Top Best Dance Schools in Melbourne

Best Dance Schools in Melbourne – Dancing as a career is a very lucrative profession with lots of opportunities. As a trained and experienced dancer, you can decide to become a professional dancer, a choreographer or set up a dance school to train people on the skill. Melbourne often known as Australia’s garden city, is the cultural capital of Australia. It is a city well-known for its music, art centers, museums and expression of arts. Melbourne has some of the best dance schools in Australia. In this article, you will get to know the best 13 dance schools in Melbourne and also you will discover 8 top health benefits of dancing whether as a career or for leisure purpose.

List of 13 best dance schools in Melbourne

  1. The Space Dance and Arts Centre
  2. Toorak School of Dancing
  3. Melbourne Institute of Dance
  4. Epic Dance and Gymnastics Studio
  5. Australian Centre of Performing Arts
  6. Intelligent Dance
  7. Dolly’s School of Dance
  8. Showtime School of Dance
  9. Studio V School of Dance
  10. Blandthorn Performing Academy
  11. Melbourne Academy of the Arts
  12. Australian Academy of Dance
  13. Australian Boys Dance Academy

The Space Dance and Arts Centre

This dance school located on chapel street in the heart of Melbourne is one of the best dance schools in Melbourne. The dance center is open to people of different dance abilities and passion. The school offers casual dance classes both for kids and adults.

The school provides rehearsal and also opportunities for performance for both artists and producers.

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The school runs a large selection of adult dance classes and they include Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Breaking, Latin America, Argentine Tango, Broadway Dance, Street Latin, Street Salsa, etc.

The school welcomes different categories of people irrespective of their age, culture, disabilities, ethnic background, gender, marital status, religion and socioeconomic status.

Toorak School of Dancing

Toorak school of dancing offers dance classes for both kids (from age 3 and above) and adults. The school located in Camberwell, Victoria is one of the best dance schools in Melbourne.

Some of the dance classes in this school include:

  • Tap Dancing
  • Contemporary
  • Hip Hop
  • Classical Ballet
  • Jazz classes
  • Open /Pointe Class
  • Ceccheti ballet exams
  • Jazz
  • Competitions for groups/solos
  • Ballet and Tap Classes for Adults

Beginner ballet classes are always fun and interesting. Watching those little ones dance in a rthymic and coordinated manner is really a sweet experience. Students of this beginner class have the opportunity to participate in the annual end of the year concert in which parents are allowed to watch.

Melbourne Institute of Dance

The dance school is located in inner eastern suburb of Melbourne. It offers classical ballet classes and contemporary dance for both kids and adults.

The kids’ programme at Melbourne Institute of Dance is split into 7 categories for dancers between age 3 and 17 years. They include:

Tiny Ballet: this is for age 3-5 years

Boys Ballet: age 5-13years

Pre-Ballet: 5-7 years

Juniors: 8-9 years

Intermediate: 9-11 years

Elementary: 11-13 years

Seniors 14- 17 years.

Epic Dance and Gymnastics Studio

The dance school stands out as one of the best dance schools in Melbourne. It offers high quality gymnastics, tumbling and dance classes for kids. The school has small class sizes and also passionate instructors which helps the child get more personal attention.

Apart from learning dance steps, children involved in the dance classes acquire the following:

  • Children get to learn the principle of success that will see them through life e.g. dedication, perseverance, discipline, respect, goal setting, teamwork and excellent work ethics.
  • Students are being helped to create a positive self-image of themselves.
  • Physical skills needed for a healthy life are also learnt, such include strength, coordination, flexibility.

Australian Centre of Performing Arts

The Australian Centre of Performing Arts fondly called ACOPA is located in North Melbourne. The school which excels as one of the best dance schools in Melbourne offer courses in dancing and performing arts. Some of the courses offered include:

Stage Acting, Dance, Cabret, Singing, Musical theatre, Screen Acting, etc.

Intelligent Dance

This dance school is owned by Cara Mitchell, a qualified VCE dance teacher. She is well-experienced in teaching dance in different schools and studios. Cara Mitchell provides VCE dance at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance and BDC Dance Studios in Ashwood.

Intelligent dance school is actually a great place to start off your dance career. The learning environment is so supportive and is such that can foster academic potential and artistic dance awareness. As a student, you will get to improve on your dance vocabulary, learn about the creativity behind dance while contributing to your VCE.

