Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Scholarship

Swiss Federal institute Of Technology Scholarship
Swiss Federal institute Of Technology Scholarship

The Swiss federal institute of Technology scholarship program is currently ongoing and popularly referred to as Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) is located in Lausanne, and is one of the largest institutes of technology in the country.

It offers a variety of academic programs which are geared toward research, technological competence, education, and entrepreneurship.

In addition to this, it also provides an academic staff and student exchange program with over 70 institutions around the world.

The main goal of our scholarship is to enable students from developing countries who have very little chance of getting a scholarship or sponsorship to study at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL).

Financial Aid For International Students

This scholarship allows the institute to give you not only financial assistance during your studies but also mentorship and access to expert networks.

Financial aid scholarship is an international scholarship program by the Swiss federal institute of technology (EPFL), a prestigious technical university in Europe.

Scholarships are offered every year to students, who are non-residents of Europe and have demonstrated outstanding academic qualifications as well as financial need.

Scholarship Coverage

It covers all tuition fees, living expenses, and insurance coverage for one year. Through the generous support of EPF alumni and friends, the financial aid scholarship helps to cover the considerable expense associated with studying at EPF, which includes high costs for books and personal expenses on top of tuition fees.

Student Life at EPFL

The Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology in Lausanne is offering scholarship opportunities to students from all over the world. The scholarship is intended for pursuing a master’s degree in engineering, science, and management.

The advantage of this scholarship is that one can study any field of his/her choice.

Students with an interest in Clinical Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine can apply for the program through the “Clinical Scholarships” category only if they are accepted to study at the University of Lausanne’s Faculty of Biology, Biotechnology and Health (UBB) or its Faculty of Medicine (FM).

Students must prove their financial needs through a copy of their tax returns from previous years.

The Swiss federal institute of technology (EPFL) is the university that has been ranked number one in Europe and has been at the forefront of technological innovation.

Founded in 1853, EPFL is a public institution with 16 departments. It offers courses to 500 Master’s and Ph.D. students, 800 post-docs, and 2500-3000 visiting researchers each year.


It provides 30 undergraduate degree programs as well as 66 graduate degree programs. The institute also hosts 5 national research laboratories with 10 cluster labs under them, which span 12 fields of study including environment, health, communication, and sustainable development.

EPFL is the only university to be ranked first in Europe and third in the world among its peers. It is also the top university in Switzerland with a ratio of 11 PhDs for every 100,000 inhabitants.


The new facilities include an auditorium, a hall for conferences and workshops, a lab space for 200 people, and 7 lecture rooms. The building is located at Rue des Eaux-Vives in Lausanne. The research institute will be renamed “EPFL”.

Tuition Fees

There is currently no tuition fee for international students at the swiss federal institute of technology. Tuition fees at Schweizerische national bank do not apply to international students. However, graduates and undergraduates pay a fee of about USD 844 which covers the basic fees.

Switzerland has a strong history of multilingualism, which makes it one of the most desirable places to study abroad. Many Swiss universities are located in Switzerland itself, but some institutions also operate as foreign branches, such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Other Funding

The university organizes several funding opportunities for international students to facilitate their studies in Switzerland and keep their costs down during their stay.

These include scholarships; financial aid for travel expenses associated with educational mobility; and need-based financial assistance that can be applied for after the student arrives in our country.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Scholarships

  • EPFL Social Scholarship 

The EPFL Social scholarship is now available for environmental studies, which provides the opportunity for a selected number of students to earn their social science bachelor’s degrees without having to go through the standard process.

With this program, students can now study their related topics from EPFL during a semester without living in one of its cities. And what better way is there to learn about something than from those who have experience in it?

Scholarship Award

EPFL Social scholarship award at Lausanne, EPFL’s own is from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. It’s an annual award for undergraduate students who have worked on a scientific or artistic project that promotes social awareness and encourages public debate over issues related to cultural diversity.

The award will be given to one student annually through a cash prize worth up to 10,000 francs (provided by the EPFL Foundation) and an annual workspace at the CERN research center in Geneva.

  • Excellence Fellowship

The things that make a school great aren’t really what happens in the classroom, but what’s going on outside. For example, students at EPFL are connected to the world through science and technology research.

There is an excellence fellowship for students who want to pursue these fields of study, and it is funded by EPFL itself. Students can also get involved in any of the school’s events which take place in one of its 100 labs, with some even having their own dedicated lounge space.

Why Excellence Fellowship?

The Excellence Fellows have access to all of the same lab facilities as 30 other student groups. They can take advantage of everything from lab time and equipment to professional lectures and group projects.

The 42 students who were selected for the program in 2011 will be doing research with some of the most accomplished scientists at EPFL, building on their experiences in a program like the SCIEF while they are still students.

In addition to ensuring that these students get the best possible opportunities to learn, EPFL is also a leader when it comes to engaging with its students.

  • Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship is the ideal program for top performers with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to take their careers to the next level. Selected scholars get a full tuition scholarship and mentoring from EPFL professors.

It is an exclusive opportunity, offered only through EPFL: only one Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship is awarded every year!

Documents Needed to Apply for Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Scholarships

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL is an excellent institute for students who are studying in the fields of engineering, architecture, and science.

They offer Swiss federal scholarships for individuals with exceptional academic records. The study period lasts from September to April and the student’s stay is from three months to five years.

The visa application process lasts from four to six weeks and includes documents like proof of education that certifies that a student has completed an accredited course or a certificate in college-level English.

You must also provide;

  • Two letters of recommendation by professors,
  • One official transcript including your final score in all grades,
  • CV, and
  • Take an entrance exam before you are accepted into the program each year.

Benefits of Studying at Swiss Federal Institute of technology

The benefits of studying at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) are almost endless. Besides being a leading institute for research and teaching in Europe;

  • it has an extensive list of benefits for students from all over the world.
  • Upon arrival at this modern university, students immediately notice its high-tech equipment and building materials. However, these are just some but not the full extent of what makes the school unique.
  • EPFL is situated in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland, on a peninsula that takes up just over a quarter of the total land area of the city. The campus exists in several different buildings and locations, which are separated by the Rio Mèze from one another.
  • The university is home to numerous research centers and institutes as well, with each being distinctive according to its purpose.
  • EPFL offers PhDs (Doctorat d’études supérieures/Master) and Master’s degrees in all major disciplines offered at EPFL as well as at various other universities across Switzerland.
  • The institute has world-class facilities for research, including laboratories and computer networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

EPFL currently ranks 16th in the world for its international faculty score, with ETH Zurich placing 19th. EPFL is the leader for the international diversity of its student community at 12th, while ETH ranks 59th for this measure.

From your first year at EPFL, you will gradually follow certain courses in English; from the master’s level onwards, many courses are given in English. According to the Council of Europe’s reference levels, the C1 level in English is generally considered necessary to ensure your academic success.

Applications can be filled online from mid-November to the 15th of December, or from the 16th of December to the 15th of April. Decisions are sent early April for applications registered by the 15th of December and end of June for the applications registered by the 15th of April.




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