How to Study for Final Exams

How to study for final exams

How to Study for Final Exams- Final exams are always a big-do, never something to take lightly at all. This is because the final exams will determine your status; graduating or not graduating. So everyone wants to make good grades in the exams. But what some students fail to do is what I call strategizing and preparation. The preparation for normal school exams is quite different from preparations for final exams. You must know how to study for final exams, if you want desired result in the exams.

So, let’s get straight into business on; how to study for final exams.

How To Study For Final Exams

Preparing to Study for Final Exams

Tip 1: Have the right mindset

In preparation for final exams or any kind of exams, you must have the right mindset. Believe that you can pass and make good grades in the exams. Get rid of any fear or doubt. Yes, there is the place of study and hard work. But before you start studying, you must set your mind in order. Even if you have failed before or even several times, this final exam can be different and better.

Tip 2: Set a goal

Whenever you want to write an exam, you should set a goal for yourself. A goal is simply what you want to achieve. Let your goals be very clear and simple. For example, you may want to attain a GPA of 4.8 at the end of the session or you want to score 9 distinctions in the forth-coming exams. Let the goal be written down where you can see it daily.

Tip 3: Gather all the relevant materials

Before you can do any meaningful study for exams, you should have all the relevant materials. Your class notes should be up-to-date, textbooks and other resources should be in place. You should have past questions and answers for the courses you are studying.

Tip 4: Find a conducive study location

Get a good and conducive spot to study for your exams. Never make the mistake of studying on your bed, you will only be deceiving yourself as you will fall asleep more than half of the time. By the time you are preparing for your final exams, you should know the place that best suit you for study, stick to that place.

How To Study For Final Exams Effectively

Tip 5:    Start Early

One of the effective ways of studying for exams is to start studying early. Don’t wait until exams time table is out before you start preparing, you will be too late by then.

Tip 6:  Maximize your classes

Ensure you attend all classes, make notes very well. Let your class notes be up-to-date. Don’t skip classes even if the lecturer is boring and uninteresting. Your updated class notes are part of the critical tools you will need to make good grades in your final exams. Be active in class, ask questions, answer questions. The more active you are in class, the more you get to master the subject.  

Tip 7:   Study with others

Two are better than one is not only applicable in marriage but also in academic pursuits. Join or form a study group. Learning is made easier when you study that with serious-minded fellows.  

Tip 8:   Use Flashcards

While studying, make use of flashcards to write down important things like definitions, features etc. You can always carry the flashcard around and glance at it.

Tip 9:   Know the Exam format

It shouldn’t be on the day of the exam that you will be getting to know the format of the exams you are writing. You should know if the exam is in objective, subjective, essay, oral or any other form.

Tip 10:   Test yourself

After you must have covered all the required topics, you need to quiz yourself a little. Put away your notes and try to answer some questions based on what you have read.  You can also allow others to test you.

Tip 11:    Learn to take breaks in between study

When you have read for about 1hour, you should take a break at least 5minutes. During the break, you can decide to take a stroll, call a friend, catch up with some updates on social media, etc. By the time you return from the short break, you would have been refreshed.

Tip 12:     Put away all distractions

When studying for your final exams, you should put away all form of distractions most especially when the exams are closer. Your phones should be on silence when studying, cut off all social media interactions.

Tip 13:    Consolidate your knowledge by teaching others

When you teach others what you know, you get more understanding of that subject matter. So, don’t be selfish, share that knowledge.

Tip 14: Attend review classes

There are some lecturers that will organize revision classes when exams are close, don’t miss those classes. Sometimes, what will be discussed at those review classes are clues to the exams. Also, the review classes are opportunities for you to ask your lecturers questions in areas that you need some clarity.

Other Tips

Tip 15:   Be organized

As you prepare for your final exams, you need to be organized because so many things will be demanding your time. Set your priorities right. You should have a practicable daily schedule. Have a study time-table.

Tip 16 :    Take care of yourself

You need to be in a right state of mind and body if you want to study for final exams. Some students so over-use and work out themselves that by the time exams arrive, they have landed in the hospital and can’t write the exams.

Tip 17:      Eat healthy

What you eat do really matter most especially when you are preparing for an exam. Eat balanced diet. Eat as at when due. There are some foods that actually enhances the performance of the brain, check out some of those foods.

Tip 18:      Cultivate a healthy mind and soul

For you to be able to study for final exams, you must have a healthy mind and soul. Get rid of every form of offence, hatred, malice or worry. Such can disturb the assimilation and retention rate of your brain.     

Tip 19:      Be on time for the exams

Arrive early at the exam venue, at least 15-20 minutes before the start of the exams. This would help you stay calm and organized. Arriving late especially when the exams have started can really disorganize and destabilize you.  

Tip 20: Stay Calm

On the day of the exam, stay calm. Do not panic. Eat a light breakfast, your brain actually need some energy to be able to function effectively.                                      

What you Shouldn’t do After Final Exams

Some students make these mistake after their exam and you should avoid such. They try to check out the question paper with their notes to see how well they have answered in the exams. Some even go all the way to mark and grade themselves. This is very wrong.

Once you are done with your exams and submitted your scripts, put away those questions papers. You don’t have to dump the question paper in the bin like some people do, just don’t go through them. Students in the lower classes will surely need those question papers, so be kind enough to keep it for them until then.

What you Should do After Final Exams

  • Be optimistic

After your exams, you must be very optimistic and expect the best, even if you have not really done as much as is expected. Don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t make negative confessions.

  • Rest

You should take time out to rest after your final exams. Sleep very well.

  • Hang-out

When you get up from sleep, bath, eat and hang out with friends. Get a little bit social.

  • Watch Movies

You can watch some movies too at your relaxation time. Just do all you can to help your brain to relax.

  • Treat yourself

Take yourself out on a treat. You have worked so hard in the past weeks, studying for final exams. Now, it’s time to reward yourself. What is that food or snacks you love to eat, get a generous quantity of such for yourself.

Final Note

In wrapping up this subject on how to study for final exams, I have this to say. Apart from the tips that have been shared in this article, know what works for you and stick to it. By the time you are writing your final exams, it implies that you must have written at least 5 or 7 exams previously depending on the duration of your course. It implies that you are not new to writing exams and also that you should have a style by now. That style that, what works well for you, that may not even be applicable to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are those foods that can help boost my brain and memory?

Fatty fish, Turmeric, Pumpkin seeds, Turmeric, Nuts, Dark Chocolate, Blue berries, etc.

5 Ways How to avoid sleeping why studying

Avoid heavy meals
Let your study room be well-lighted up
Take a nap in the afternoon
Take plenty water
Read on a chair not on the bed




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