How To Study For Exams In One Night

How to study for exams in one night. 3

How To Study For Exams In One Night – Normally as a student, you are supposed to be fully prepared for any test or exams. This means you should be on a regular study or a tome planned study so you don’t cramp everything in one night.

However, if the case is the reverse and if you have a limited time for study then this is for you. You can actually do it one night. Remember it is not advisable it is an option you have to take.

Studying in one night is an alternative to come out of the menace of not being prepared, we would be looking at how to study for exams in one night.

How to Study for Exams in One Night

To study for an exam in one night means you did not study enough before the exams or you want to be sure by reinforcing yourself. So doing it right is very important as you wouldn’t want to break off.

  • Select A Conducive Study Place

The most important thing that should come first is your convenience, where you intend to study should be convenient enough for you to study and be able to assimilate. 

As no one would be able to study in an environment where distraction or disturbance is at its peak, concentration is paramount. So get a conducive place to study. This could be in your room, or somewhere in the school where you can focus. 

If you would be going for a night class make sure you are not exposed to the cold, this could limit your focus. Remember, conducive should be for study not too conducive a place that would make you sleep.

  • Make A List of What To Cover

When you are studying for an exam overnight, you have to make a list of what to cover. The sad part of not studying before an exam is you would probably want to cover a wide range of topics in one night which is not possible.

So what you do is make a list of what you want to read, topics you don’t have enough strength on should come first, this would probably guide you on what to concentrate on and what not to.

  • Eat Moderately Before The Study

You wouldn’t want to want to study on an empty stomach, it is wrong to study on an empty stomach, so it is best if you have something before you study.

It is also best to have something moderate, don’t eat heavy, this might cause you to sleep or distract you in the process of studying, taking something very light is a go way to study at night.

 Remember, you can snack along your study, this keeps your brain working and keeps you very active, avoids you from sleeping or being lazy.

As stated earlier avoid heavy food, you can take a protein full meal before studying while in between your study, nuts, fruit or milk or green tea can do, coffee is also a good way to stay active while studying overnight.

  • Rest At Interval

Studying for a long period of hours can cause you to break down, that is why it is advisable to take a break after a minute of studying.

Research has it that it is advisable to take a break after every 50 to 90 minutes of study. While you take a break for 20 to 30 minutes.

You can decide to take a stroll if you are on the school premise and it is safe to, go on the social media platforms, free your mind from studying and get refreshed. This will help boost you for the next.

  • Use Class Notes to Study

It is more important to use the lecturer’s notes to study than depending on textbook, sometimes your lecturers give the simplest ways to tackle difficult topics and it is preferable to do it their way. 

If you have missed a class or two, it is advisable to get a friend’s note which is complete. 

  • Use other tools to Study

Sometimes reading and studying at a length can be very boring especially when it comes to complicated topics. You can always use the assistance of other tools such as audiobooks or use YouTube.

Youtube provides you with videos that would make it simple to digest or very explanatory, this way you don’t get bored.

  • Take Note or Cram if possible 

The goal is to understand and be able to apply all that you have understood during the exam. It is important to take note of key points during the study, this would help you to understand widely. Taking notes of key points is very effective.

However, if you are finding it hard to understand, then cramming can come in. Cramming is less effective for understanding but effective for a shorter time, in essence, cramming helps you to recall difficult things you can’t possibly remember. This technique is for a shorter period.

  • Revise Past Questions 

Funny enough you won’t be able to cover all topics, you need exactly tips or some sort of idea of what the questions might look like. Most lecturers have a pattern to their exam questions. This could guide you on what to expect.

Also, studying past questions does not just guide you on what to expect but also prepares you for the exams, how long you have to spend on a question and more.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Having enough sleep before exams or during exams has been underrated. Many students tend to study, study, study and not rest, rest, rest which is very important.

Sleep is a very crucial thing to enable students to reason and be able to recall all that they have studied. This means that your brain is relaxed from the stress of studying and ready to give back.

A scientific study has it that people who have enough sleep before a mathematical test do better than others who stayed up all night studying. So get enough rest.

  • Put Everything In God’s Hands

Now that you have followed all the above steps, you have to trust in God, whether you are a Muslim or Christian, trusting in God is very important.

You have only done your best however, you need God to complete the rest, pray and trust in him.

Studying the night before an exam can be very tasking and demands utmost attention, however, it is worth doing for your success. Meanwhile, you have to do it right so you get it right. 


Whether you are studying a night before your exams or in one night, it is important you get it right. Also, people rigorously the night before their exam and end up breaking the next morning, which is why it is important to have enough sleep before your exams.

We have been able to list a couple of things to do why studying the night before your exams or in one night if followed accurately, you should be able to come out well. We hope this is helpful.


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