Study In Duke University, Durham USA

Study In Duke University, Durham USA


Studying At Duke University, Durham USA is open to every student who wishes to study in the United States of America.

Located in North Carolina, the University admits students from around the world with scholarships, grants, fellowships, and financial aid. Students are also hired for a study and work program while they study.

Why study at Duke University

The reason why you would choose Duke as your destination of study might be the location. Located close to Duke Forest, the weather is as cool as it can get, giving you a feeling of serenity and peace.


The scholarships that the University has to offer may be another reason for its high population of international students. A good percentage of undergraduate students receive financial aid while studying.

Duke students get the opportunity to combine two or more courses, majors, and minors, as they embark on their education. This helps them decide on the course they want to earn a degree on.

Duke Campuses

There are two accommodation options available at the University, Off and on. However, students are advised to stay on campus for about three years to understand the flow of learning and save on transportation fees.


On-campus accommodation

The on-campus accommodation is split into the West and East wings, where the upper-class students and seniors are found while the first-year students occupy the East campus which has facilities like tennis courts, lawns, dining halls, labs, café, and library.

Off-campus accommodation 

The off-campus accommodation is chosen and selected by the students through some college websites and assistance. Living off-campus means you sort out transportation expenses from your living area to the school.

The advantage of living off-campus is the speed at which you get to know about your environment, meet people, mix and learn new things with your neighbors who are citizens.


Tuition at Duke University

Undergraduate studies cost about $58,000 per year while Graduate courses are cheaper with less and a hundred dollars less. Hence, the need for scholarships and grants to help facilitate students’ education in Durham.

Admission to Duke University 

The deadline for admission to the undergraduate level is set for November and January for graduation respectively. This herby encourages candidates to apply on time to secure a spot.

Scholarships at Duke University for international students

Karsh International scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship program aimed at bringing academically excellent students who qualify for financial aid to attend and earn a degree in the University.


This scholarship covers room and boarding, tuition, and other fees, accompanied by research funds for three summers


Candidates that qualify for this scholarship are;


Students who are citizens of any other country outside the U.S

Students who are not dual citizens

Students who have prepared for financial aid with the proper documents


Robertson scholarship

Robertson scholarship covers tuition fees for eight semesters, room and board for international students, and also funding for conferences.

Given to local and international students who possess leadership and demonstrative skills, candidates from other parts of the world can apply using the form online.

Chancellor’s scholarships

The chancellor’s scholarship is open to graduate candidates who are studying or wish to study biomedical sciences at the Duke University School of medicine.


This scholarship covers health insurance and a stipend of about $5,000 signing bonus at a go. It is however tricky as the department gets to choose its nominees.

Hung Taiwan-Duke University Fellowship

Hung Taiwan-Duke University scholarship is exclusive to Taiwan students who desire to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Engineering and Science and covers tuition and other expenses.

The available departments are Molecular Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Genetics and Genomics, and cancer biology.


Open to both continuing and incoming students in the MA and Ph.D. degrees.

Duke’s Admission Requirements

For Undergraduates who are looking to apply, the application requirements are;

An English Proficiency Test score




SAT scores


Documentation for financial support

While Graduates have to provide;

An Essay


Work experience


Letters of recommendations




How to apply

Fill in the information requested on the form or online


Add family details

Provide all the necessary details needed on your educational background as requested

List out the tests you have undergone on the form


Add extracurricular activities

Complete the Essay

Submit and await a response.


Duke University Courses

The University offers about 52 minors and 50 majors to both the local and international students but the most popular courses are Computer Science, public policy, Biology, and Economics which are in high demand.


Ms in Computer Science

Master in interdisciplinary Data science


Master of Business Administration

Master of Engineering

Master of Science in Electrical and computer engineering


Bachelor of Science in computer science

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience


Bachelor of Sciences in electrical and Computer engineering

Doctor of Medicine

Bachelors of Science in Psychology


Master of Arts in History

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

Master of Science in Economics and Computation


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Master of Arts in Analytical Political economy

Master of Science in Quantitative Financial Economics


Bachelor of Arts in Global Cultural Studies

Bachelor of Science in Biology – cell and Molecular Biology

Bachelor of Arts in History


Bachelor of Science in Statistical Science

Bachelor of Arts Political Science

Master of Science in Environmental Management


Bachelor of Arts in Brazilian and Global Portuguese

Bachelor of Arts in English

Bachelor of Arts in History


Bachelor of Arts in classical Language

Bachelor of Science Economics

Bachelor of Science in Evolutionary Anthropology


Bachelor of Arts in (German)

Bachelor of Arts in Italian studies

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy


Bachelor of Science in Physics

Bachelors of Arts in Public Policy Studies

Bachelor of Arts (Russian)


Bachelor of Arts Sociology

Bachelor of Arts Theatre Studies

Bachelor of Arts Linguistics


Bachelor of Science – Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics

Bachelor of Science – pharmacology

Bachelor of Arts – choreography


Bachelors of Science – earth and Ocean science

Bachelor of Science – Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of sciences – biophysics


Master of Science – Biomedical Engineering

Master of Arts – Humanities

Master of Arts – Bioethics and Science Policy


Master of Science – medical physics

Master of Science- Global health

Bachelor of Music


Master of Engineering – Materials Science and Engineering

Master of Science in statistical science

Master of Science – Civil and Environmental Engineering


Master of Engineering – Civil Engineering

Master of Engineering – Risk Engineering

Master of Arts History


Doctor of Philosophy – Business Administration

Doctor of philosophy – Electrical and Computer Engineering

Master of Arts in economics


Master of Arts – East Asian Studies

Master of Science in Computer Science

Doctor of Philosophy – Immunology


Master of Science – Management studies

Bachelor of Science – Mathematics

Master of Business Administration in Finance


Benefits of studying at Duke University

As an international student, there are some benefits to be enjoyed whilst studying at Duke University;

Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance


Worker’s compensation

Pharmacy benefits

Financial security


Retirement plans after securing a job

Tuition Grant seminars

Tuition assistance



Continuing studies at Duke University

Some of the courses are under the certificate program umbrella such as;


Technical writing

Tackling Bias and creating inclusion

Sustainable Management


Supply Chain Management

Project management CE program

Paralegal summer intensive program


Paralegal specialist certificates

Paralegal online program

Online learning certificate


Management skills


Legal Nurse consulting program


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When is the best time to apply for study abroad scholarships?

 For exact dates, be sure to check the details provided on the website of the scholarship provider and note them down in your calendar so as not to miss a key deadline.


What are my chances of gaining a scholarship?

Your chances of success are often determined by the quality of your application, and whether or not you are in financial need.

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