7 Best Universities in Ireland

best universities in ireland

Ireland is nicknamed “The Land of Saints and Scholars” because they have Universities and Colleges that can be dated back to 1592.

And not only that, but the country also values education and they have some of the best universities that welcome students globally.

So whether you’re an Ireland citizen or you’re an international student aspiring to study in one of Ireland’s best universities, choosing the right institution can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your academic career.

No matter what your status, it’s important to make sure that wherever you end up going, it has the top-notch academics and the extracurriculars that will help give you the most out of your education and help prepare you for success after graduation.

Without much further ado, here are the 7 best Universities in Ireland.

7 best Universities in Ireland

1. Trinity College Dublin

Elizabeth I of England founded Trinity College herself on 3 March 1592. This is the Oldest university in Ireland and now has a vibrant 17,000 students from 122 nationalities representing different races, cultures, social backgrounds, and age groups.

The Trinity College institution educated many noble and notable alumni such as Jonathan Swift, William Congreve, Percy French, William Trevor, and Ernest Walton.

Lively, beautiful, and incredibly rich with history and culture, Dublin is arguably one of Europe’s most exciting cities.

At its heart sits Trinity College Dublin, a stunning institution that offers its students a range of amazing opportunities. If you’re ready to jump into what makes Dublin so special and enjoy an incredible student experience while you do it, consider Trinity College Dublin.

2. University College Dublin

UCD, a public research institution, is ranked amongst the top 1% of higher education institutions globally, with more than 30,000 students. UCD’s campus was established in 1854 and is spread across an urban 133 hectares of land right in central Dublin.

The graduate student population here is nearly 5 percent of all undergraduates, and many classes feature just 25 students or fewer. As a member of the prestigious National University of Ireland, UCD maintains an international perspective.

3. National University of Ireland, Galway

Galway is known for its beautiful location, but it’s also a great city to study in. The National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) has many Irish and international students coming here to study.

In addition to its beautiful location, NUIG is one of the most prestigious universities and some studies say that NUIG graduates get the highest salaries when compared to any other Irish university.

The university was established in 1845 and awarded the full five QS stars for its distinguishable teaching and research reputations.

NUIG institutions have an 86% acceptance rate, which means you can get an offer letter with just an IELTS score or a stellar academic profile.

4. University College Cork

Formerly known as Queen’s College Cork, University College Cork was founded by Queen Victoria and established in 1845. Since then, the university has been growing immensely in size, students, and reputation.

Students looking for top-tier academics, low student-to-teacher ratios coupled with a vibrant social scene might consider enrolling at University College Cork (UCC).

UCC offers degrees across four faculties: Arts; Science; Medicine; and Engineering. Located on an expansive campus with an abundance of green space, including playing fields, forests, and gardens. The school is Ireland’s first 5-star university and has long been recognized as one of Ireland’s leading universities.

5. Dublin City University

Founded in 1975 as the National Institute for Higher Education and elevated to university status by statute in 1989, Dublin City University has since established itself as one of Ireland’s leading colleges.

With over 17,400 students, 80,000 alumni, 1,690 academic staff on campus, and hundreds more online, DCU offers a great educational experience with both Irish and international courses.

Of course, with top-notch amenities such as a gym facility, library, chapel, and more available on campus, you’ll never get bored!

6. University of Limerick

Located just outside of Limerick City, UL is a leading international university founded on 1 January 1972 and popularly known for its business, law, and engineering courses.

Similar to Dublin City University, It was first created as the National Institute for Higher Education and was later declared a university in 1989 according to the University of Limerick Act 1989.

The university’s strength lies in its more than fifty research centers and institutes, which offer exciting Ph.D. opportunities.

Many students comment on how welcoming UL’s campus is, while many others note how Irish culture plays a large role on campus. Notable alumni include former prime minister of Georgia, Nika Gilauri.

7. Maynooth University

There is a great tradition of education and research at Maynooth University (MU), with roots going back to 1997 when Maynooth College was founded. The university is based on a 130-hectare campus 25km from the Dublin city center in North Kildare.

The university’s strong academic reputation, vibrant campus community, and close proximity to Ireland’s capital city have made it an attractive option for thousands of students over its almost 26 years of history.


Ireland has top-ranked universities, and they’re not lacking students. But being at a university is more than just achieving high grades. It’s about making new friends and influencing your future career opportunities as well. So it’s really important to stay calm when choosing a potential institution you want to attend.

With so many great universities, it can be hard to choose which one suits you best. This list of “best universities in Ireland” will hopefully help you make that choice!

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