How to Study in Canada from India

How to study in Canada

How to Study in Canada from India – In our pursuit of a better life, we choose what is best, many go as far as picking the best and making sure they get there by all means. A better opportunity means a promising future. There is nothing compared to working, living, or studying in a country where its system is functional, the cost of living is okay, the education system is top-notch, and security is not compared to others. That is why when searching for countries to migrate to or to study, we sort for the most sorted.

Study in Canada

Countries like The United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and many more are all sorted for. This would not only equal a promising future but a secured future for generations to probably come.

Why Canada?

Canada with over two hundred and twenty-six thousand, two hundred and three immigrants admitted into Canada in 2021. Canada has reminded one of the sorted destinations to move to, the country is experiencing a high level of industrial development with a lot of opportunities.Canada is marked as one of the richest countries in the world with its standard of living at its peak.  it is a country with a multicultural diverse ethnic society, as it welcomes foreigners and supports the preservation of their culture, to some extent foreign culture is incorporated into the society.

Canada students

Canada has a welcoming hand, it is a country of serenity and a country of slots of benefits for foreigners, compared to other countries like The United States of America, the United Kingdom, and others, Canada has one of the best Educational systems as the country spends so much on this sector, the reason a lot of individuals sort for Canada.In a recent post by the USNews, Canadian universities have been ranked as top-notch Universities like the University of Toronto standing out to be the best overall and globally standing at number 18 in a ranking made in 2022. 

We are even yet to talk about its health sector, Canada values its citizens’ health, reason, at some point its health program is free for all its citizens or permanent residents. The Canadian health care sector is a unique one.Immigrants who have lived in Canada for three months as permanent residents can apply for the Canadian Medicare program, so Canada does cover everyone, or would say there is room for everyone. 

So when making that choice of moving or studying, Canada is a good choice.

What Benefits Do I Get Studying In Canada

Canada, as stated earlier, has one of the best educational systems, in the world with a top ranking, it is compared to other top-notch universities around the world, as a student in Canada, Here are a lot of benefits attached to it:1. You get to get a well-recognized degree, the quality of education provided is a top-notch one, as many who gets a degree from a Canadian university is fully recognized.

2. Also, aside from getting a duly recognized degree, many consider the cost of getting a well-recognized degree certificate, actually, many of these which can be very expensive, however, many universities in Canada are offering very affordable costs to study.3. Depending on the University and course of study as an Undergraduate you could be spending around $39,560 – $60,150 while for graduate-level $6,210 – $42,710 (University of Toronto) other universities could be cheap, you can check here for more.

4. You would want to study in Canada is that there is an opportunity to work while studying in Canada, you can get up to 20 hours of work every week. so with this, you can make more to support yourself.

5. I won’t like to also ignore the fact that Canada has got a great deal of food, and the social life is quite an interesting, because of its diverse society, so you truly would have a great time schooling in Canada. After all, they say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but here you sure to have a great time, as it won’t be far from home.

There are a lot of benefits to enjoy while you study in Canada, the beautiful people who are welcoming with a lot of cultural diversity, also a safe place to study, as it has been ranked one of the safest countries in the world.While lastly, as soon as you study is completed, you automatically get enrolled under Canada’s Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PWPP)


Whether you are self sponsoring or applying for a scholarship, you have to apply for Student Permit before you can come into the country to study, so you have to understand this and get the requirements, 

  • So first thing first, you have to get accepted in any Designated Learning Institution, or you lookup for any sponsorship if available and apply, remember you must have gotten the sponsorship, before you proceed, get your papers ready, such as an acceptance letter, and other necessary documents. 
  • Once you have gotten your acceptance letter from the Designated Learning Institution, you can then proceed to apply for the Study Permit. Gather all the necessary documents for the processing, this would include your,

  • Acceptance Letter, without an admission from any school, you can’t proceed with a student permit.

  • Proof of Financial status, here it is advisable to have more than enough funds to prove that you are capable of sponsoring your stay in Canada, also for your tuition.

  • An Immigration Medical Examination, normally this is requested from a student from countries with high Tuberculosis rates, such as India and others, is a Medical examination carried out by a panel of physicians 

  • English Language Proficiency Score, which would be used to check your language strength, TOEFL or IETSL are accepted,

  • A valid Passport, you should have a valid pass, as this should always be available. 

  • An essay should be written to state the purpose of traveling, since this is needed, you can do the needful here trying to convince or explain better why you need the permit, so you have to leverage on this greatly, and lastly,

  • Passport Photograph.

Once you have all these completed, you can proceed to apply online.

Note: The Student Permit is a document issued by the Canadian Immigration Authority, to allow intending international students to stay and study in Canada without this document, you can’t secure space to study in Canada, and you probably might want to try other means to migrate to Canada.

  • Then, you have to wait for a response from the application, note that you may be asked to come for a physical interview with Canadian officials in your country or probably send more information.
  • If your application is approved, then you can start planning for your trip down to Canada, as your travel visa would be sent to you, also an introduction letter; however, if it is denied, you would get a response explaining why your application is denied.

Remember before you come to Canada to study as an international student, your permit to enter the country would be stated, so you should plan your trip and do not enter before the stipulated time.

On arrival in Canada, you will meet the border service officer, who will check your documents for your entry, so make sure you have your Introduction Letter, have your valid travel documents, school acceptance letter, be in good health, do not have any criminal record and other necessary documents should be made available.

Why keep a clean record during your stay in Canada

After you might have completed your study in Canada, you are eligible to apply for a work permit, that is if your records are clean, you have to remain enrolled in a designated institution till your duration in school is complete.

This is the reason, the visa was issued, if you feel you are not making it while in school you can request to end it and plan to leave Canada, otherwise, respect the terms and condition on your study permit.

Note: Student Visa is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get migrate to Canada, as it cost you little, make your way into the society of Canada, this you are getting a world-class degree and wonderful life if you decide to stay back in Canada, who wouldn’t want to take that opportunity.


Canada is a lovely place to build a future, after schooling, you can further press to your permanent residence in Canada, or you apply for a work permit while you work on your permanent residence.So prepare your documents, apply for that visa, and get involved in a society where you get a brighter and smarter future as its welcoming hands are ready to welcome you.

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