“The journey was rough and tough” Nigerian Graduate As He Wins Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

A Nigerian graduate of university of illorin has shared his inspiring story on how he got fully funded scholarship to study at the University of Glasgow.

The man identified as Taiye Ahmed shared that it was a rough journey for him.

According to him, he remembered that they were days when he couldn’t eat or go to classes because of financial difficulties.

But today, due to perseverance and persistence, he has won a scholarship to study Adult education outside the country.

Read full post below;

Hurray, I am an Erasmus Mundus Scholar!!! Truly, Humanity+ Divinity = Success— The importance of God in our success can never be overemphasized. Some years back in 2015, I was offered admission to study Adult Education. The journey was rough and tough. The days of hunger, sleepless nights, and days I missed classes due to financial constraints. Despite the odds, I remained focused and committed, and my passion for success remained unyielding. I eventually graduated top 5 percent of my class. Fast forward to 2021, during my compulsory Youth service, I started my scholarship search. I stayed up at night checking schools that offered my program and prepared my application documents. This effort eventually paid off as I was awarded the Erasmus Mundus International Master in Adult Education for social change. Truly, through perseverance, persistence, and commitment, what seems like a hardened rock will eventually become the softest endeavor. We all have dreams. Unless we take a move, take the risk and give it a trial, it will always just be a dream. Take that risk today! Take that move today! Give it a trial today! It may be your breakthrough. Never underestimate yourself. You are unique and Standard as you are. Do your best and pray about it. Veni, Vedi, Vici. The journey continues. Onto the next one!




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