Study Law at Queens’ University, Belfast

Study Law at Queens’ University, Belfast


Ranking 150 in the World for Law, the school of Law at Queens is made up of about 30 Law Schools Worldwide with to-notch facilities and quality education set to prepare students for the future. Aside from Offering a Master’s degree, law students have opportunities to engage in activities and academic societies outside the classroom.

Extracurricular activities like the Students Law Society, the Alternative Dispute resolution Society, the Mooting Society Global Skill project, and Women in Law and the Verdict enhances and strengthens the course in general, sharpening students’ academics.

As a member o the elite Russell Group of research Universities, Queens is known for excellence in its delivery of sound graduates helping them reach their goals and exposing them to possibilities of a great career with the courses offered in the University.


Student Study Life in Queens’

A proper course load for Law students is 14 to 17 credits per term plus any additional course scheduled. Students are also advised to do an independent project with any of the full-time faculty members if they so wish. Also, there are student service office staffs that support and facilitate the success of the JD programs, encouraging them to explore all opportunities in the school environment.

Queens’ law is an exciting college community with a commitment to legal education, dedicated to scholars and researchers who are involved in charity, fundraising programs, and Student Government. There are about 250 students involved and more every year.

Students who wish to study at Queens for one term may study under a temporary resident permit as a visitor for a period of six months or less but a study permit is needed for a study of more than six months.


Queen’s Housing

There are various housing available for international students as the majority of them live off-campus. However, students are advised to visit Kingston and rent apartments for themselves as paying before coming is not encouraged. The housing accommodations are 15 minutes away from the University at a walking pace. Some housing assistance is also available to help students find apartments and lodging before their arrival, here are a few;

Queens’ AMS Housing Resources

City of Kingston Student site


Queens’ University International center Housing Support

QUIC Housing Listings

Kingston students Housing Co-op


Programs at Queens University

There are three major areas of Interest and programs available at Queens’


LLM Program


For a Master’s of Law degree (LLM), students are to undergo a twelve-month program that broadens their legal knowledge and research skills, encouraging them to further their studies up to the doctoral level. All LLM students are also required to take two seminars before graduation and also complete a research project under a supervisor.

Ph.D. Program

This is a four-year advanced scholar program that requires research, writing, and the culmination of a dissertation. These students are encouraged to explore and use a variety of research tools and techniques which can be applied to the lectures, seminars, and workshops they attend. They are, however, in the first year mandated to attend two seminars, get a graduate-level course that is relevant to a research topic, and be directed to a reading supervised by a committee. An oral exam to demonstrate readiness to pursue a dissertation and a final dissertation proposal in their second year. Dissertation defense and an 80,000 word-length doctoral dissertation inclusive of appendices, table of contents, bibliography, and others in the third and fourth year.

Undergraduate certificate in Law

For an undergraduate certificate, there are seven courses that students walkthrough to improve their knowledge and skills.



  • Introduction to Canadian law
  • Aboriginal Law
  • Workspace law
  • Corporate Law
  • Public and Constitutional Law
  • Intellectual and Property law
  • International law

Graduate Diploma in Legal Services Management

An online diploma course that focuses on business skills for legal practitioners.

Queens have partnered with Schools like;

  • EBS law school
  • Esade Law school
  • University of Exeter
  • Fudan University
  • Koc University
  • Kyushu University
  • Lund University
  • National Law University, Delhi
  • National University of Singapore
  • Paris Dauphine University
  • Seoul National University
  • Tel Aviv University
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University of Cape town
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Groningen
  • University of Hong Kong
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Western Australia
  • Uppsala University
  • Victoria University of Wellington

How to get a good law degree

  • Start with the foundation in the first year by exploring all or many areas.
  • In the second year, explore and note your areas of interest.
  • Prepare for graduation in the final year.

Requirements for International students

For the first year, there are four categories of admission which accommodates about 208 students.

  1. General category
  2. Indigenous People’s category
  3. Black Student Applicant category
  4. Access category

 it is important to have the following documents for the next session that begins in November 2022;

  • Official LSAT or TOEFL score
  • Personal statement that alights your academic, personal, and professional accomplishments
  • Confidential letters of reference
  • Official transcripts
  • Supporting documents for exchange students.

For the second year, students who have attained at least a ‘B’ in the previous year of study are considered for the upper-year category. The following documents or requirements must be met;

  • Certified copy of the LSAT score
  • A personal statement outlining the reasons for seeking admission to the Law School
  • One or more academic letters or references
  • Letter of permission from previous law school if any
  • Letter of transfer if necessary

How to apply for admission

  • Check the course and options available
  • Select the program that best suits your interest
  • Ensure that the necessary documents are ready
  • Draft your UCAS statement
  • Submit your UCAS application
  • Use UCAS track to track your application online
  • Apply for student finance
  • Apply for accommodation

Benefits of studying at Queens’

As the ninth oldest university in the Uk, Queen’s University has combined research and excellence into the quality of education they offer its students. Here are some reasons why many students choose this University as their destination of study;

Yearly scholarships: There is a range of scholarships given to new international students to ease their learning. Some of these scholarships include the International Office Undergraduate (a one-year scholarship award of 2,500 Euros or more), and the Vice-Chancellor’s International Attainment for undergraduate (fully-funded tuition for four years).

State of the art scholarship: facilities like science, computer, and engineering laboratories have been set up to assist learning and aid teaching in the school environment.


A student city: having the majority of the population as students which helps students navigate and communicate properly.

Career options: students are open to so many options in their career, venturing into research studies, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The school provides the opportunity to choose between pursuing a career in soliciting, barrister, or non-legal jobs.

Access to degree employers: the school is known closely with professional employers who are in the right place to employ or refer outstanding students.


Career support: the school also provides a wide –range of support that students can explore while undergoing classes, building skills, and adding to their CVs.

Graduate opportunities: the graduate school offers training, seminars, entrepreneurship mentoring, and skill advice to students.

Queens provides academic programs with courses that satisfy all areas of legal interest.



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