Tsinghua University Scholarships

Tsinghua University Scholarships
Tsinghua University Scholarships

Tsinghua University Scholarships-Tsinghua University is one of the most prestigious universities in China and, in fact, in the whole world. Founded in 1911, it was one of the first institutions of higher education established by the Chinese government.

Tsinghua University’s motto is “Self-Discipline and Social Commitment”. It started enrolling students two years after its inception.

It represents China’s higher educational ideals: research-oriented, with a global outlook, professionally trained, and highly committed to public service. The purpose is to develop intelligent individuals who can be capable of adequately responding to the needs of cultural development and national reconstruction.

About Tsinghua Educational System

Every year, Tsinghua University offers hundreds of scholarships to foreign students on merit. There is no deadline by which one must apply for the scholarship, and it can be used for any subject. International students from all over the globe are eligible to apply for this program.


The application process is very simple and usually takes about 8 hours spread out over two days. If a student does not receive admission when originally applying at Tsinghua University, he or she will be considered after completing two courses including English language studies at a CUA institution in China or North America with a B2 or higher score in each course.

After being notified of admission, then one must return to their home country and register with the Chinese government and apply for a visa. One must also pay the tuition fee for the freshman year, which is about 33,000 Chinese Yuan or roughly USD 5000.

About Tsinghua University Scholarships

The scholarships are only open to first-year students and will be canceled if a student drops out of Tsinghua University or does not attend classes regularly. Students are expected to maintain an average grade of 90%, otherwise, they will be required to leave the university.

Students should also participate in extracurricular activities that offer experience in cultural exchange, such as participating in a Chinese traditional dance troupe on campus or other external activities offered by Tsinghua University.

In recent years, it has become more and more convenient for students to complete their studies in Asia’s leading institutions. With the rapid development of science and technology, China has remarkably developed higher education in both old-fashioned universities like Tsinghua University and private universities.


The former is a pioneer of science and technology by featuring an international collaboration with other top universities around the world through degree programs.

A lot of international students choose to study at Tsinghua University because they want to learn from China’s cutting-edge research projects with outstanding ability in science research, mathematics, English language teaching, etc.

Scholarship degrees

Following the Ministry of education’s announcement, the Tsinghua University scholarship opened a release of verified diplomas and transcripts of graduates. And they already confirmed they will offer undergraduate scholarships every year to excellent international students who are suitable for study at Tsinghua University.

There are many programs provided by Tsinghua University, including the Master’s Degree Program, Ph.D. Degree Program and Short-term Certificate Program in Engineering Technology. Scholarships will be available for short-term certificate programs, high school senior students, and first-year bachelor’s degree students in the following majors:

Tuition Fee

China has been a growing country and one of the most impressive modernizing nations with new generation talents “the eager ones”. It provides various values for different talents from different universities around China and also international students like me who hope to study here.

The tuition fee is generally high, but it does provide some financial assistance for international students so that they can plan their future studies easily.

 Yes, it is expensive, but the tuition fee is free at least for undergraduates; on the other hand, it doesn’t include the fees for other facilities and living costs.

Scholarships at Tsinghua University

  • The Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese government scholarship at Tsinghua University is an opportunity for foreign students to pursue a graduate degree in science, engineering, technology, or management at Tsinghua University in Beijing, china make sure that you have applied for the scholarship before it is too late.

The first phase of the scholarship program was launched on 5 December 2018. The next phase of the program will begin and last until 31 January 2023. The selection process is extremely competitive with on average only 40% of applicants being accepted.

The Chinese government has decided to open up the number of scholarships for Tsinghua university and all the other universities in Beijing from 2021, we are fully aware of how competitive the scholarship program is.

Scholarship Information

The scholarship includes a monthly living stipend of RMB 4000 -RMB 6000. There will be a lot of opportunities if you have successfully been admitted into Tsinghua university school or college while at Tsinghua university you will be expected to make all your accommodation arrangements within three working days, or you should leave Tsinghua university accommodation.

  • Beijing Government Scholarship

Tsinghua University is one of the many well-known Chinese universities that has its headquarters in Beijing, and the “Beijing government scholarship” is just a way to refer to the scholarships offered by Beijing.

