Top 13 Best Schools in Brisbane

Best Schools in Brisbane-Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, an Australian state is a very great place to pursue higher education. In Brisbane, you will get access to schools with quality education but affordable tuition. Also, the cost of living is not high when compare to some other famous cities. In this article is a list of 13 best schools in Brisbane that offers such quality education with affordable fees.

List of 13 Best Schools in Brisbane

  1. The University of Queensland
  2. Queensland University of Technology, Garden Point Campus
  3. Griffith University
  4. Australasian College of Natural Therapies
  5. Australian Catholic University
  6. QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
  7. Central University(CQ), Rockhampton
  8. Charles Sturt University
  9. Southbank Institute of Technology
  10. TAFE Queensland Skills Tech
  11. University of Queensland Business School
  12. Federation University, Australia
  13. Torrens University Adelaide, South Australia

The University of Queensland

The school is a public research university that was established in 1909. It is located in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, an Australian State. It has a main campus, St.Lucia  and other campuses scattered all over Queensland.

The school offers academic programs at associate, bachelor, master and doctorate level.

The school is very active in research. Some of the research programs include the institute for Molecular Bioscience, Boeing Research Centre and Technology Australia Centre, Australian Institute for Bioengineering, Nanotechnology and more.

Areas of research include sciences, medicine and technology.

The school ranks position #36 in the world by US news global ranking in the world in 2021 and position #51 in the world academic ranking of universities also in 2021.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Garden Point Campus

The school is a public research institution located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The school was established in 1989.  The university runs its academic program on two campuses, one at garden point while the other is in Kelvin Grove. The school also has a smaller campus where professional training and short development courses take place. The school was established in 1989.

At Garden point campus are the following faculties; Business, Law, Science and Engineering. Also present is the Gardens cultural Precint that includes the Garden Theatre and QUT Art Museum.

At Kelvin Groove campus are the following faculties; Creative industries, Education and Health. Also present is the QUT international College and the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation. There is a health clinic on this campus that caters for the health of the students, staffs and the public at low cost.

QUT enjoys lots of national grants and industry funding to fuel its research activities. It has a number of research centres some of which include: Centre for Data Science, Centre for Material Science, Centre for Robotics, Centre for Agriculture and Bio economy, Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child, etc.

The university has a library that provides both learning and research support to both students and staff. The library has three branches; one is at Garden Point called the Garden Point Library, the second is Law Library while the third located at Kelvin Grove is termed Kelvin Grove Library.

Griffith University

Griffith university is a public university located in South East Queensland in Australia. The school which was established in 1971, was named after Sir Samuel Walker Griffith, former Premier of Queensland and also the very first Chief Justice of Australia’s high court.

The school operates in 5 campuses: Gold Coast campus in Southport (which stands as the largest campus), Nathan campus in Brisbane, Logan campus in Meadowbrook, Mount Gravatt and South Bank campuses both located in Brisbane.

The school offers academic programs at undergraduate, graduate and research levels in the following fields;

Business, Government, Education, Environment, planning and architecture, visual and creative arts, humanities and languages, health and music, criminology and law.

Australasian College of Natural Therapies

It is a private natural health college established in Brisbane, Australia. It was established in 1982 by Freida and Peter Bielik. It is affiliated to Torrens University, Australia. The school offers both educational and vocational training at tertiary levels.

There are two campuses that the school operates through; Pyrmont campus in Sydney and Fortitude Valley in Brisbane.                                                                               

The school offers bachelor’s degree programs in Health Sciences with specialties in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine.

Also available include Diploma of Health Science, Diploma of Sports Development, Diploma in Massage, Certificate in Massage.

There is a clinic in the college that is being run by the students under the supervision of a qualified and experienced practitioner. Students get to practice the skills learnt in the classroom in this clinic, carrying out treatment on clients visiting the clinic.

