Top 20 Best Truck Driving Schools In Canada

Truck driving schools in Canada

Best Truck Driving Schools in Canada – Driving a Truck is not an easy task. Knowing the way to drive a Truck is pertinent so that you will not drive it the wrong way. If you are looking for the best way to drive a Truck, you need to go to a Truck driving school. The trained personnel in the school will teach you how to drive a Truck.


I know the next question you will ask is where can I learn Truck driving. Well, in this article, I will reveal the top 20 best truck driving schools in Canada to you. Just read on!

Truck Driving school is a business enterprise conducted by an individual, co-operation, partnership, or association, for the purpose and education of training persons, either in the classroom or behind the wheel, to drive a truck or passenger bus training, and charge few for those services.

Top 20 Best Truck Driving Schools In Canada

  • Globe Driving Academy
  • Trans-Canada Car, Truck & Bus Driving School Montreal
  • Montréal Heavy Vehicles Training Center
  • Top Gear Truck Driver Training
  • Protruckers Driving Academy
  • RightLane Driver Training – Bedford
  • Derek Brown’s Calgary Truck Driving School
  • Skyways Truck Driving School
  • Donovan’s Driver Education LTD
  • Capilano Truck Driver Training Institute
  • National Truck Driving School Downtown MTL
  • CCA Truck Driver Training Ltd
  • Edmonton Truck Training
  • Wild Rose Academy Of Driving Inc.
  • Alberta Truck Training & Driver Education Inc
  • Breton Commercial Truck Training
  • Maple Truck Training
  • Class 1A Truck Driver Training Ltd
  • Overdrive Truck Driver Training

Best Truck Driving Schools In Canada

  • Globe Driving Academy
  • Top Gear Truck Driver Training
  • Skyways Truck Driving School
  • Capilano Truck Driver Training Institute
  • CCA Truck Driver Training Ltd
  • Edmonton Truck Training

Globe Driving Academy

Globe Driving Academy is one of the Best Driving School in Toronto approved by the Ministry of Transportation as a Beginner Driver Education Course Provider.  The driving schools is located in Downtown at 1219 St. Clair Ave W. Suite G1 (St. Clair Ave West & Dufferin intersection).  The School organizes 4-day online driving courses through their e-learning software. Globe Driving Academy also offer winter driving courses, senior advanced driver, and improvement training. 


They can help to book G2, and G road test for their students or prepare them for their road test and deliver a car for the road exam in the Drive Test Center in Toronto or out of the City.  Globe Driving Academy offer a high-quality 4-day online driving course and G2/G driving lessons (in-car lessons) at an affordable price using cars with an automatic transmission.

To know more about the school, visit this website:

Top Gear Truck Driver training

Top gear truck driver training offer the following : LGV / HGV Training, Minibus, Bus and Coach Training Courses, Car & Trailer ( Caravan / Horsebox Training), Driver CPC Training, Medicals, Driver Assessments. Check this website to know more about the school :


Skyways Truck Driving School

The Skyways truck driving school was established by Rana Tariq Hameed and Babir Hameed. The school provides four services under one roof: driver training, transport services, SGI certified repair and maintenance services, and a dealership. Check this website to learn more about the school:

Capilano Truck Driver Training Institute

The missions of the school goes as thus:

  • To develop a safe and courteous traffic environment in the community.
  • To lobby for changes to the traffic environment where safety and efficiency concerns demand them.
  • To see the excellent contributions of transportation professionals to the economic and lifestyle health conditions of our community.
  • To accurately interpret the civil and criminal codes of Canada as they apply to issues of transportation.
  • To prevent unsafe transportation practices and model correct ones.
  • To motivate students to strive for an excellent level of adherence to the laws and courtesies of vehicle and equipment operation.
  • To create an inspiring and non-threatening learning environment for every student who studies here.
  • To promote effective learning processes for every task we undertake.
  • To promote the dignity and protect the integrity of every student.
  • To train each student as a transportation professional in development.
  • To challenge every student to work for personal achievement above and beyond a medially acceptable level of performance.

Check their website here to learn more about them :

CCA Truck Driver Training Ltd

The school is locally owned and the operation began in Calgary as a one-man operation, with one truck, one trailer, and a briefcase for an office. Today, the school occupies a 1600 sqft office with two classrooms and a three-acre training yard.

CCA Truck Driver Training Ltd offers personalized instruction and prides itself on supplying its students with clean, well-maintained, modern equipment. They offer training on loaded or empty 53” single trailers and B-Trains.

They maintain a fleet of Kenworth T600s, T660’s, T680’s, and T880’s equipped with Caterpillar. It also has an Allison automatic transmission and a 13-speed Eaton Ultrashift plus automated transmission.

To know more about the school, visit this website :

Edmonton Truck Training

Edmonton Truck Training classes are taught by dedicated and experienced educators. Using proven teaching strategies, the school make sure that every student finds a path to success.   Their instructors have a comprehensive  understanding of traffic rules, safe driving principles, and problem-solving abilities.   All lessons are communicated in a clear, concise, and understandable manner to ensure students understand what they are being taught.  

Visit this website to know more about the school :

Benefits of Attending Truck Driving School

The truck-driving school offers the hands-on trucking education you need to be a successful truck driver. Through practical training, the truck driving school helps the student to learn all aspects of truck driving.


Truck driving school help in developing competency as a truck driver by offering hours of practical on-the-road training in trucks.

Truck driving schools provide in-depth knowledge on technical working of the trucks, road safety measures,  ways to avoid road mishaps, etc.

Truck drivers help in guiding trainees to achieving rewarding careers,  through practical and theoretical training.

Learning truck driving from an accredited and driving school has many benefits that increase your potential as a successful truck driver.

Truck driving schools are beneficial to society at large.

Steps to your Career in Truck Driving

Are you aspiring to be a truck driver? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtain a driver’s license to show that you are qualified to drive

You can’t drive a car or truck without having a valid driver’s license. If you have a valid and current driving license, you will potentially drive a delivery truck when you study for your commercial driver’s license.

Step 2: Enroll in a recognized and certified truck driving school with your GED or diploma

Along with a high school diploma or GED, you must meet certain age requirements to obtain a class A CDL for a long-haul trucking career.


Step 3: Pass required tests, obtain certifications and regulations

Things to do When Choosing a Truck Driving School

After choosing to become a truck driver, the next thing is knowing where to learn truck driving. The following are seven things to keep in mind when choosing a truck driving school:

  • Do Your Research About the School
  • Decide Between To Choose Either Private Truck Driving Schools and Paid Training Programs
  • Ask if there is a Comprehensive Training Program in the School
  • Inquire About Job Placement History
  • Find a School with Highly Skilled and Experienced Instructors
  • Consider Tuition of the Training
  • Prepare Yourself For The Training


If you are aspiring to be a truck driver, use this article in an effective way because it contains the top 20 best truck driving schools in Canada. These are the top 20 best truck driving schools in Canada. You will be impressed by choosing any of them for your truck driving training journey. I wish you success in your truck driving training journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Canada safe for studying truck driving?

Canada is one of the safest and conducive place for teaching and learning

How much can I budget for Truck driving training in Canada?

Truck driving training in Canada costs between $I0,000 and $20,000

How good are the teaching achievements of Canadian schools?

Canada is one of the top-ranked countries in terms of education because of its updated facilities.


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