How To Study Medicine In Italy

How to study medicine in Italy

How To Study Medicine In Italy-The medical profession is one of the most prestigious profession in Italy. Medical doctors are not only held in high esteem but they also earn very well. So, if you are looking forward to studying medicine and also practice, this article is for you. All the information you need, starting from how to get into medical school down to procedures for practicing medicine in Italy are contained in this article.

Medicine In Italy

Both private and public universities in Italy run medical programs. About 13 public medical schools and 4 private medical schools offer English-taught MBBS degrees. These schools are internationally diverse, affordable and of high academic standards. They are sound in preparing medical students for residency, research and clinical work in Europe and the world at large.

5 Reasons You Should Study Medicine In Italy

#1   Admission process is not ambiguous

Getting admission into medical schools in Italy is quite straightforward. You just need to take one admission exam (IMAT) which cost about 120 Euros and is taken in English. No need for high school GPA, no recommendation letters, no interviews.

#2   Cost of study is moderate

Cost of study in Italy is quite affordable compared to other places like US, UK and eastern Europe.  Average tuition fee is about 1200 euros yearly and living expenses can be as low as 600 euros per month. Work-study opportunities and scholarships are also available for students (both foreign and locals).

#3   English is the language of instruction in many of its schools

As a foreign student, you don’t have to worry about not understanding Italian language. There are so many schools both public and private that teach in English language.

#4   Many of the Italian universities are of International Repute

A large number of the universities in Italy have several years of experience teaching medicine and are also of high rankings internationally.

#5   Italy is a great place to be

Studying in Italy is a rare opportunity to live in a historical and touristic country.

Scholarship Opportunities To Study Medicine In Italy

Students whose parents are low-income learners get to enjoy state scholarship. Students at the state university whose family income is less than 23,000 euros annually benefit from this scholarship.

Beneficiaries of these scholarship must present the document showing the annual income statement of the family. The scholarship includes:

  • Tuition fees
  • Allowance
  • Free lunch/dinner
  • Accommodation

For you to continue to enjoy the scholarship until graduation, you must keep up a good academic record and there should be no difference in the family’s income.

Universities To Study Medicine In Italy

12 Public Universities providing Medical Education in English in Italy

  1. University of Pavia
  2. Federico II University of Naples, Naples
  3. University of Milan-Bicocca, Bergamo
  4. University of Turin, Turin
  5. Bari Aldo Moro University, Bari
  6. University of Bologna
  7. University of Rome La Sapienza, Rome
  8. University of Rome Tor Vergata-Rome
  9. Luigi Vanvitelli University, Naples
  10. University of Padova, Padova
  11. University of Messina
  12. University of Siena

4 Private Universities for Medical Education in English in Italy

  1. Cattolica University, Rome
  2. The University of San Raffaele, Milan
  3. Humanitas University, Milan
  4. Uni Camillus, Rome

What Is Contained In The Curriculum Of Italian Medical Schools?

Medical program in Italian schools is for 6 years. The first 3 years covers the biological subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Pathology, Physiology, Anatomy, Histology, Laboratory Medicine, etc.

The next 3 years covers Clinical Science subjects. Internship usually starts in the 5th or 6th year. Students also take up electives.  

In most schools, the students write six examinations, one for each level. Students write a thesis which is submitted to the board of professors for assessment and approval.

At the end, the student is awarded Doctor of Medicine or “Dottore Magistrale” in Italian.

Requirements To Study Medicine In Italy

For you to study medicine in Italy, you will need a high school diploma or an equivalent. You will be required to sit for a medical school admission test.

If you are applying as a foreign student, you will need to sit and pass an entrance exam, International Medical Admission Test (IMAT). IMAT is an exam conducted by the Italian ministry of Education and it covers Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Logic. You will also need to pass Cambridge Assessment Admissions Training (CAT).

Students applying to medical school must also be proficient in the use of English. It is advisable for foreign students to start taking Italian language lessons. This is because during internship, some of the hospital staffs or patient may not be able to communicate in English.

How To Practise Medicine In Italy

Becoming a doctor in Italy is highly competitive and somehow difficult, this is because the medical profession is a very prestigious one. Once you get qualified as a doctor, you will have several options of workplace to choose from. Doctors are treated with much respect and honor by Italians. As a doctor in Italy, you will get to live a good and comfortable life too.

Requirements To Practise Medicine In Italy

  • You must be proficient in the Italian Language

It is very important for you as a doctor to be able to speak Italian fluently especially if you work in the rural areas. So while studying medicine in school, you may want to consider taking some extra classes on Italian language (if you are a foreigner). Although, most medical schools would not require that you are proficient in the Italian language, but its good you learn the language.

  • Study Medicine in Italian Schools

This is one of the easiest way to be qualified and be able to practice medicine in Italy. School of medicine runs for six years in Italy and you can get admission just after high school.  Universities in Italy are well-ranked and you can also choose to study in English if you wish. To study medicine in Italy, you will need to pass a test which is required for entry into any medical school in Italy. You must also be proficient in the English language.

  • Start and complete residency

On completion of six years in medical school, you will need to go through a 6-month clinical placement. You will then sit for a national medical exam which would qualify you to be a registered generalist. You can then go ahead to register with the medical professional association and start practicing.

But if you want to become a specialist, you will have to go through a three to six-year residency program after your national medical exam. Admission into the residency program is highly competitive and is based on merit. So you must study hard and pass the qualifying test for the residency program.

  • Obtain a medical license

As a generalist, you get to obtain your license after passing through the 6-month clinical placement and registering with the medical professional association. For you to obtain a license as a specialist, you must have completed your residency program. But while on the residency program, you can start practicing as a generalist.

But if you obtained your medical degree from medical school outside Italy, you will need to go through some qualifying exams. Your proficiency in English will be tested and you will be checked for any criminal record. Your knowledge of regulations guiding medical practice will also be tested.

  • Obtaining work authorization as a doctor

As a EU, EEA or Swiss citizen, you don’t need a work visa to practice medicine in Italy. All you need is to register with the medical professional association. But if you are from other countries, you will need to apply for a highly skilled visa for you to be able to practice medicine. You will also be needing a residency permit.  


The beautiful thing about Italy is that the quality of education in both public and private universities are the same. So no matter your financial level, you can still get sound and quality medical education in Italy.

Now that you know how to study medicine in Italy, it’s time to start up your medical career. Don’t delay any further!

Frequently Asked Questions

In what language can I study medicine in Italy?

The curriculum of medicine is taught both in English and Italian Language. There are 13 public universities and 4 private universities that teaches in English in Italy.

Can I attend medical schools in Italy as a foreign student?

Yes. There are quite a number of private and public medical schools that accept foreign applicants. Although EU students have higher chances of being admitted than non-EU students.

What is the criteria for admission into English –taught Medical School

Previous diploma; high school, bachelor’s, master’s
Academic transcript
Admission test result
Proof of English language proficiency
Valid I.D card or passport
Letter of motivation
4 passport size photograph

How do I become a medical doctor in Italy?

Start and finish a 6-year medical program
Go for a 6-month clinical placement
Write and pass the national examination to become a registered physician
Start residency program to become a specialist.

What is the cost of studying medicine in Italy?

Tuition fees in public universities is between 156 Euros and 3500 Euros. In private medical schools, tuition fees is between 15,000 Euros and 20, 000 Euros.


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