As we all know, China’s population size is huge, and most higher education institutions have a competitive entrance exam (the gaokao) requirement. The number of slots for undergraduate study is limited.

The “Beijing government scholarship” scheme emphasizes subjects with practical value, priority will be given to high school graduates who live in Beijing or provinces that produce few university students; applicants must score at least 410 points on China’s national college entrance examination (gaokao).

  • Tuition Scholarship

The 2022 tuition scholarship offered by Tsinghua University continues its recruitment process. If you are graduating from high school this year, have strong academic performance, and study interest in science and engineering, you can apply for the scholarship with a letter of application, a copy of your diploma, and a transcript that shows the general degree of graduation certificate; if not graduate yet, please provide copies of senior high school results.

  • Schwarzman Scholarship Program

Schwarzman Scholarship Program, in its seventh year, selects 20 exceptionally talented, motivated, and forward-looking young citizens from around the world and offers them an intense 10 days of public policy dialogue, personal development, leadership training, and cultural immersion.

Schwarzman scholars spend a total of ten days at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

As part of their experience as Schwarzman scholars they participate in a series of workshops on topics such as public policy formulation and debate formation; analytical thinking; international relations; China’s political system; modern Chinese history through to Mao’s death in 1976; China’s social transformation since 1978; governance reform.

Documents Needed to Apply for Tsinghua University Scholarships

Tsinghua University, in Beijing, is one of the most prestigious universities in China and also one that doesn’t require any entrance exam to get a student. However, there are a lot of upcoming Chinese students who are very eager to come study at China’s best universities but they are worried about how to apply for admission.

  • Official letter of recommendation from the school principal/dean

 Schools should provide a letter of recommendation to prospective students, preferably on government-approved paper.

  • Academic files/data: Transcript, Test Scores, High School Certificate (HSK) score and any other references you think can be helpful
  • Your resume and cover letter describing why you want to study in China and what your planned activities during the course are
  • Optional: Recommendation letter from a professor or advisor who is familiar with your work/academic background, especially if you’re applying for a scholarship like Tsinghua scholars every year
  • Health Certificate: Students must provide a Health Certificate at the time of enrollment, verifying that they are free of diseases that could endanger others.
  • Confirmation Form/Parents Signature Form: The Confirmation Form is needed to confirm you have fulfilled the requirements on documents or data mentioned above. The form will be used by the Chinese university when they confirm the information provided by you.

Some Universities require original certificates and test scores, some of them just need copies, so it’s best to check with the specific school before submitting these documents.

  • Original High School Diploma with an official stamp issued on it (2). Take note that you can’t just print out your diploma from home!

Benefits of Studying at Tsinghua University

The following are reasons why students should study at Tsinghua University;

  • Tsinghua University is one of the most prestigious universities in China, and it prepares students for careers in a wide range of fields.
  • Tsinghua University has been ranked as the best university for 14 consecutive years.
  • The campus is located in Haidian District, Beijing, where it was founded and first established by Chinese educator Zeng Guofan in 1911.
  • Tsinghua University enrolls over 29000 undergraduates and 10000 graduate students from across the world each year.
  • Tsinghua University’s more than 130,000 graduates have played a significant role in shaping global society both through their work and through how they work.
  • Tsinghua has one of the highest numbers of Nobel Laureates among its alumni.
  • The international faculty members at Tsinghua reflect the complexity of China and the rest of the world. We can find scientists, scholars, and humanists from China, America, Canada, Australia, and many other countries in our community.
  • The best student community in China is represented by Tsinghua University students. They have won several national awards for academic achievements as well as for outstanding contributions to society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Specific items covered by the partial CGS are determined in accordance with the regulations of the specific CGS program and the student’s Admission Letter. The university offers competitive tuition scholarships to qualified applicants. Three Tuition Scholarships are available

Tsinghua University offers More than 100 Master’s programs & Over 80 Ph. D. Programs under China Scholarships Council (CSC) 2022. The Chinese Government Scholarships program is a Fully Funded Scholarship program that will cover everything during the study in China.


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