How To Study Medicine In Ireland

how to study medicine in Ireland

How To Study Medicine In Ireland- Many international students are attracted to Ireland because it is the only English-speaking country in the European Union. So you can study medicine in Ireland without worrying about understanding the local language. Also, the country is one of the wealthiest and most developed countries in the world with a progressive economy.

So you will be making a great decision wanting to study medicine in Ireland. In this article, we will be looking at how to study medicine in Ireland, everything you need to know. You will also get to know how to practice medicine after graduation. Happy reading!

Medicine In Ireland

Ireland is widely known both in Europe and the world at large for its quality medical training and education. As a high school leaver, you can apply straight to study medicine in the university without much hassles. Below are the reasons you should study medicine in Ireland.

7  Strong Reasons You Should Study Medicine In Ireland

#1   Students learn in small groups

Medical schools in Ireland are focused more on small group learning which makes it easier for students to access their professors. The medical schools also have other teaching methods such as problem-based learning, clinical skills and research skills teaching, self-assessment, lectures, consultant clinics, ethical debates, bedside and clinical tutorials.

#2   Clinical Placements in leading hospitals

Irish medical schools have strong partnerships with leading specialist hospitals. Students in their last two years go on rotations in different units in these hospitals. Some of these units include Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

#3   Leaders in Quality Research

Medical universities in Ireland are well vast in quality research. Medical students get involved in research right from their very first years in school until they graduate. Students are also involved in research projects.

#4   Global opportunities abound

Students have the opportunity to take up elective subjects that will take them to some other locations like UK, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, etc. Students get to work and have experience in different healthcare systems in those countries.

#5   A place to be for International Student

International students are more attracted to Ireland for medical studies and other courses. This is because it is the only English-speaking country in the European Union. Irish medical schools are well-known for excellence in their student welfare support system.

#6   Post-study Work Opportunities

International students who wish to stay back to gain some post-study work experience can do so in Ireland. All you need to do is to apply for the stay-back visa.

#7   Ireland is a good country for tourism

International students are usually captivated by the beautiful scenery, architecture, mountains and coastlands in the country. There are lots of museum, art galleries, foods, coffee culture, etc.

List of Medical Universities In Ireland

  1. Dublin City University
  2. Institute of Technology, Carlow
  3. National University of Ireland, Galway
  4. University of Limerick
  5. Maynooth University
  6. University College Dublin
  7. University College Cork
  8. Trinity College Dublin
  9. Griffith College, Ireland
  10. Limerick Institute of Technology
  11. Independent colleges
  12. Dublin Institute of Technology

5 Best Medical Universities In Ireland

  1. University College Dublin School of Medicine
  2. Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
  3. Trinity College Dublin School of Medicine
  4. University College Cork School of Medicine
  5. University of Limerick School of Medicine

#1   University College Dublin School Of Medicine

The university is sited on a beautiful, green parkland with a lot of modern and world-class buildings. It is one of the largest urban campuses in the whole of Europe. University College Dublin ranks position 177th in the world in QS world university rankings 2020. It also ranks as the best university in Ireland in terms of graduate employability and 78th in the world.

The university’s school of medicine which was established in 1854 is one of the best schools to study medicine in Ireland. The medical school runs undergraduate programs in Medicine, Biomedical Health and Life Sciences, and Radiography. There are also 40 graduate-level programs for healthcare professionals. There are varieties of scholarships and awards for international students that want to study in this university.

Tuition fee for undergraduate degree program is 63, 697 USD while tuition fee for graduate medicine program is 66, 216 USD.

#2 The Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

This is one of the most prestigious school to study medicine in Ireland. Graduates from this medical school are always in high demand and currently work in several countries worldwide.

The college runs a 5 to 6-year undergraduate medicine program at its campus in Dublin. International students are warmly welcomed to study in this college.

Tuition fee for undergraduate programs is 66,556 USD per annum while that of graduate program is 67, 019 USD per annum.

#3 Trinity College Dublin School of Medicine

This medical school was established in 1711 and according to QS world university rankings, it is one of topmost 150 medical universities in the world. The school offers both undergraduate degrees and post-graduate programs to students from all over the globe.

The undergraduate medical program is usually for 5 years with an extra year for internship program. It is after the internship program that you can now proceed to becoming a registered medical professional in Ireland.

Tuition fee for undergraduate medicine program is 55, 560 USD per annum.

#4 University College Cork School of Medicine

The school was established in 1849 and is ranked position 303 in the QS world university ranking 2022. The school offers both graduate and undergraduate degree programs in medicine.

The undergraduate degree program is for 5 years and the tuition fee is 52, 479 USD per annum. Graduate degree program runs for 4 years and tuition fee is 54, 796 USD per annum.

#5 University of Limerick School of Medicine

The school is a research-intensive university with international educational standards and resources. The medical school which was established in 2007 offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in medicine. In QS world ranking 2022, the school of medicine ranks 70-80 band among top young universities.

What Is Contained In The Curriculum Of Irish Medical Schools?

In Ireland medical schools, you can study medicine both at undergraduate and undergraduate level.

For undergraduate medicine program,  duration of study is usually between 5-6 years depending on the university. Graduate medicine program last for about 3-4 years.

Curriculum also varies among the medical schools in Ireland. At Trinity College Dublin, teaching takes place in the 1st two years. Some of the teaching methods employed include didactic lectures, small group lectures, problem-based learning and practical demonstrations.

At University College Dublin , teaching takes place the 1st three years while clinical education takes place in the 4th year. Internship training commences in the 5th year while clinical and elective rotations takes place in the 6th year.

The graduate medicine programs usually begin with biochemical and clinical education. In the second year, students are then exposed to system-based learning of disease. Clinical internship starts in the 3rd year while the final year is for clinical and elective rotations.

Requirements To Practicing Medicine In Ireland

  • High proficiency in English Language

The official language in Ireland is English language. So if you want to practice medicine in this country, you must be fluent in the use of English. You will be required to show proofs of fluency of English language. This you can do by writing and passing IELTS or any other equivalent exam.

  • Attend Medical School in Ireland

You have better chances of being qualified to practice medicine if you study in Irish medical schools. Irish universities are heavily funded, thus making students get quality and high-valued education. To be qualified to study in Irish medical schools, you must provide a proof of competency in English language.

  • Pass Qualifying Exams

Doctors trained in EU/EEA universities can easily apply online to obtain a medical license to practice. Doctors trained in non-EU universities will have to go through some series of qualifying process to be able to obtain a license. Some of the qualifying process include verification of medical degree by Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials and passing a qualifying exam called PRES.

  • Go through Residency

If you want to practice medicine as a doctor in Ireland, you must go through a compulsory 12-month residency. It is much easier for graduates of Irish medical schools (with EU passport) to get a  residency position than graduates from other universities. Students have the alternative of doing their residency in other EU countries provided they are proficient in the official language of those countries.

  • Obtain a Medical License

The next stage is to register with the Irish medical council to obtain a license after which you can start looking for a job.

  • Obtain a Work Visa

You need a work permit for you to be able to practice medicine in Ireland. To obtain a work visa, you will need an employment letter from your prospective employer and also your passport.

  • Get a hospital to work

Hospital jobs are very much available in Ireland, this is because the Irish health care system relies heavily on foreign-trained medical personnel in the hospitals.

Final Note

 Ireland is a safe and friendly country to live in. In fact, the country is ranked position 12 in the world on the global peace index. After your study of medicine in Ireland, there are post-study opportunities which you can take advantage of.

I hope you got some value from this article?


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