This Kind Law Students Builds Home For Less Privileged Children

Kezia Asiedua Sanie, is a Ghanian and the founder of ” For The Future Ghana), a Non Governmental Organization that has a goal of building Eco friendly homes for under privileged children, which will be a community where these children can grow healthy, happy and responsible.

According to Kezia’s Interview with Yen, she tells her story of how she started to cater for children and eventually owned her NGO

“I had always wanted to start a charity since childhood and I used to talk about it as far back as when I was in Primary school. I have always had a passion for helping others and it comes so easy to me. I believe it’s my calling. The good thing is, I answered it when I got the opportunity back in Wesley Girls’ High School.“I shared my idea of a charity with my friends and they liked it. We then started making plans for our first event that very vacation,” kazia told Yen in an interview.

Talking about her initial plans, contributors, and targets of her Project, Kazia said;

“We started by gathering our provisions we didn’t use or eat during the term and contributed money to make donations to orphanages.“We paid dues and took contributions from friends and family, especially our parents to fund the projects. It was only recently that we got many helpers through crowdfunding, partnerships and sponsorships.

“Underprivileged children are our main target because many communities in Ghana have people who are struggling to make ends meet and children suffer the most in such situations. They are vulnerable and dependent. When we help these children, we do it for the future. They’ll grow to be responsible adults to make that difference needed in their respective communities.”

Sharing her proudest moments, she said: “Every single time we have a successful event or we get an exciting opportunity for a child through a partnership is a proud moment for me. The excitement is indescribable.“

Advicing young people who wants to start an NGO, Kazia said:

“My advice is that you are never too small to start an NGO. What matters is that you surround yourself with the right people and start small. It is okay to make mistakes. The only thing that is not okay is not learning from your mistakes.“Be very dedicated to it and work on it like you are being paid to do it. This will be easier if you let the passion lead you. We need more NGOs in Ghana to help make the country a better place. So I would encourage more people to start charities. Many people really need help.”

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