How To Study In Canada From Nigeria

How To Study In Canada From Nigeria – Many Nigerians desire to have a better and brighter future, as the lingering educational sector is not favorable. Though leaving the country can be tiring as every possible route is almost impossible; as the possible and legal route to leave is almost consumed by funds.

It is, however, as easy as jumping from one point to another. We would see many Nigerians out there who crave for a stable education; compared to what we have here, if it is not an extra year in school, when you are supposed to be having a four years course of study, you are spending five years. This doesn’t even stop there; the quality of education you get is nothing compared to the western world.

If we continue, you would certainly be convinced that leaving the country for a much admiring society where everything is what it is. Nigeria alone has a very large number of youth who are pushing for the little space. In 2017 Nigeria recorded the highest number of students who applied for tertiary institutions, the number is higher than what colleges can even accommodate.

All these can be overwhelming, because you start looking inward for alternatives, probably, studying overseas. There are a number of universities abroad you can put in, say in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and others. They can equally be cheap and easy to apply for.

Why study abroad as a Nigerian?

Today, we see many western countries open their doors to African nations to migrate into, this has been going on for a very long time. The United Kingdom has one the highest inflow of Africans.

The opportunity you get from studying in a western country cannot be compared to what most African countries do have, this is not to degrade the African system but just the fact. The quality of Education is superb, with high research and modern facilities to facilitate. This you barely would get in a regular Nigerian University, myself for example, I schooled in a university where tools for practice are barely used. Now you ask yourself, is it that these tools are not functional or reserved for special use?.

If they are available, they are not even up to standard. Trust me, there is a lot going on in the world that we need to catch up to. So if you probably are privileged to study abroad at a top rated university, you would notice the difference, it is just too glaring.

What Choice of country do I consider for study?

Now, there are a lot of countries out there to consider, when putting in for that study, United Kingdom, The United States of America, Australia, Canada, Poland, China, New Zealand, Japan, and others. We can continue, but then, there are a lot of things to consider before you say this is best for me.

This could be in terms of safety, flexibility, standard of living and many other options. I would say Canada should be among your top list and if not number one, afterall one needs a safe, reliable and comfortable environment to study.  

Is Canada The Best?

The numbers of immigrants in Canada today is fast rising, as Canada has been the sorted country around the world as over the years it has built a reputation on immigration issues which is far better compared to other countries. Canada is a destination of so many interests, peaceful, lots of space to accommodate, good food, a multi diverse society, interesting lifestyle and very safe to stay.

Canada is a place of great opportunity and potential, as it has greatly depended on people coming into the country, to enjoy and contribute their bit to the better good of the country, so it is not just the fact that you are taking from the country but also contributing through your potential. 

Why Study In Canada?

Canada has steadily remained and ranked among the best places to study, with its numerous universities hitting top ratings around the world. The number of universities that have been rising with so much interest from foreigners can be compared to universities ranked best such as Cambridge, Harvard, University of Chicago and others.

With these interesting facts, it would not only contribute to your development and promising future, but also give room to shared knowledge from great individuals around the world who would come to acquire Knowledge.

For so many reasons you would want to study in Canada, so here are some reasons you would want to study in Canada,

  • World Class Recognition: Canadian universities have been recognized widely around the world with comparison to top notch universities, as in a recent rating University of Toronto hits first 10 among best universities in the world. This alone has given the space to consider schools in Canada.
  • Affordability and Compelling Standard of Living: Many do have the interest to study abroad however, because of the high tuition fee and high standard of living, many would probably withdraw from pressing. Canada today has a very interesting and affordable tuition fee among its universities. Many could actually afford this; as you could be spending around $39,560 – $60,150 undergraduate while for graduate level $6,210 – $42,710 (University of Toronto) other universities could be cheaper, you can check here for more.
  • Warm and Friendly Environment: As we all know that what Matters to us more is a safe place to live in. Canada is one of the safest and peaceful places to live and study, with its welcoming citizens. Canada welcomes all people to its country, irrespective of your religion or sexual orientation.
  • Opportunity For Work: One reason you would love to study in Canada, is the opportunity to gain work experience after your school year with its work program, also work while you study, which gives you 20 hours of work every week. Certainly this would be a great opportunity for you to gain experience and exhibit your professionalism.
  • Enjoy The Fact Growing Tech Wave: Today Canada is cited as one of the fastest growing countries when it comes to Technology, as many innovations have been going on in the country. The country’s expertise in the technology is widely recognised, such as Biotechnology, Quantum Computing, Cybersecurity etc.

Steps To Processing Your Study In Canada?

Now that you have concluded your choice to study in Canada, getting on with the process could be very tricky but at the same time very easy, though some necessary information would be needed. Take this simple steps to applying for Study Visa in Canada,

  • So a Study Visa or Study Permit is a document needed for you to stay and study in Canada. So before you even apply you have to get some documents ready, such as Your Passport, Passport photo, Acceptance Letter, Proof of Financial Statement, Motivation Letter, Academic certificate, Health Status and others.
  • Once you have all these, proceed to applying for your student permit. Remember, you are going to study, so you must have gotten, admission letter from a designated learning institution in Canada.
  • You can apply online, by visiting the Canada visa application center in Nigeria, and apply manually, once this is done, you would get a tracking code to track you application. Do know that you may be called for a physical interview and also provide more information, so please always stay prepared and have necessary documents available or get them fast once you are called for, for further information.
  • Now keep tracking your application once you are verified and allowed, a mail will be sent to you including your Introduction Letter and you can visit the Canadian Visa Application Centre to pick up your Study Permit.  

Congratulations, you are ready to begin your journey to study in Canada.

Note: Do note that the application fee could cost you around $150 and you can’t enter Canada before the speculated time of entry, so please schedule your travel time and make sure you get your things ready.

On arrival to Canada you also have to undergo border service check, so please make sure you have your Introduction Letter and other documents that would be needed to clear you for entry into the country as it is important you are cleared.  

Also, your study permit is usually valid for the length of your study program and an additional 90 days, so make sure you do well to abide by the conditions attached while you study in Canada. Canada can be fun and full of great places to visit, as you study make sure you also have a great time.


Now that you are ready, get your bags and baggage ready as a new journey awaits you, into a bright and better future. Also remember your stay in Canada is subject to withdrawal; as you have to maintain a clean record, because with this, once you complete you can equally opt in for the Work permit while you also push for a permanent residence in the great country of Canada.

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