Unilag: What The Law Says About Removal Of Vice-Chancellor

University of Lagos Act 1962

The enabling law of the university, the University of Lagos (Unilag) Act 1962 states how the Vice-Chancellor and other principal officers of the school can be appointed or removed from office.

Article 17 under the Constitution and functions of the University and its constituents bodies, listed how the Pro-Chancellor and certain members of the Council can be removed from office.

“If it appears to the Council that a member of the Council (other than an ex-officio member) should be removed from office on the grounds of misconduct or inability to perform the functions of his office, the Council shall make a recommendation to that effect through the Chancellor to the Visitor and if the Visitor, after making such enquires (if any) as he considers appropriate, approves the recommendation, he may, by any instrument on writing signed by him, remove the person in question from office.”

Also, the First Schedule 4 (8) of the Act states,” The Vice-Chancellor may be removed from office by the Visitor after due consultation with the Council and the Senate acting through the Minister of Education.”

The Visitor to the university is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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