Top 10 Best Lucrative Courses To Study In School In Nigeria 2020

Top 10 Best Lucrative, High Paying, Job Filled Opportunity Courses To Study In School (University, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education And Enterprises) In Nigeria 2020 – Updated

Choosing a career part or a course of study can be very difficult especially in a country like Nigeria, where there are lots of pressures from parents, family members, friends and even ones self.

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While there are hundreds of courses to study in any university, we all agree that choosing the best course that interests you as a person is better than choosing a course you were compelled to take up under pressure.

Many parents decide their kids or wards courses or some even have a family history where they say for instance, every first born of this family must be a lawyer. There re also scenarios where children are forced to study courses against their will. Some parents go as far as stating that since they did not study medicine for instance, they must have a child who will study medicine to help them achieve their dreams. While all these can make a child work harder, sometimes it limits the potentials of that child to even do well in school.

From my personal experience, i had always wanted to be a lawyer right from childhood. I enjoy studying my government and literature but my mum wanted me to be a doctor. I obeyed her and started positioning my career to take up the medical line. Over time, i found out that i still loved my art course, even after class hours, in my leisure time i study my government, history, current affairs and literature more than i study my chemistry, biology or even physics. I found it very difficult to cope in the science classes not because i was dull but because it wasn’t my thing, i was not comfortable neither was i even interested. Over time, i was doing relatively well in the science class but couldn’t cope. Long story cut short, i went back to my art class during my final years and today, I’m on course to achieving my dream of being a lawyer. It was possible that i would have been a very good medical student, may be i will end up doing well at last but that wasn’t my dream, that was me living another persons dream which will in turn, make me very unhappy and uncomfortable.

So, when choosing a career part, it’s important you consult your parents but more important if you tell yourself the truth. Like the saying goes, nobody knows you better than you do.

What To Consider Before Choosing A Course To Study In School

Before choosing a particular course of study, you have to consider the following factors;

1 Can I Cope In This Field?

Most times, when people try to choose a particular course of study, they neglect the most important factor, which is; can i really do it? No doubt if you study very well you can make good grades in every course but you have to ask yourself if this is really your lie of study or do you just want to study engineering because your best friend is also aspiring to study engineering? You have the answer in your heart.

2 Can I Fully Fulfill My Potentials In This Field?

Another factor is if you can fully achieve your self goals in that particular field. You have to know your interests and work towards achieving them. For instance, if your goal is to provide solutions to internet fraud and you are passionate about it, then why study medicine? Why not take up a course in cyber security or programming?

3 How Relevant Can I Be In The Society?

Don’t just study for the sake of doing so, find out hoe relevant the course of study is to the society. These days, the richest people in the world are not doctors or lawyers, they are not even engineers. The world has evolved. If you are still thinking of studying law because of the success of past lawyers, you have to have a rethink. Find out the relevant courses now and go for them.

4 What Solution Can I Provide?

Another important factor to consider is the factor of solution. You have to ask yourself what solutions will you provide to the society by studying that particular course. Are you interested in Medicine just because you want to answer doctor? Or do you have an aim or a particular cure or even remedy to provide to the society?

5 How Competitive Is This Course Of Choice?

Another factor is the factor of competition. If you are going for a very competitive course, you have to buckle up and work hard. Schools will take the best candidates and that’s no joke. If your course of choice is competitive, then you have your work cut out for you. You have to work, work and work some more to be able to secure that admission.


Below, we have compiled a list of the 10 lucrative and best paying course that you can study in Nigeria and be sure of making a very good career.
1. Marketing
2. Cyber Security
3. Business Administration
4. Engineering
5. Law
6. Languages
7. Agriculture
8. Management Science
9. Forensic Science
10. Pharmacy

1 Marketing

In the past few years, network marketers have raked in billions of Naira by advertising, selling and promoting products online and offline. With good knowledge of marketing, you stand to stay ahead of your peers in other fields. Considering the fact that most people go after the conventional courses like engineering, law and medicine, being a network marketer you stand the chance of bridging the gap between producers and consumers. Even those who did not study marketing are being paid quality salaries to do their job, imagine having a certificate to back up your knowledge. In this field also, you can stand out if you intend to start a business as a student.

2 Cyber Security

With more businesses going online, studying any cyber security or related discipline can take you places you never intended going. On a daily basis, the internet is filled with lots of fraudulent activities and whats beat than someone who is ahead with knowledge? You will stand a chance of being employed in any government or private establishment with this qualification. This course of study is not that rampant in Nigerian schools for now.

3 Business Administration

As a Business Admin, you are sure to be employed anywhere no matter hoe big or how small. This is not a professional course parse, so your employment can be staggered. Everyday businesses are springing up and that’s how small and even businesses are also going down. As a business administrator, you can offer advise, stay ahead of time and the sweet part is that your activities are not limited to just one particular place.

4 Engineering

No doubt one of the most sought after course in the university in Nigeria. Boasting different fields, ranging from petroleum, mechanical, electronic, electrical, etc. Engineering is both a professional and non professional course. You can start up your own business as an engineer and stand a chance of being employed in any company or walk of life. There are several opportunities available to an engineer no matter the field you take up.

5 Law

Law makes our list. Law is a professional course but you stand to gain lots of on and off field experience. You can be a real estate agent, become an attorney for any establishment, set up a chamber and much more. The field of law is filled with endless possibilities.

6 Languages ( French, Spanish, German, Chinese, etc)

One of the most lucrative course to study in any Nigerian University is language. With business activities going global and the demand for intermediaries and interpreters, as a student or graduate of language, you stand the chance of making good fortune. You can be an ambassador to the country where the language is spoken or you can be an intermediary between a seller and a buyer. Either ways, you are sure of getting some good deals as a language graduate.

7 Agriculture

One of the basic needs of man is food. As an agricultural student or graduate, you have an endless stream of income. You can decide to start a business of your own or become an intermediary between business brokers. One of the most interesting thing about Agriculture as a course is the ability to switch levels and have a creative instinct. Starting up a fish farm, poultry farm or any other Agric related business will boost your chances of even becoming an employer of labour.

8 Management Science

As a manager, you have tons of opportunities waiting in line for you. This field works in tandem with banking, economics and other commercial courses. So, you’re sure of a good pay when employed and can also use the knowledge gained to develop business ideas.

9 Forensic Science

With crime rate globally on the high side, you will have lots of opportunities as a forensic expert. Though the course is relatively unavailable in most universities in Nigeria, if and when studied can boost your chances of even gaining employment in any agency around the world.

10 Pharmacy

Pharmacy is well sought after in various institutions in Nigeria. The course houses lots of opportunities, starting from working in any medical establishment, setting up your own pharmacy or even providing solutions that will help to curb the spread of diseases and infections. As a pharmacist, you are sure not looking for job if you know what you are doing.

In conclusion, choosing the right course to study in school should be given top priority because a wrong choice may not be easy to correct in the future. Some people find themselves performing so badly in the field they found themselves not because they are so bad individually but because they chose the wrong field from the beginning.

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