Top Twenty (20) Part-Time Businesses You Can Start As A Student In Nigeria

Top Twenty (20) Part-Time Businesses You Can Start As A Student In Nigeria

This article is to serve as a guide to people who might want to start up Businesses but have little to no idea on what to do. If you are a student and you have been searching for; (part-time business ideas for students, lucrative business a student can do, daily business ideas for students, business ideas for students without investment, business ideas for students with low investment, business ideas for high school students, business ideas 2020 for students, what business can i start with 20k as a student, things a student can do to make money in nigeria, business ideas for students nairaland, what business can i start with 20k as a student, lucrative business a student can do in nigeria, small business ideas for girl students, business ideas for students with low investment, student entrepreneurs in nigeria), then you are not alone.

Today, we will do a review on the best 20 businesses you can start as a student whether in Nigeria or outside Nigeria. Starting a business in campus can be daunting or stressful most times even though the end result is worth it.

This can help you make that final decision you have been wanting to make, you need a perfect side hustle just spare me few minutes of your time and read through.

1. Telecom Business

This involves selling of data and airtime,it could be done physically or online,the demand for cheap data is high, so this would be a good platform to leverage on. This type of business could be started with as little as 5000 and with consistency and the right network you are good to go

2. Food Business

Starter pack for this is a kitchen,your kitchen utensils, little capital, a smart phone and boom you start your own online kitchen. Considering the present happenings a lot of people would key into the idea of having food delivered at their door step. If you have been nursing this idea well it’s time to delve into it.

3. Groceries Shopping

Setting up this kind of business is not a difficult task. What you need is a smart phone, good communication skills and the right network. A lot of people hardly have time shopping for themselves,so they wouldn’t fond it difficult paying someone to do it for them. Set up a plan that can fit into people’s budget and wait for that call… Cheers😀

4. Fabric Selling

With as low 10,000 you can setup a Fabric business. Go to the market and buy fabrics, prices as low as 1,500 and sell for 2000 or 2500 makes sense right. You could get fabrics from market like Idumota and Oshodi in Lagos make your findings and start up your business.

5. Dropshipping

As a drop shipper you don’t even need capital, what you need is your smart phone, data and the right source.
You act as the middle man between the wholesaler and the final consumer. Most online sellers are dropshippers so what’s stopping you from been one? Just choose your area of interest and start earning.

6. Beddings Business

This is another lucrative business one can start with little capital. Go to the market, get bedsheets materials see it to your desired taste and specification,have it packaged, take beautiful pictures, advertise to your friends and family members. Before you know it you have become Chioma Beddings…

7. Selling Of Boxers and Female underwear

This might look funny but trust me you would make good profit from this business. With 8000-1000 you can start up this type of business. The most important thing is to have the right source ,get quality stuffs and start advertising. It’s not a difficult task at all.

8. Phone Accessories Business

A lot of people like to change their phone pouch, casing, and other accessories so long as they find one that suits their taste. Buy phone accessories you find appealing, advertise and resell.
Easy task.

9. Fashion Accessories Business

A lot of people like to wear anklets, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, sunglasses and this cuts across both male and female. With 15000 or more you could start up this business.

As a fashion designer, you are sure to make some quality cash in school if you know your way. You can design both for students and non students at your leisure. If you are good in fashion, you can be sure of making good money as a student in the high institution.

10. Delivery Services

You can start your own delivery service with zero capital. You need your smart phone and data to be able to pull this through. Help people run errands, be committed and consistent,start with your environment and see how things work out…

11. Online Store

As a student, you can have an online store either using Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or even Instagram. These are probably the most popular social networks, housing billions of users who are ready to consume whatever you put out so long as you can be trustworthy. You can sell stuffs like shoes, bags, jewelry, clothes and even intangible good like data and even crypto currencies. You can partner with the big boys to bring these things to the doors of the consumers.

12. Painting and Decoration

Are you a good painter? You can convert this to cash. If you can paint houses, decorate them and make them beautiful then you will have some good money in your pocket.

13. Become A Publisher

As a student, you can start a publishing career by writing books, journals and even poetry and put it out for sale. People will buy and it will be easier if you sell it to your course mates and other students in your institution.

14. You Can Start Bogging

Blogging is probably one of the easiest business to start as a student. You get to update at your own time, dish out information, look for what people are searching for and make money out of those information. You can be selling journals, having tutorials online and many more. This will help you to align your priorities in school. Starting a blog does not require much efforts as there are various platforms with which you can blog that are absolutely free.

15. You Can Be A Tutor

If you are intelligent enough, you can start teaching other students some difficult course and in turn, convert your knowledge to money. You can teach them what they do not know and make money from it, after all, information is power and power is money.

16. You Can Sell Crypto Currency and Other Digital Stuffs Online

As the world is evolving, things are also evolving sharply. Most students these days make money online by buying and selling digital currency, gift cards and other digital currency.

17. Free-Lancing

As a student, you can become a freelancer and write for blogs and websites and be paid from the comforts of your home. There are several free lancing opportunities on the internet that you can explore and make money so as to reduce your dependency on your parents.

18. Baking

There are parties and events, birthdays, weddings, anniversary and more that takes place even in and around school campuses. Baking is one lucrative business you can do and still continue your education without disruption. If you are a good baker, you will sure have customers from in and around your school who will patronize your hustle.

19. Photography and Photographing

You can be a photographer as a student and make some cool money without stress. This will not interfere with your studies as you can make it within your schedule. Students take quality pictures these days may be to commemorate their birthdays, anniversaries and all that. So, as a photographer, you stand to gain a lot.

20. Artistry

If you are a good artist that can draw and design, you can convert it to cash. There are many success stories from students who draw and are into artistry works. This, will help you make some legit and good money at your leisure without dropping a sweat.

Earning a living generally is not easy not to talk of being a student, you have to work hard, have sleepless nights and more to be able to combine work and academics but the end result is worth it.

That is the much we can take on Top Twenty (20) Part-Time Businesses You Can Start As A Student In Nigeria.

I hope you find this useful…

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