in retirement savings or start a small business. As such, many programs are being created and implemented across the United States to increase financial literacy for individuals of all ages. 

The Stratford University Financial Literacy Program aims to help students better manage their finances in three areas: cash management, budgeting, and savings. While only 56% of college graduates in 2001 had the plan to cover an emergency expense of $1,000 with cash immediately, this number dropped to 43% by 2006. To ensure the future well-being of students, Stratford University Financial Literacy teaches them how to maintain effective spending habits that can help them save money as they get older.

Additionally, financial literacy programs have been shown to improve decision-making skills as well as social skills and work habits among college students.

Scholarship Description

The scholarship will be awarded to a student at Stratford University who is enrolled in the graduate-level courses, “International Financial Markets and Institutions” or “International Financial Markets and Institutions with a Concentration in Real Estate” for the fall semester of 2022. Eligible applicants must demonstrate financial literacy by taking one of two required courses offered by the School of Business. Multiple scholarships will be awarded.

Awarding Scholarship:

The recipient will be selected based on their answers to questions about how a student’s understanding and use of economics can affect their life outside the business school, their financial situation, knowledge of career paths, college applications process, etc. The Graduate faculty members at Stratford are charged with selecting the recipient.


All applicants must be graduating seniors who are enrolled in the fall of 2023. Applicants should submit a letter of interest, a personal statement, an unofficial transcript showing graduation from high school, and an official transcript showing final grades. The selection will be made by a panel composed of Stratford University’s Graduate Faculty and the recipient will be announced in May or June of 2023.


The scholarship is funded by the generous donations of Stratford University alumni. The funds are to be used to provide financial assistance to graduating seniors who demonstrate financial literacy and personal responsibility.

Summary of Detail of Stratford University Financial Literacy Scholarship

Stratford University’s School of Business has a variety of other scholarship and grant opportunities for undergraduate Business majors, including valedictorian scholarships for top academic students, and international student grants for those who have taken advantage of the international exchange program stipend available through BVU International. For more information on these opportunities.

Scholarship Amount:

The amount of the scholarship is dependent on financial need as determined by the award committee. However, it is guaranteed to be at least $2,000 per year for 4 years (total 8 semesters). It may also be applied to tuition and student fees.

Host Country: USA

Host University: Stratford University

Program:  Undergraduate, masters

Funded by: Stratford University Financial Literacy Scholarship

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the scholarship is January 2023.

Documents Needed for Stratford University Financial Literacy Scholarship

The documents needed to apply are:

  • A completed Stratford University Tuition and Financial Aid Scholarship Application
  • Proof of your parent’s income tax return
  • A copy of their driver’s license or state-issued ID card
  • Any recent paystubs/w2s that show income in the past 12 months, or a letter from a bank confirming dependents.

Applications for the Financial Literacy Scholarship Program will be available at Stratford University’s financial aid office and admissions office. The application is for use by all undergraduate program students and is not limited to any specific degree program. However, you must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program to receive the scholarship.

Students should apply as early as possible during their enrollment at Stratford University. Different deadlines exist based on a student’s status as a transfer or freshman student or student who is currently enrolled.

Eligibility Criteria for Stratford University Financial Literacy Scholarship

To be eligible, here are the criteria:

  • The applicant must be a recent high school graduate who has not previously attended Stratford University
  • The applicant must have graduated with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or above
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old on the first day of the fall semester to which they intend to apply
  • Applicants must meet any requirements for residency (for example, attending school in their home state)
  • Applicants need not provide evidence that they will meet any requirements for residency because they are currently residents of New York State or another U.S. state
  • Applicants must not be less than 65 years old on the first day of the fall semester to which they intend to apply.
  • Applicants need not be residing in New York State at the time they apply.
  • Applicants must have graduated from a New York high school and must be under 21 years old as of graduation.
  • Applicants must comply with all requirements necessary for them to enroll in Stratford University College of Arts and Sciences, including but not limited to any required background checks
  • Applicants may not apply for financial aid at any other college or university while also applying for this scholarship.

How to Apply for Stratford University Financial Literacy Scholarship

Here are the steps to applying:

1. Identify your goals:

– What are you trying to accomplish/learn?

– How will it increase your knowledge, skills, and abilities?

– Who are you specifically applying for the scholarship for? 

2. Find a program or project that fits the broad objectives of this scholarship: 

– Education  – Research  – Practical Project (e.g., start a business)

3. Create an application that demonstrates the specific skills expected by this scholarship:

– Description 

– Project Summary 

– Support Documents (in addition to a resume)

4. Apply and compete for this scholarship:

Benefits of Applying for Stratford University Financial Literacy Scholarship

The benefits to gain are:

  • A $1,500 scholarship
  • One year of credit for a Master in Financial Literacy
  • Acceptance into Stratford University graduate program
  • A paid internship in an organization with a strong emphasis on financial literacy and values.


The risks are:

There is no guarantee you will succeed. It will take hard work to get through the application process, but once you do it will become easy! 

If you have not applied before or been accepted at Stratford previously, it may be difficult to make up the grounds.

If your reason for applying is to get a job, it is assumed that you have already been offered an internship as part of the graduate program application. So, if you have not previously been accepted into our program, your application will be evaluated strictly on your educational record.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll have to repay the money with interest. Subsidized loans don’t generally start accruing (accumulating) interest until you leave school (or drop below half-time enrollment), so accept a subsidized loan before an unsubsidized loan.

If you qualify for a Federal Pell Grant Award, your total award for the year will be split between semesters during each school year. For example, if you’re eligible for $3,000, you will receive $1,500 for fall semester and $1,500 for spring semester.



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