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List of Universities In Colombia- Have you been searching for a university abroad to pursue your dream career? Do you want to study in a university that is internationally recognized? Do you want to have some memorable adventures while studying? Search no further!  Colombia is the place to be! Colombia, though not so large a nation is widely diversified ethnic-wise and its blessed with some great universities.

Welcome to Colombia

Colombia is located in south America with a population of about 50million people. This beautiful country is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. The country is surrounded by 5 other countries and two coastlines. These coastlines sit on the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic ocean. History revealed that Colombia’s rich cultural heritage is a reflection of its European, Middle Eastern, African and Indigenous influences. Official language is Spanish while the currency is Colombian Peso (COP). The capital city of Colombia is Bogota.

Facts about Colombia

  • Colombia is a transcontinental country spanning from South America to North America
  • It is the most biodiverse country on the earth
  • Colombia has 60 national parks
  • The country has 37 major languages. More than 99.5% of citizens speak Spanish

Reasons you should study in Colombia this 2022

  1. Universities are recognized internationally: Both the public and private universities in Colombia are internationally recognized. Two Colombian universities were among the top 300 universities worldwide in 2021 QS world university ranking. Universidad Andes was top in the nation at #227 position followed by Universidad National de Colombia at #259 position.
  2. Affordable Education and low cost of Living: Studying abroad comes with huge cost implication most times. Well, for Colombia, the fees are moderate while cost of living is really low compared to most other countries.
  3. Scholarships are available for International Students: The government of Colombia gives a lot of support to international students. Examples of such scholarship include:
  • Ministry of Education Scholarship scheme
  • Colombia Institute for Student loans and technical studies abroad (CETEX)
  • Colombia challenge your knowledge

4. Rich and Diversified culture: Colombia is a mixture of Spanish, Caribbean, Native American, Middle Eastern and African cultures. Colombians are loving people. Some of the tourist attraction include: the beautiful river of 5 colors in Cano Cristales, El penol mountain.

List of Universities in Colombia

There are about 110 universities in Colombia. I will be listing 20 below:

  1. Javeriana University
  2. National university of Colombia
  3. University of the Andes
  4. University of Antioquia
  5. El Rosario university
  6. University of La Sabana
  7. University of Cordoba
  8. EAFIT University
  9. Pontificia Bolivariana University
  10. Industrial University of Satanda
  11. ICESI University
  12. Externado University of Colombia
  13. University of Valle
  14. Technological University of Pereira
  15. Antonio Nariño University
  16. University of Medellin
  17. University of the North
  18. University of Cartagena
  19. Technogical University of Bolivar
  20. University of Cauca

6 best ranked universities in Colombia

Have you ever wondered where on earth top ranking universities in the world are located? Well, Colombia is one of those countries with highly prestigious universities.

Here are six top ranking universities in Colombia

Best ranked university in Colombia

  • Potificia Universidad Javeriana
  • University of the Andes
  • Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Universidad Pontificia Bolivarina
  • Universidad del Rosario
  • Valle University

University of the Andes

This is a private research university located in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia. It was established in 1948. This university is one of the top 5 universities in Latin America and one of the top 250 universities in the world. The university offers 31 undergraduates, 18 doctoral and 38 graduate degree-granting programs in the field of Medicine, Engineering, Science, Law and others. International students attend the university as visiting students and are mandated to enroll for at least three courses per semester.

Potificia Universidad Javeriana

It is one of the oldest university in Columbia, established in 1623. It is a private university located in Bogota, capital city of Colombia with a branch in Cali. The University in Bogotá has 18,962 undergraduate students and 4,307 graduate students. The graduates of this university are known for their professional quality, teamwork skills and their value-centered human leadership.