Dollys School of Dance

The dance school is located at Heidelberg West. It is a school where you will get to learn dance and have fun while at it. In this school, there are no pressures or exams or competition, all you get to do is learn dance in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

There is usually a spectacular end of the year concert where every student, kids and adult get to participate. Costumes for dancing are usually hired.

There is a scholarship award sponsored by Miss Louise. The scholarship valued at $1000 is usually given to outstanding dance students.

These are the great teachers that will be taking you through the dancing experience at Dollys School of Dance:

  • Dalena Leggieri, a ballet-hip hop dancer/instructor
  • Michelle Maughan, a contemporary dancer/instructor.
  • Ebonee Attard, an Acrobatics-tumbling dancer/instructor.

Showtime School of Dance

Showtime School of Dance is one of the best dance schools in Melbourne. It is believed in this school that dancing helps you relate with yourself and that it also stimulates imagination and improves psychological and physical well-being.

Studio V School of Dance

The dance school located in Heidelberg, Melbourne makes use of the Southern Federation of Dance Curriculum. This curriculum aids the technical development of young dancers in their chosen genres.

The school aims at teaching children and teens aspiring the art of dancing whilst also building up their coordination, rhythm and confidence in a fun and friendly learning environment. There are three fully-furnished dance studios with mirrors, barres, heating and cooling systems.

Studio V School of Dance offer classes in Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Acrobatics, Contemporary, Pointe Work, Pilates, Poms, Dance Fusion, Musical Theatre and Production.

The dance instructors at this school are well qualified and experienced in training students from age 3 to young adults.

Blandthorn Performing Academy

The dance school offers classes in Jazz, Tap, Ceccheti Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Drama, Singing, Musical Theatre, Adult tap and Adult ballet.

The school is strongly committed to the art of dance, song and drama through its friendly and motivating learning environment.

Melbourne Academy of the Arts

This school is one of the best ballet schools in Melbourne. The dance school has a vision of nurturing and grooming young dancers until they become highly proficient in the skill and can make a strong career out of it.

Melbourne Academy as a professional dancing school specializes in ballet, drama, pilates, contemporary and commercial dance. Students of this dance school are provided with comprehensive professional full-time ballet and also after-school training programs.

Classical ballet training is studied in the Russian Vaganova method. The school also provides interstate and international ballet programs, extracurricular activities and opportunities, world-standard facilities.

The instructors are well-experienced in different professional dance styles and are willing to guide the students through.

Australian Academy of Dance

Australian Academy of Dance is one of the largest dance schools in Melbourne. The school provides exceptional and performing arts techniques to kids in a motivating and nurturing environment.

The curriculum of this dance school include ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, acrobatics and contemporary. The instructors at this school are world-class performers.

Australian Boys Dance Academy

This dance school is a boys-only dance academy. Boys between ages 6 to 19 years are taught dance lessons in hip hop, tap and jazz with each lesson taught by a specialist in that style.

The instructors at these boys-only dance school are highly experienced in dancing, choreography and actors in films. The dance lessons help the boys build fitness, strength, confidence and healthy body awareness.

8 Top Benefits of Dancing

It is really fun and exciting to dance and also watch others dance too. But there is more to dancing than just catching fun, a lot of health benefits are attached to this fun-filled activity. Listed below are 8 health benefits of dancing:

  1. Dancing helps to improve the brain: Studies have shown that dancing helps improve your memories and prevent dementia.
  2. Dancing increases your flexibility: Stiffness is being reduced during dancing. Also, joint pain and other sourness are also taken care of during dancing.
  3. Dancing relieves stress: Studies have revealed that dance helps alleviates stress. An hormone; serotonin is usually released during dancing. This hormone helps to improve mood.
  4. Dancing increases weight loss: Do you want to shed off some fats? Then you should get involved in some dancing. Dancing involves a lot of movement and these increased movements translate to increased weight loss.
  5. Dancing improves your cardiovascular health: Dancing makes your heart beat faster which in turn leads to a stronger and healthier heart.
  6. Dancing gives you better coordination strength and balance: Dancing requires a lot of movement and right posture, this in turn can help you gain better control of your body.
  7. Dancing improves your social life: At the dance class, you will get to meet a lot of people and make new friends.
  8. Dancing gives you higher level of confidence and self-esteem: In dancing, you get to express yourself freely which makes you more confident.


The dance industry in Australia is a progressive one, implying that the demand for dancers is on the increase and will keep on moving up in years to come. So if you have a passion for dancing, then you get some training now and start growing in the dance profession. Take advantage of the 13 best dance schools in Melbourne that have been listed in this article and enroll yourself in one of them.


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