List of Best Universities In Estonia


List of Best Universities In Estonia. Best Universities around the world are usually rated based on their input to the world and web appearance, based on webometrics.

There are several Universities out there with scholarly works, and their contribution to the world at large is highly recognised. The world can barely do without their contributions, in terms of their high research works.

If you are thinking of schooling at a world-class recognised school abroad, then you probably be thinking deep. You have to look at the country, the kind of school and why?

However, there are several schools around the world you can think of, that are affordable. Canada, Belgium, Australia, UK, USA and many others. Estonia is another great to study if you are considering Europe. Most European countries have gotten a good education system that is equal to other developed continents. Talk of Asian countries, like China, Japan, in North America (United State of America and others).

The Northern Europe country (Estonia) is a beautiful place to study with world-class universities. It is also known to house the world’s best technical universities.


Estonia is a northern Europe country with so much history, it was part of the Soviet Union before the break. The country is bordered by countries like Russia, Latvia, Finland, the Baltic sea and Sweden. 

The nation has a large number of English speakers, as citizens well speak English. The language for teaching is English, as a foreign student, you shouldn’t be having a language barrier. The country has two Capital states: Tallinn and Tartu, which are the largest Urban city.

Its official languages are autochthonous and Finnic, which are widely spoken. Estonia is known for its ancient heritage, as it has records that it is the oldest pagan world to receive Christianity.

Estonian is a beautiful city with so many green spaces as it has even been recorded to have one of the cleanest air in the world. 

The country holds two UNESCO World heritage sites, including the beautiful city of Tallinn, as visitors are always fascinated by the site of the Tallinn’s Hanseatic heritage and the Struve Geodetic Arc, which is a chain of survey triangulations to help accurately measure meridian. It is the first technical and scientific object in the world.

In 1918, Estonia declared itself to function as an independent state. The nation is a striving country with a stable economy. Estonia has currently been ranked one of the safest countries in Europe. so considering migrating to Europe, Estonia can be on your list of countries to choose from.

Estonia Education System

Estonia’s education system is one of the strongest in Europe and the World, as the nation has been recorded for its strength in technical studies. The nation spends heavily on its education system as 6.8% of its GDP is contributed to providing students with the best standard system equated to the best around the world.

Estonian education is generally divided into for, which includes the Pre School, Basics, Primary, Secondary and Higher Education.

Children from 18 months to 7 years are enrolled on any preschool. From 7years to 15 years child is enrolled on Basic and Primary, 15 to 19years, the student is already in secondary level. And from 19years student is qualified for higher education.

Higher Education in Estonia is flexible. Estonia’s education is part of the Bologna Process which ascertains a uniform high education in Europe.

 This Process promises a world-class standard to students. since Estonia belongs to the Bologna community. Its Higher education is divided into Bachelor’s Degree levels, Master’s levels and Doctoral levels. 

Its academic length runs for 3-4 years while some science and technical programs could run for 5 to 6 years. it academy calendar states from September to October and runs for two semesters.

Estonia Education is quite flexible and provides world standard teaching practices.

Why is Estonia a great place to be?

For decades now Estonia has been ranked the world’s safest place to be, as it is one of the safest countries in Europe and the world. Also, the nation is a beautiful place with many eye-catching sites. UNESCO has recorded the country to have two Heritage sites, these places are catchy.

Living in Estonia is very comfortable, as the country is highly digitalized, and citizens enjoy free transport in the capital city. There is free wifi available for all. And students enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, that provides great fun.

The standard of education provided is compared to other highly developed European countries and the world at large. So when you study in Estonia, you are sure of a world-class certificate.

Estonia is a country where English is widely spoken. So when you think of coming to Estonia you don’t have to worry about the Language barrier. And because we love serene environments, Estonia’s air is one of the cleanest in the world. So you enjoy a clean and beautiful environment.

Lastly, Estonia’s cost of living is relatively low, compared to other European countries. As families of four could be spending close to 2,458 Euros monthly while single people could spend 724 Euros monthly.

Also, the tuition fee in Estonia is very much affordable, on average, foreign students’ tuition fee could be around 1650 Euros per semester.

Best Schools In Estonia

The Universities in Estonia a relatively few; as there are around 20 universities in Estonia. Many of which have been ranked best around the world. Here are a list best Universities in Estonia;

University Of Tartu: Ranked among world-first top 500 universities, the University of Tartu has maintained a great position in the world and the country. the Public University is the biggest and most prestigious university in Estonia.

It was created in the year 1632, the only classical university in Estonia. it is located in the city of Tartu, Estonia, and was introduced by the Swedish Empire. UT is a well-recognised school with high research works, as it has been cited for great works in Clinical Science, Chemistry, Geoscience, Biology and Many others. UT provides a great environment for learning and fun.

Tallinn University of Technology: The Institute is the only technical school in the country, it offers many technicalities. TalTech as called was established in the year 1918. The school offers courses in Engineering, Business, Public Administration and Maritime affairs.

The University is located in the capital urban city of Tallinn. The school is a specialist school that provides world-class education as it has been ranked among the best universities in the world and 31st in Europe. The University has affiliated with many world universities.

Tallinn University: Tallinn university is a result of a merger, originally established in 1919 as Tallinn Teachers’ Seminar. In 2005, it became a full-fledged university. Tallinn University is an institute located in the Capital Urban city of Tallinn.

The Insitute is involved in high research projects also it is well known for its Arts and Humanities Program. Tallinn is also a great school for study.

Estonia University of Life Sciences: The Institute has ranked top 100 universities in the world in the field of Agriculture and Forestry. As the school provide one of the best in Life Sciences and has been noted to be the only school in Estonia to prioritize research and academic activities in sustainable development.

The university was established in 1951 as Estonia Agricultural University, later in 2005 was reformed. the university is located in the beautiful city of Tartu. The school has quite a several programs it runs. It is a great school for Agricultural studies.

National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics: The institute is affiliated the Tallinn University. It is a research institute concentrated in Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and others. The Institute is a great place to carry out scientific research. it is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Other best schools in Estonia include;

  • Estonia Business School
  • Estonia Academy of Art
  • Estonian Information Technology College
  • Tallinn University of Applied Sciences (College of Engineering)
  • Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
  • Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
  • Estonian School of Diplomacy
  • Tallinn Health College
  • Tartu Health Care College

Estonia is a great place, however, the number of Universities in Estonia is limited. The available Universities are highly standardized and provide world-class programs and certificates.

So, studying in Estonia qualifies you with the best higher educational practices.


Europe is a highly developed continent, with so many highly developed countries like Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany Netherlands, France and many more. Estonia provides great living standards, Education and others. So with this list, you can pick among the best Estonia has to offer.

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