National University of Columbia (Spanish- Universidad Nacional de Colombia)

It is a public and national research university in Colombia with campuses in Bogota, Medellin, Manizales, Palmira, Leticia, San Andres, Arauca, Tumaco and La Paz, Cesar. It was founded in 1867 and its one of the largest in the country. It has more than 53,000 students. It is one of the very few universities in the country that employs post-graduate fellows. The university offers a number of programmes both at undergraduate and graduate levels such as mathematics, engineering, physics, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, chemistry, geology, social sciences, languages, philosophy, social sciences, psychology, arts and law.

Pontifical Bolivarian University (Spanish: Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana)

It is a private university established in 1936 in Colombia. Its main campus is located in Medllin while other campuses are in Bogota, Bucaramanga, Monteria and Palmira.  The programs offered in school are grouped under the schools of architecture, urbanism, design, engineering, health sciences, law and political sciences, strategic sciences, social sciences, education and teaching, and theology, philosophy and humanities. 

Universidad del Rosario

This Colombian University was established in 1653 on Roman Catholic principles. The university has five faculties: faculty of natural sciences, faculty of jurisprudence, faculty of economics, faculty of international, political and urban studies and faculty of creation. There are also 4 schools: school of administration, school of human sciences, school of medicine and health sciences, school of engineering, science and technology. Each of these faculties and schools offers undergraduate and post graduate degrees.

Valle University

It is a public research university established in 1945 in the city of Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia It is the largest higher education institution by student population in the southwest of the country, and the third in Colombia, with more than 30,000 students. The university has two campuses. The major campus is located in Mendelez and hosts the faculties of sciences, engineering, humanities, integrated arts, social sciences and economics. The second campus is located in San Fernando and hosts the faculties of administration, sciences and health. The institution offers both undergraduate and post graduate programs.

English Speaking Universities in Columbia

Universidad de Pamplona

It is a public research university established on November 23, 1960 in Pamplona. People prefer this university because its moderate school fees, international exchange programs and many years of training experience.

National University of Columbia

It is a public and national research university in Colombia with campuses in Bogota, Medellin, Manizales, Palmira, Leticia, San Andres, Arauca, Tumaco and La Paz, Cesar. It was founded in 1867 and its one of the largest in the country.

Getting a job on-Campus (Work-study)

Work- study is a program in many institutions that allows students (undergraduate and graduate) hold part-time job while studying in school to subsidize the cost of education. For example, a student works at the library five hours a week while studying in college.

Two types of on-campus jobs exist:

  1. Federal work-study Jobs
  2. Casual on-campus jobs

Federal Work-study Jobs: these jobs are only available to U.S citizens and permanent residents that have a financial aid work study allocation. You can work on campus or off campus. The jobs are usually consumer-facing and often related to your field of study.

Casual On-campus jobs: this is open to all students, regardless of financial aid package or citizenship.

Pros and Cons of Work-study


  1. You have the opportunity to gain some work experience in your field of study even before graduation. Such work experience makes your resume worthwhile.
  2. Work hours are flexible: This enables you to handle work while attending school.
  3. Less competition: Work-study is only approved for some set of people, thereby reducing the competition on the jobs offers.
  4. It helps reduce your tendency to incur student loan debt.


  1. You have limited hours. Since some part of your day has already being spent in working. You will have little time to attend to other activites for the day
  2. The pay sometimes is low
  3. You may not get a job that is related to your field of study
  4. Less time for study: your work-study job can reduce your study time. And you might end up eventually with lower grades.

Employment opportunities after study in Colombia

If as an international student, you would love to stay back in Colombia after your study, its not a bad idea at all. The first thing you must know is that your student visa expires as soon as your program is completed. So for you to stay back, you need to get a work visa. To obtain a work visa, you will need to first get a job offer from a Colombian based employer. It is the job offer letter that you will present at the visa office to obtain your work visa.


Colombia is a place to be as an international student. The large number of universities gives you a lot of options to choose from. And peradventure, your budget for studying abroad is low, you can get that sorted out through work-study, scholarships or student loan.

So get started on your dream career today.

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