Top Best Public Schools in Adelaide

Best Public Schools in Adelaide – Adelaide is a balanced cosmopolitan city, with beautiful communities, colorful landscapes, flourishing local industries, thriving businesses, low employment rates and a good economy. The schools in Adelaide have high rankings both nationally and internationally. You can get some valuable post-study experience when you chose to study in schools in Adelaide as an international student. Listed in the article are the best public schools in Adelaide where you can get to advance your academic pursuit even with a low budget.

List of Best Public Schools in Adelaide

  1. The University of Adelaide
  2. University of South Australia
  3. Flinders University

The University of Adelaide

The university of Adelaide stands as one of the best public schools in Adelaide and even in the world universities ranking, it ranked 133rd position. The school offers world-class education in different fields both at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. The school is well-known for its excellence and also its critical contribution to the health, wealth and cultural life of the people of South Australia.

The school was founded in 1874 and located in Adelaide, South Australia. There are four campuses through which the school carry out its academic programs; North Terrace campus in Adelaide, Waite Campus at Urrbrae, Roseworthy campus at Roseworthy and Melbourne campus at Victoria. There are some other centers through which the school also operates.

Academic Programs at University of Adelaide

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There are about 5 faculties in the university of Adelaide and they include:

  • Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
  • Faculty of the profession
  • Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Sciences

The faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences houses the following academic courses: Architecture, Built Environment, Mathematical Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Petroleum and Energy Resources, Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering.

The faculty of the profession consist of the following courses: Business School, School of Economics and the law school.

The faculty of Health and Medical Sciences includes Dental school, Nursing School, School of Psychology, School of Public Health, School of Biomedicine and Rural Clinic School.

The faculty of Art includes: Humanities, Education, Conservatorium of Music and Social Sciences.

The Faculty of Sciences include the following: Agriculture, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

The school has produced a lot of graduates some of which are top businessmen and women, lawyers, medical personnel, politician, etc.

University of Adelaide is research-intensive and gets over $180million funding for its research yearly. Research goes on regularly in the fields of Agriculture, Medical and Health Sciences, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering. A lot of research and discoveries are being made in the school regularly. Some of those discoveries include: development of space exploration, Wi-Fi, X-ray crystallography, penicillin, etc.

Life at University of Adelaide

There are no students’ accommodations on the campus in University of Adelaide, however there are private residential colleges that are just some walking distance from the school. These colleges were created as affiliates of the school. The residential colleges provide accommodation, meals and academic support for its members.

The school has a sports association called Adelaide University Sports Association (AUSA). AUSA coordinates sporting activities, provides sport opportunities and support to the students of the school.

University of South Australia(UniSA)

University of South Australia is one of the best public schools in Adelaide. Also the school is well-ranked among the top 300 universities in the world. It provides quality education and conduct research activities of world-class standard. Students of this prestigious university have the opportunity to gain real-life experience through the practical approach employed by the school in its academic programs.

The school was established initially in 1856 as the South Australian School of Mines and Industries (SACAE). It was in 1991 that the University of Adelaide was created from the merger of South Australian Institute of Technology (that was formed in 1889) and SACAE.

The school stands as the largest university in South Africa was established with the mission of sharing and preserving knowledge via teaching, research, consultancy and scholarship. The school also has a mission of offering academic programs that will improve the life of the Australian community.

The university operates through six campuses: 2 Adelaide city campuses (located in North Terrace), 2 Metropolitan campuses (located at Mawson Lakes and Magil) and 2 South Australian regional campuses (located in Whyalla and Mount Gambier).

Academic Programs at University of South Australia

There are seven faculties at the University of South Australia;

  • Allied Health and Human Performance
  • Clinical and Health Sciences
  • Business
  • Creative
  • Education Futures
  • Justice and Society
  • STEM

STEM faculty includes the following courses: cybersecurity, construction management, aviation, data science, defence, engineering, environmental science, information management, information technology, mathematics, project management, science and surveying.

The research activities at the University of South Australia are well-recognized both nationally and internationally. Currently, there are three research institutes in the school and they include: the Future Industries Institute, the Centre for Cancer Biology and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science.

STEM Scholarships at the University of South Australia

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. These four fields focus on innovation, problem solving and critical thinking. STEM is highly important because technological innovations and advancement is on the rise daily and there is need for professionals who can understand how these technologies work, sustain and improve on it continuously.

STEM jobs are in high demand but unfortunately STEM professionals are in short supply. This is why students are encouraged and even given scholarships in order to study STEM at college.

Some of the STEM scholarships include:

AusIMM STEM Access Scholarship: The scholarship is for students from a marginalized background taking STEM courses. Applicants must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The scholarship value is $2,500.                            

Brenton J Buford Scholarship: This scholarship is for students pursuing Master of Surveying at UniSA. Applicants must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The scholarship value is $2,000.

UniSA STEM Higher Education Opportunity Scholarship: This scholarship is meant to provide financial support to students studying STEM courses. The scholarship is valued at $3,000 per year.

NRM Research and Innovation Network Honors Scholarship: This scholarship is given to selected honor students at UniSA who are undertaking a project with outcomes that are applicable to Natural Resource Management. The scholarship is worth $2,500.

Zonge Australia Refugee Grant: This grant is for undergraduate students from a refugee background studying environmental science full-time. This scholarship is worth $2,500. Applicants must be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident and must show a proof of financial hardship.

Life at University of South Australia

Getting a decent accommodation most especially as international student is not difficult as the student support unit of the school handles that. There are different housing options both for long-term and short-term purposes depending on your budget. Some of these housing plans include private rentals, students’ hostels, residential colleges, students’ apartment and homestays.

The School has a sport unit that manages the sporting activities in the school. The School’s sport teams participate yearly in sports competition both at region and national level.

Flinders University

Flinders University is one of the best public schools in Adelaide. It was established in 1966 and named in honor of Matthew Flinders, a British navigator who explored and surveyed the South Australian Coastline in the 19th century. The university ranked 251-300th position in world universities ranking. The university is well-known for its teaching quality, student support and a good student/teacher ratio.

The school has its main campus located in Bedford Park, Adelaide and also other campuses in Victoria Square and Tonsley. There are also teaching centers in regional South Australia, South-west Victoria and Northern Victory.

Academic Program at Flinders University

The school is categorized into 6 colleges:

  • College of Business, Government and Law
  • College of Education, Psychology and Social Work
  • College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  • College of Medicine and Public Health
  • College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  • College of Science and Engineering

Life at Flinders University

Unlike other universities in South Australia, Flinders University has an on-campus accommodation; the university hall and Deirdre Jordan Village. The school runs accommodation service for off-campus accommodation, they give updates on the available private accommodation around the school.

There are about 22 affiliated sporting clubs at Flinders University some of which include; Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Hockey, etc. The school also has different sport teams that go out to represent the school and compete in different sporting competitions.

What you should know about Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. This beautiful and calm city is divided into two: Adelaide and North Adelaide, separated by Torrens River. Adelaide is one of the most interesting place to live in the world. It is a home to several cultures, museum, art galleries and beautiful sceneries. Adelaide has so many nicknames one of which is; city of churches. This is because of its religious tolerance, there are so many churches represented in Adelaide’s population.


The schools in Adelaide are over 25 in number but the ones mentioned in this article are public owned and also offer sound and quality education. In Adelaide and other cities in Australia, international students have the opportunity to work for about 18months after study. This is called Post-study work experience and it is available in only few countries. Adelaide being a city with a thriving economy has ready jobs for graduate, so there is no issue of struggling to get a job.


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