Top 30 Best Private Schools in Chicago

Best Private Schools in Chicago – The City of Chicago is one of the most populous cities in America and is the most populous city in Illinois, United States. Chicago is a very popular city in America, with foreigners and students from other states flooding in to study.

The beautiful city of Chicago is home to some of the best private schools in the region and America as a whole. The City of Chicago is well known for being one of the fastest growing cities in history, growing to become the fifth largest city in the world by the beginning of the twentieth century.

This has naturally attracted lots of people to Chicago, and increasing the population. There are now more than 2.7 million people in the city. This also resulted in the need for more schools, hospitals, companies, and organizations.

Chicago has three hundred and seventy one schools excluding public schools. There are enough schools to satisfy the 70,000 high students in Chicago. It is not difficult to make a choice, but a school is where you will spend a lot of time, so it is advisable to consider what will be the best school for you.

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Private schools in Chicago offer quality education, as they hire the best teachers who understand how to treat students.  This article will list the best private schools in Chicago using rankings from various trusted sources and international rankings. Note that the private schools mentioned below are arranged in no particular order and are the best private schools in Chicago.

Best Private Schools in Chicago

  • Holy Family School
  • Northside Catholic Academy
  • GCE Lab School
  • Gold Coast Prep School
  • Special Education School
  • Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School
  • Catherine Cook School
  • Chicago City Day School
  • Academy of St Benedict the African
  • Brickton Montessori School
  • Fusion Academy Lincoln Park
  • Bernard Zell Day School
  • Bridgeport Catholic Academy
  • Chicago Jewish Day School
  • British International School of Chicago, South Loop
  • St Bede the Venerable
  • Alphonsus Arts Academy
  • Chicago Waldorf School
  • British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park
  • Chicago Friends School
  • Chicago Hope Academy
  • Brother Rice High School

Catherine Cook School

Catherine Cook School is a model private school in Chicago with about 570 students. Catherine Cook School works together with parents and the members of staff to build a great foundation for the students. The school not only prepares them for life that is to come after school but also for the future.

Students are taught to solve problems, make creative decisions in important moments and exhibit the character of leaders. The Catherine Cook School is part of NAIS, the National Association of Independent Schools and other two large school associations, ISACS and LMAIS which are the Independent School Association of Central States and the Michigan Association of Independent Schools respectively.

The Catherine Cook School has earned the respect of many individuals and organizations. The school provides preschool and Kindergarten, Basic/Lower school, and middle school. A unique factor in Catherine Cook School is that parents meet often to discuss the future of their students; building connections and helping the school administrators do a better job.  

Contact Information

Location: 226 West Schiller St, Chicago, IL 60610

Telephone: 312 266-3381


Holy Family Ministry School

The Holy Family Ministry School is a religious private school in Chicago that provides education for excellence woven with spiritual guidance. At Holy Family Ministry School, students are taught diligently while also being taught to follow religious ethics and possess good manners.

According to this private school, students are taught to be the best they can be every single day, being good to people they meet and achieving success with hard work. According to various reviews, what some students love most about this school is that it requires all students to go to the gym. There are so many extracurricular activities that students must participate in. Middle School students are also allowed to study special courses like arts, tech, robotics, and many others.

Religious chapels are also conducted weekly and a very large percentage of students pass national exams.

In 2017, all graduates of the Holy Family Ministry School gained admission into recognized universities. There are many students from this school that study currently in universities like the University of Michigan, Southern Illinois University, Virginia Commonwealth, Western Illinois University and many others. The average class in this school has only about 21 students, enabling better communication between teachers and students. There is no doubt that the Holy Family Ministry School is one of the best private schools in Chicago.

Contact Information

Location: 3415 Wst. Arthington, Chicago, IL 60624

Telephone: 773 265-0550


Chicago City Day School

 Chicago City Day School is one of the best private schools in Chicago for many reasons. In this school, there is no space for laziness. Students are on a rigorous academic program that molds them into people of substance, creating leaders of the future.

The Chicago City Day School program focuses on students and makes sure that the academic program matches the intellectual ability of each student. The environment that the school provides is more than conducive for the students to learn efficiently.

The members of staff are people of very high intellect that nurture students to success and prepare them for the future. There is a very low teacher to student ratio, and the average class in Chicago City Day School has fifteen students only. This would enable teachers to handle each student and communicate better.

The Chicago City Day School is ranked among the best private schools in Illinois and is affiliated with ISACS, the Independent Schools Association of the Central States. The school is not a very old one as it was founded in 1981 but it has risen through the ranks very fast, becoming one of the best private schools in Chicago.

Students also participate fully in sports with no restrictions but encouragement. Sports like football, volleyball, basketball and leg races are encouraged in Chicago City Day School. In order to gain admission into this school, an admission board evaluates the students’ previous performance records.

Contact Information

Location: 541 Wst. Hawthorne PI, Chicago, Illinois 60624

Telephone: 773 327-0900


Chicago Waldorf School

The Chicago Waldorf School was founded in 1974 and has since then been providing quality education to the city of Chicago citizens and foreigners, making more than 45 years of service. There were a few students at the start, and now the Chicago Waldorf School has an enrolment of more than 270 students.

This may be a feature that private schools in Chicago love, but the Chicago Waldorf School integrates parents into its educational system. There are meetings where parents discuss how to help the students achieve their goals and how each student needs to adjust in order to hit their growth spurt.

The Chicago Waldorf School is affiliated with ISACS, the Independent Schools Association of the Central States. The school now has a permanent location and is driven by hard work, discipline, and quality.

Contact Information

Location: 5200 N. Ashland Aven, Chicago, Illinois 60640

Telephone: 773 465-2662


British International School of Chicago, South Loop

The British International School of Chicago is part of the famous Nord Anglia International schools. This school is one of the best private schools in Chicago without any doubt. The school has preschool and kindergarten sections, primary, middle school and high school classes.

The British International School of Chicago in South Loop has both native and international students, a factor that facilitates respect and a global mindset. The school has produced elite students who have gone on to be excellent scholars in top universities of the state and countries.

The confidence of students is built using knowledge, discipline, hard work and consistency at the British International School of Chicago, South Loop. The administration of this private school understands that the way two students will learn is very different, and the system of the school is designed to help students individually.

The personalized educational system in the British International School of Chicago is the push/encouragement most students need to build their knowledge and confidence. There are very bright students who still lack confidence due to the teaching system of the school they attend.

In the British International School of Chicago, each student is recognized and tutored in a different way to enable them achieve academic and life goals. The academic system of this elite private school is designed to help the students in their career and the future.


Being one of the most populated cities in America, it is very natural that Chicago has lots of private schools and public schools. Without the public schools being enumerated, the city of Chicago has 370 private schools. This means that it is difficult to decide which private school you wish to attend in Chicago without knowing their features.

This article makes things easier by listing the best private schools in Chicago.

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