Tradera Review: How To Make Money Online On Tradera – The Leading Forex Company

Tradera Review – Make Money Trading With The World Number One Forex Company, Say Yes To Financial Freedom… Join The Winning Team, Registration Procedures, Details and Lost More

Like most of you know by now, Forex trading is giving people millions and what better time than now to invest in a profitable and secured online business.

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What Is Tradera?

Tradera is a financial firm designed to empower investors by offering world-renowned trading education services. Tradera is dedicated to its members and prepared to assist you in learning how to navigate the financial markets!

Where Is Tradera Located And What Do They Sell?

Tradera is a global company based in the United States of America. Every company either sells a Product or renders a service. Tradera’s product is ” Forex Education” with the unique feature of earning while learning. The company has competent Forex traders who have been trading the financial market for over a decade. So they use their trading expertise to study and analyze the market, then post trade calls on their Telegram group for members to simply copy and paste in their Meta Trader4 app( MT4) and be in profit. This is why it’s called ” Earning while learning”….

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How Does Tradera Work?

  • When you register, which is $99 ( about 40,000 , depending on your bank) , you login to your back office using your username and password. You would see “Client”.
  • Click on it and you would see the Forex Education materials you paid for in PDF’s and videos (ranging from the basics of forex, to terminologies used in forex, Crptocurrency, Market Trades e.t.c).
  • You are expected to read, understand and assimilate the information therein so you grab the knowledge. This will play a key role in you understanding when trade calls are posted on the telegram group..

What Do I Stand To Gain?

Now this is where it gets interesting, join the winning team on WhatsApp for exclusive gains…

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Tradera offers a compensation plan of residual income when you refer people to the company which operates on a 3 by 3 matrix. When you sign up, you are a ” Retail Client” with the company. When you refer 3 people and they sign up, to become an IBO ( Independent Business Owner) with Tradera, you are required to pay a $15 subscription( #5,950 for GTB)then you move from being a ” Retail Client to a Founder”.

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When those 3 people start copying the company’s signal from the Telegram group to their MT4 app and make profit, of course they will refer their friends and family, i.e the first generation 3 refer 3 people each to Tradera so they can copy the trade call signals and make profit too…the first generation 3 pay their $15 subscription and move from being ” Retail client with the company to Founders” and the first person who invited them moves from being a” founder to knight” where the company pays him $500 .

How Much And How Does Tradera Pay?

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Tradera pays out weekly 7am every Monday rewarding your hardwork. This goes on in this order:

Retail client to Founder- 3pple
Founder to knight – 7pple =$125 every week.
Knight to Noble – 25 ppl = $250 every week
Noble to Bishop – 75pple = $500 every week
Bishop to Duke/Dukess – 250 pple =$1250 every week
Duke/Dukess to Prince/ Princess – 500 pple = $2500 every week
Prince/ Princess to King/Queen – 1,000 ppl = $5000 every week
King/ Queen to Emperor or Empress – 2,500 pple =&12500 every
Emperor/ Empress to Legend – 5000 pple = $25000 everyweek
Icon – $250000 weekly

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No need to panic , this is why we are here as a team. In this team, you will be guided and given all the necessary tools you need to become a success in Forex trading and Forex education.

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