How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

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How To Tell A Girl You Like Her – Showing true affection to the opposite sex can be very difficult and also that easy. Most guys find it very hard to express their feelings towards a girl.

This might be because of feeling rejected by the lady or might be feeling insecure. The point is you don’t have to do it the traditional way.

If you are that guy that doesn’t have the right words or doesn’t have the gut to tell a girl you like her, then this is a great one for you.

There are several ways to approach a lady to tell her that you like her, ways you might not even need to be available, or present are that spot.

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

As stated earlier confessing your love to a lady can be difficult, however here are simple ways you can tell her you love her.

  • Send Her Gifts

This is one of the most widely used and most traditional gifts of telling a girl you love her. When you meet someone, you love and wish to be with, you can start to heat the friendship with gifts.

These could be nice bouquets or something special or nice. Ladies love chocolate, you can get a pack of chocolates sent to her.

If you do this often, you are ringing a bell in her heart by letting her know you love her. Who doesn’t like a good gift?

This method is very old and has proven to work well, you can write her love messages or even get a good, customized love card and send it to her.

  • Send Her Letters Or Love Cards

Sometimes writing a love letter to her is the best way to express how you feel about her. You can be very creative with your letter, writing something great and enticing.

A lot of girls love smart guys who write with great diction and are poetic with their words. This is also an avenue to let her know how creative you can be.

  • Ask Her Out

You noticed a lady and have fallen in love with her and you wish to be with her, then you have to ask her out. You can take her on a dinner date, or somewhere fun where the two of you can discuss at a length.

It is obvious the lady would know that you want something from her, this free time between the two of you, you can use to tell her how you feel about her. It is the best time to let her know.

  • Tell Her Through A Friend

A lot of people might want to go against this technique, however, it has proven well. Sometimes her close friend is the one that might make her see why she should be with you.

If you know her friend, then speak to them, and try to convince her by letting her know how you feel about her. If you are lucky her friend would deliver you a message and might go as far as prepping her why she should be with you.

  • Use Body Language

One of the best ways to get a lady’s attention is by using body language techniques. Use eye contact, and smile at her and others. When you use the eye contact techniques you let her know you seem to like her.

However, when you use the body language techniques do not overdo it, she might be uncomfortable, using it moderately not to cause insecurity.

  • Be A Good Friend

One good way to let a girl know that you like her is by being a good friend. When you are always there for her as a good friend you show her that you care.

By doing this you get to know more about her and bond well with her. It helps the relationship so when you are ready to let her know, it would be that easy and by then you might have gotten her hooked to you.

  • Tell Her How You Feel

There is no better way to tell someone how you feel. You should let her know at once if you are interested in the friendship and wish to take it to the next level.

So walk up to her, and make sure you two are in a comfortable place. Let the environment be free from tension and then you tell her directly how you feel, like “I like you”, “I do appreciate our friendship, but I would want more”, or “I love you and would want us to be more serious with each other”.

  • Hint Her

If you are not sure of her response to I love you or I like you, give her a hint till she gets the whole point. Every time you are with her around her compliment her beauty or compare her beauty to something beautiful.

With this, you could get to know how she would respond not direct it to her directly, so it is good to say something nice or give her some hints.

  • Speak To Her Often

Constantly speaking with her gives her the impression that you want to be close to her, text her, call her or chat her up. Always check on her but do not bug her up with your frequent calls or text.

It is very important to always be around her via text or call. With this you can ease the tension of saying it in person, this could be your first step to getting to have her.

  • Compliment Her Endeavour

When you compliment or support her endeavor you show you care for all she does. Always being there for her is a way of getting to her heart.

This is a great step to knowing someone also opening doors to her heart, if she has a business, support her business, if she in school assist with her school works. It is good to get to know her before you say you like her.

  • Tease Her In A Playful Manner

When you need to win a girl over to you, you need some techniques or you can be a clown to her. Some ladies enjoy funny jokes or when you are playful and full of life.

You can let a lady know you love her by throwing some banters, and some funny, cautioned jokes. For example, you can say things like “it seems you are the only pure jewel yet to be mined. These girls her impressions that you are drawn to her.

 So we have been able to look at eleven ways you can tell a girl you like her. Also, know that it might come out well or not, however, it is great to stay positive. What you like is what you desire.


Liking or having a feeling for a lady is an aspect while approaching and confessing to her is another aspect. To get a lady to love you can be very difficult however it is never too bad to try. That is why before you confess your love to her you need to be sure.

There are ways you can let a girl know you love her. We have listed several Ways you can tell a lady you love her which include buying her gifts, complimenting her effort, asking her out, telling her directly, and more, so you can try these techniques to get that lady you want.


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