Top 10 Best Time Lapse Apps

Best Time Lapse Apps

Best Time Lapse Apps -If you recently learnt of time lapse videos or photography but have no idea how it works, you are reading the right blog. A time lapse video is a short video that is made to illustrate an occurrence that actually happened over a long period.


An example is a two-minute video that displays the movement of the moon over forty days. It is possible to look at the moon’s movements with our eyes but it would take a lot of days and the changes will not be noticeable.

A time lapse video will combine everything that happened within a long period of time and then use it to make a very short video so that all the changes are very noticeable. This system is very effective in showing the process of certain things, like worms eating meat over 70 hours or food decaying over 100 hours.

These processes are usually very slow so that changes are not noticeable, but a time-lapse video displays everything so you can notice the stages. This concept is very illustrative but is very time consuming.


There are time lapse apps that are made to help you create time lapse videos and clips easily. With so many pictures or a few videos, you can make a time lapse video that brings out all the details you want in a very short time.

Best Time Lapse Apps

  • Camera app
  • TimeLapse
  • Timelapse Pro
  • Superlapse
  • Pic Pac Stop
  • Framelapse

1. Camera App

The android phones that have been released in the last seven years have come up against big brand, Apple violently. Many of these smartphones have come with many features iPhones offer and even provide better.

One of these features is time-lapse edit in the native camera app that comes with the phone. This feature is free and does not need anything to operate.


In order to use this feature, go to your camera app and click on settings. Look for the time-lapse feature and click on it.

Click on the red button to start recording and you have started creating your time-lapse vid. If you are looking to create a very simple video, this feature is more than enough. However, if you want to combine videos and pictures to create time-lapse videos, you may need some of the other apps mentioned in this article.

You can also choose to create the time-lapse video with your phone camera and proceed to edit it in video editing apps or time-lapse creating apps. This feature is available on the camera app of many iOS and android devices.

2. Timelapse

Timelapse is a free app that lets you create time-lapse videos and edit them. The app is free but there are in-app purchases in case you fancy some more features. This app is only available for iPhones and has a really smooth interface.

If you have some knowledge of photography, this app will prove to be very useful. Some of the edit options available include exposure, brightness, saturation, and many others.

Beginners can also use the app thanks to its simply designed interface, offering quality user experience. There are also no ads in the free version and there are presets that users can choose from.

Using this app, users can also create videos in 4K and save RAW files. This way, you can create a time-lapse video using quality images and videos only.

After creating your time lapse, you can also edit the video using a frame by frame system through the images. This app is no doubt one of the best time lapse apps available at the time of this publication.


3. Timelapse Pro

Timelapse pro is the premium version of the Timelapse app and just like the free version, it offers a lot of quality but makes things even easier.

The app is made only for iOS devices and is very great for making smooth time-lapse videos. The app reduces how much time you spend clicking on your screen. There are also in-app purchases that you will surely love but we advise using the normal versions of the apps first.

There are more than twenty video effects that you can choose for your timelapse alongside other editing options. With only a few clicks, you can add audio to your video or choose some great songs to fix into it.

The app can fit as a complete video editing app considering that you can edit exposure, focus, start delays, customize framers per second shots and a whole lot of other things.

With all of these features, anyone can create a perfect time-lapse video. Some of these features may be too much to take in for beginners, but there are simple options to use so that you don’t have to adjust anything to make your video.

4. Superlapse

Superlapse is an app developed for android devices only and it lets you increase the speed of your videos significantly to create a time lapse video or slow it down. This app is completely free and makes it very easy to share each edit to social media handles.

You can simply record videos on your smartphone camera and proceed to edit them on the Superlapse app.

The app has features like white balance, filters, and colour effects. Users can also add music to videos and these are the exact simple features everyone wants as a beginner.

Superlapse is very easy to use and allows users to trim the time lapse videos too. If you are not looking for something complex or advanced, this app is a very good option.

5. Pic Pac Stop

Pic Pac is one of the best time lapse apps that have managed to make complex edits look quite easy to do with simple controls. Although the app has a premium version, the free version is also very much worth it.


The app is made for android users only and allows users to create stop motion videos. Users can choose to record videos on the native camera app that comes with their device and then import it into Pic Pac Stop for editing.

Users also have the option of recording the videos right inside the app. There is a simple audio control function that lets you edit sound, and all of these are made easy with the design of the app. After creating your videos, the app can easily import and convert it into a time lapse for you.

After importing the videos, you can also choose to edit whatever parts you do not like. One of the fastest functions you can use on Pic Pac is adding audio to your video.

If you choose to upgrade to the premium version of the app, you can do a whole lot of editing such as merging projects, adding multiple photos and so much more.

6. Framelapse

Framelapse is a time lapse video creating app that works on android devices only. The app works similar to other time lapse apps but is faster than many of those.

Many of the time lapse apps available take some time to render the video but this is not the case with Framelapse. The app offers most of its features for free but there is a pro version with more exciting features.

Users can create time lapse vids and adjust frame rate, white balance, exposure and even resolution. The app is of high quality in general but users often complain of ads in the free version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions about the best time lapse apps:

A timelapse takes so much effort than many people think. The total number of photos divided by thirty is equal to the duration of your time lapse video. In order to create a time-lapse video of 30 seconds, more than 700 photos are required.

It is very much easier to create time-lapse clips with videos instead of photos.


Just like the iPhone, android smartphones have a built-in time-lapse function. In order to use this function, launch the camera app and go to the camera settings. Look for the function and click on it to start creating your time-lapse video.

This feature may be unavailable in older android devices but a majority of the new ones have it.

You can make a time-lapse clip from almost any video. Time-lapse creating software applications work by just speeding up the actual video. The speed makes processes that were slow faster so you can notice everything.


Time-lapse videos are in so much use by now with many people documenting process that are very slow. Using time-lapse videos, people can show the process of their weight loss or muscle growth from day one to day 300 or more, or less.

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