Too Much Arty: Nigeria Police Academy (POLAC) Aspirant Tattoos School Acronym On His Arm

Too Much Arty: Nigeria Police Academy (POLAC) Aspirant Tattoos School Acronym On His Arm For The Love Of The Academy

A Nigeria Police Academy aspirant has tattooed the Academy slogan on his body out of love for the academy. In a picture gotten online, the faceless aspirant tattooed ”NPA” on his left hand. Trying to know the motive behind such acts, we find out it was out of desperation and love to get the Academy admission by all means.

Gaining admission into the Nigeria Police Academy is not an easy task as we have more than 40,000 applicants who jostle for less than 1,000 slots yearly from all states of the Federation. The aspirant, being aware of the obvious fact may assume that tattooing the Academy slogan on his arm will increase his chances of gaining admission.

The aspirant obviously love the Academy and has lots of Arty..

See The Pictures below;

It should be known that in the year 2012, the Federal Government of Nigeria upgraded the Nigeria Police Academy Wudil- Kano State, to a degree – awarding institution and the National Universities commission, accordingly, recognized the Academy as the thirty seven (37th) Federal University and the one hundred and twenty fourth ( 124th) University in Nigeria. Academy activities commenced in September, 2012. The pioneer faculties were :- 1. Faculty of Science 2. Faculty of Law 3. Faculty of Social and Management Science 4. Faculty of Humanities.

It should be noted that the Nigeria Police Academy is the first Police Academy in the West African Sub-Region and the second in Africa after the Egyptan Police Academy.

The selection into the Academy is done on quota basis i.e. each state of the federation is given an equal number of slots, e.g. 12 persons from each state. Selection starts from the state level to zonal level and finally the Force Headquarters Abuja.

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