The Importance of Strong Education Foundation

The Importance of Strong Education Foundation – Education has been carefully organized into stages, and this is a great concept that has helped made the education of people, especially when it is new to a place very progressive. Why is education in stages? Why can you not skip kindergarten and primary school and jump to secondary school or high school?

There is a very smart reason behind this. To begin with, you will notice that until you get to tertiary level of education, you cannot afford to let of what you were taught in primary school. In a smaller sentence, education can be likened to building a house.

If you skip primary school and go to a college, it is like making a building without a foundation. The lower levels of education are very important and are like the foundation of your knowledge and career. When you go to secondary school you are in fact building on the knowledge you got in primary school.

You would also notice that someone who is very intelligent and studious from primary school is very likely to be the same when he goes on to high school and college. In fact, some people have the handwriting that is similar to their primary school teacher’s because the teacher held their hands and helped them write.

What do all of these mean?

The most important part of a person’s education is the foundation. This foundation starts right from preschool and kindergarten.

It takes very hard working kids to become suddenly smart when they get to high school. This is because they got a crooked foundation and already believe that they are average students or below. This is just one importance of a strong education foundation.

This article will thoroughly discuss how a weak educational foundation will affect students later and the importance of a strong education foundation in the lives of students and people.

What is a strong education foundation?

When we talk about strong education foundation, some parents believe their child should understand calculus or the anatomy of a human body from primary school. This is not correct. I will do my best to explain the importance of a strong education foundation in a way that a lay man will understand.

A strong education foundation is not more than giving a child accurate knowledge of the basics. A very accurate basic knowledge of mathematics from kindergarten and primary school will make middle school mathematics a piece of cake for almost all students.

Most kindergarten schools and primary schools are tailored in such a way that lets some children remain dullards, leaving all the work for the teachers in secondary schools. This makes education very tough for children.

A strong education foundation makes the next stage of education easy or less difficult for pupils. Considering all the stages of education available, the most important part is the very early education. This refers to kindergarten and lower school. What happens in preschool or kindergarten can make a child very interested in schooling and can as well make him feel very discouraged about school.

At the same time, it can either make things easier for them or more difficult, and either situation will very likely continue till college.

What should early school focus on?

The early education of any child should focus on making the children risk takers who understand what they are doing. In countries like Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, most schools specialize in a child training discipline. For some schools, it is creating leaders out of children and for some schools; it is building confidence and outspokenness.

While being competent, the students can analyze situations excellently and will gradually become exceptional in the phases of their education.

There are many mistakes that many schools and parents make, and one of them is focusing more on high school and college education rather than the basics. If a kid grasps the core foundation of study in a subject like Mathematics, it will make studying easier as the student progresses.

As I previously said, educational foundation is mainly kindergarten and primary school. It can also be likened to the foundation of a building, which is very important and responsible for the entire building. After the foundation, the rest of the work only entails laying new bricks over the foundation.

The foundation is the core, and this is how education has been programmed.

Why is a strong education foundation important?

Let’s take Mathematics as an example. One of the important things pupils are taught in basic mathematics is multiplication. From that level to primary school to middle school and high school, that knowledge will be very important for almost every mathematical problem. Up till college and even forever, the basic knowledge of multiplication is needed.

If a student happens to lack the knowledge of basic multiplication and division from primary school and gets to secondary school, mathematical topics like word problems and simultaneous equations will prove very difficult, and this will continue throughout secondary school, making the student finding mathematics uninteresting.

Parents need to heavily invest in the basic education of their children, as it is what determines how much a child will enjoy education and be studious.

In a short sentence, the foundation of education is the most important stage of education. It can make or mar a child’s educational journey.

Importance of Strong Education Foundation

This section of the article will carefully outline the importance of strong education foundation and explain some of the points.

  • Development of Intelligence
  • Confidence
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Awareness
  • Skill development (Precision and basic smartness)
  • Ease of academics


The self confidence that a child carries throughout life is determined by his childhood, completely. For people who were belittled in their childhood, it takes so much hard work to regain their confidence and self belief.

To become successful at anything, everyone needs someone who encourages them and helps them in their journey. The stage where this is most needed is in the foundation of education.

There is a nurse who studied hard to become a nurse because her teacher in primary school told her she looked like one on career day. There are special memories that stick to the brain from childhood, and if these are very helpful and boost confidence, it will do a lot in helping the academic life of any child.

Ease of Academics

This point has already been explained in this article. The whole point revolves around perfectly utilizing the organized stages of education. Understanding the basic principles of mathematics from primary simply makes the next stage of mathematics very easy. If any part is left behind, it keeps accumulating, resulting in lower mathematical scores.

For some schools, the children are taught very simple mathematics that is simply not enough. When the kids go on to either lower school or middle, everything looks really tough because they have not grasped the basics completely.

Skill Development and Awareness

With a proper foundation in their education, children start to get ideas of what they really want to do and what they must do in order to achieve their goal. They also gain complete awareness and begin to understand the effects of their actions. The way of thinking of the child will be very different, and they can quickly understand situations and pick up lessons better than others. The mathematical abilities will help them greatly too, making them stand out among other kids.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are answered questions you may have about the importance of strong education foundation to the academic life of children:

What are the major importances of strong education foundation in children?

Here is a list of the major importances of strong education foundation in children?

  • Development of Intelligence
  • Confidence
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Awareness
  • Skill development (Precision and basic smartness)
  • Ease of academics

Why is foundation important in education?

 Education itself is a foundation for life. A good education is a foundation for a better future, and the foundation of learning must be well structured itself. The foundation of your education is very much important, and is like the stairs in a storey building.

Foundation is important in education to help you unlock your potential and found yourself.

Why is building a strong foundation important for students?

According to several experiences school teachers and staff, a strong foundation may determine what a child becomes in life. The foundation of education is the core of development and should be set right, to enable students reach their full potential in all aspects of life, especially their social life.


 Education is the core of any career, and it does not matter if the kid goes into sports, music or modeling later. Education makes life easier. This is why a sound education is necessary for national development. The core of education itself is nothing other than the foundation. This article explains the importance of strong education foundation in the life of children.


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