Australian Catholic University

It is a public university located in Australia. It was established in 1991 following the fusion of four catholic tertiary institutions in Eastern Australia.  

The school is categorized into four faculties and they include:

  • Education and Arts
  • Health Sciences
  • Law and Business
  • Theology and Philosophy

There are some facilities in the school that students can engage themselves with at relaxation time and they include: lockers, pool, microwaves, gymnasium, etc.      

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

The institute located in Herston, Brisbane was created in 1945 by the government of Queensland.

The institute with the motto; “Better health through medical research” was established originally with the purpose of studying tropical diseases in North Queensland.

Some of the diseases researched on include cancer, infectious diseases (like HIV, Malaria, Dengue fever, Scabies, etc.), Mental health (e.g. dementia, schizophrenia, etc.) and chronic disease disorders such as asthma, liver disease, etc.

The institute seeks to improve the health of the people by discovering and developing new and improved methods of detection, treatment and also prevention of diseases. This is achieved through different research, drug development and several clinical trials.

There are more than 600 scientists and staffs working in the institute. Also in the institute are over 150 students involved in different research activities.

Central University(CQ), Rockhampton

It is a public university that is based in Central Queensland. The university established in 1967 has its main campus in Norman Gardens, Rockhampton with other campuses in places like Adelaide, Brisbane, etc.

The school is categorized into 6 schools:

  • School of Education and Arts
  • School of Business and Law
  • School of Engineering and Technology
  • School of Medical and Applied Sciences
  • School of Human, Health and Social Sciences
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery.

The university has a number of research institutes some of which include; Appleton Institute, Centre for Plant and Water Science, Centre for Environmental Management among others.

Charles Sturt University

The school is a public institution located in New South Wales, Australia. It was established in 1989. The university has the highest graduate employment rate in Australia. Over 84.6% of undergraduates get full employment within 4 months of graduation from school.

The school offers undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degrees.

There are 6 campuses through which the school operates and they include; Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Port-Macquarie and Wagga Wagga.

The university has is categorized into 3 faculties:

Faculty of Arts and Education

Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioral Sciences

Faculty of Science and Health

The university has a library that is well-stocked with both digital and physical resources for study, teaching and research.

The university carry out research across many disciplines some of which include: education, ethics and philosophy, veterinary science, etc.

Southbank Institute of Technology

It is a technical institution that is located in Queensland, Australia. The school admits about 30,000 students yearly.

Some of the courses offered include:

  • Associate Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma of Hospitality
  • Diploma of Information Technology Networking
  • Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Nursing
  • Certificate in Accounting

TAFE Queensland Skills Tech

The school provides vocational education and training. It was established in 1882 It offers specialist trade training in different industries.

Some of the courses offered include:

Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology-Electrical

Certificate IV in Automobile Mechanical Diagnosis

Diploma of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Diploma of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Advanced Diploma of Engineering(Mechanical)

University of Queensland Business School

The school is the business school of the university of Queensland located in Brisbane, Australia.

It was established in 1972. The school offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs in the following fields: Business School, Accounting, Business Information systems, Finance, Management, Marketing, Strategy and Tourism.

Federation University, Australia

It is a public university located in Victoria, Australia with branch campuses in Ararat, Horsham, Stawell, Churchill, Berwick and Brisbane and also an online campus.  It was established in 1870. It is the 4th oldest university in Australia. The university prioritizes research work and both students and staffs are actively involved in research work.

Torrens University Adelaide, South Australia

The university has campuses located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Blue Mountains, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand and Suzhou, China.

The school is categorized into the following:

  • College of Business and Communication
  • College of Design
  • Business School
  • Media Design School
  • College of Hospitality Management
  • International Hotel Management School
  • Graduate School
  • University Language Centre


As an international student in Brisbane, you will get access to quality education from some of Australia’s best and award-winning universities like University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University. Also in Brisbane, you don’t need to break the bank to have a decent lifestyle as cost of living is low compared to some big cities.


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