How to Study Medicine in Georgia

How to Study Medicine in Georgia

How to Study Medicine in Georgia-Medicine is now considered the most sought after course in the world, with so many people applying to different medical institutions every year. Europe gets a lot of applications every year as it houses some of the best universities for medicine in the world with low cost.

Georgia has been establishing more medical school and colleges in its universities in the past years, looking to solve the shortage of doctors and medical professionals. There are now fifteen medical universities in Georgia that provide quality medical education for both Georgians and international students.

Georgia now has some of the best medical universities in Europe where students can get standard medical education without paying heavy fees. Unlike most other elite European medical universities, medical universities in Georgia gives quality while reducing the amount of fees students have to pay.

Foreigners who intend to study Medicine and Surgery are always looking for cities where students can spend less for tuition, living expenses and other things. Georgia happens to offer less cost of tuition in its medical universities.

This article talks about how to study medicine in Georgia and also provides a list of the best medical schools in Georgia

How to Study Medicine in Georgia

Medicine is the most delicate known course of study, requiring only individuals with a bright mind, resilience, hard work, and diligence. This is important because human lives are the most important in the basis of existence. Without Medicine, many important officials and personalities who keep the world running may have died from light illnesses or heavier ones.

Georgia is known to have produced quality medical doctors that now work is some top European countries, courtesy of their medical schools. Students from not-so-wealthy homes either get educated in countries like Austria, Georgia and other smaller countries with quality schools.

Old universities are known to offer a lot of quality and possess the best facilities, and Georgia has a lot of them. Apart from explaining how to study medicine in Georgia, this article will also list some of the best medical schools in Georgia to help aspirants make their choices.

Best Medical Colleges in Georgia

  • Caucasus International University
  • New Vision University
  • University of Georgia
  • European Teaching University
  • AIETI Medical School
  • Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University
  • Geomedi Medical University
  • East European University
  • Tbilisi Medical Academy
  • Tbilisi State Medical University

The next section of this article will talk about some of these Georgian medical universities and their features.

  • University of Georgia      

This university can be considered the most prestigious medical university in Georgia. The University of Georgia also favors international students because IELTS is not required. The focus of the University of Georgia is discipline. The discipline instilled in the students during their stay at the school helps them rise through the ranks in their career, with the university also offering career support.

The University of Georgia is recognized by many countries, making the degree valid in almost all countries of the world. In Georgia, the University of Georgia may be considered the best university to study. The Medicine program in the University of Georgia indicates how effective the teaching methodologies are.

  • Caucasus International University

The Caucasus international university is known for the quality of education offered in its medical school. The faculty of medicine in Caucasus International University was established in 1995 and has since then been on a rollercoaster.

The highly successful faculty has been acknowledged as a foreign medical school by the government of many countries, one of which India is included. Indian students are known for their brilliance and often ask questions like, Is Georgia safe for Indian students? Georgia is a safe place for Indians to study. The curriculum is very much alike and a medical degree from Georgia is valid in India.

The Caucasus international university offers seven courses in the faculty of medicine. Some of them are Pharmacy, MBBS, Dentistry and others. The medical students have their practicals in the best medical clinics in Georgia. The Caucasus international university’s faculty of medicine has international students from different countries like India, France, Nigeria, Portugal and many others.

  • New Vision University

New Vision University in Georgia is another renowned university in Georgia known for its medical school quality. The medical students are required to take on 360 credits in six years. The aim of New Vision University department of Medicine is to nurture hardworking medical doctors who will develop the habit of caring, affection and competence.

The lecturing methods help students grab important points easily and comprehend lessons, creating brilliant medical doctors that would be the future of Georgia. In the first two years, the medical students are taken through the rigors of human anatomy lessons. The third year involves the study of diseases and symptoms.

The comprehensive medical program has been creating intelligent and diligent doctors who work hard for the progress of their company and the health industry, in general.

  • East European University

The East European University in Georgia has international students from various countries of the world. The department of Medicine is in the faculty of health care services in the EEU (East European University).

The comprehensive MD program aims to produce quality medical doctors by providing the best facilities, lecturers, professors, discipline, mentality and environment. The professors in the East European University’s department of Medicine are some of the best in the country, and these are the lecturers in charge of nurturing the medical students into model medical doctors.

The program is designed to groom students thoroughly in all aspects of Medicine, making them competent doctors who can compete with others globally.

The East European University is making a huge contribution to the medical education system in Georgia, using technology to enhance knowledge and understanding. There are world class facilities such as practical centers equipped with technology, beating records of many medical universities in the country.

For more information about these universities, read our article on the best medical universities in Georgia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answered questions you may have about how to study medicine in Georgia:

Yes. Georgian medical schools are good and offer some of the best facilities and lecturing systems ever. The major advantage Georgian medical schools offer is the huge difference in fees. In most other medical schools, students are required to pay heavy fees for their studies. Georgian medical schools offer quality medical education for less fees.

The Ponce Health University College of Medicine is considered one of the top easiest medical schools to get into in Georgia. The school of medicine in the Ponce Health Sciences University is one of the few medical universities in Georgia with the highest acceptance rate. This means that you are a little more likely to get into the medical school if you apply to the Ponce Medical College.

It takes not less than five years to complete medical studies in Georgia. The normal duration for medical studies in Georgia is six years. There is however, a provision that allows students to get their medical degree after completing all compulsory courses in five years.

Basically, studying Medicine in Georgia has no disadvantages unless you are a foreigner. In this case, the disadvantage would be difficulty of adapting to the weather, which may be very strange for foreigners especially from Africa.

There are quite a number of medical universities in Georgia compared to other states or cities. There are fifteen medical universities in Georgia.

It would be really difficult to get into any Georgian medical school with a 3.0 GPA. To get into any medical university, candidates are most times to have a GPA higher than 3.4.

However, it is possible to get considered for medical school admission if you have a 3.0 GPA.

Is a medical degree from Georgia valid in the United Kingdom? Yes. A medical degree you get in Georgia is valid in the UK and many other countries. Georgian medical universities produce intelligent doctors yearly, and if your degree is verified to have come from any, you may only need to pass the national exam and get a license before you start practicing.

Yes. A Georgian medical school degree is recognized in almost all countries of the world (if not all) as most other medical schools’ would be. Registered and recognized medical universities in Georgia award degrees and certificates that are recognized in Europe as well as other continents.


Medicine is a course that is very tough for most people, and you do not want to bother looking for ways to pay the excessive fees that come with studying in expensive European universities.

Considering studying medicine in Georgia will be right if you are on a low budget, especially for students from developing countries in Africa.


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