Top 10 Best Universities in South Africa to Study Medicine

Universities in South Africa

After reading through this information, you won’t only be thinking of Zulu when you are thinking of South Africa, you’ll also be thinking of studying drugs in South Africa. And you’ll discover some of the stylish universities in South Africa that can help you achieve your dream of getting a medical croaker with ease and in style.


The amazing rainbow nation which presently speaks 11 sanctioned languages, has 13 medical schools only 10 is mentioned in this article. And while the University of Cape Town is arguably the best medical school, the other schools listed in this information have quality medical programs that they offer to interested candidates.

Healthcare in South Africa, just like every serious nation, is of high significance to the government. So therefore, the government of South Africa is pushing in the necessary finances to see that healthcare in South Africa is vibrant. And likewise, people are advancing for further medical schools in the country so that there can be vacancies of the demanded trained medical help.

The Top (10) Medical Universities in South Africa

  • The University of the Free State
  • The University of Limpopo
  • The Walter Sisulu University
  • The University of Western Cape
  • The Nelson Mandela University
  • The University of Cape Town
  • The University of Witwatersrand
  • The Stellenbosch University
  • The University of KwaZulu Natal
  • The University of Pretoria

The table that’s not inescapably a ranking of universities of any kind. And these schools are recommended grounded on testaments and just for instructional purposes only.

The University of Cape Town

As the oldest university in South Africa the University of Cape Town or UCT is a public university, established in the year (1829) and located in Cape Town It’s one of the most prestigious universities in South Africa with high ranking. Then, the US News ranks UCT medical academy as 91th in the world( Subject Ranking). And meanwhile, the university sits in the 114th position of Stylish Global Universities.

As graduates from this academy, you’ll get a great education and practical skills in the field of medicine. And the University of Cape Town’s medical academy is under the Faculty of Health Lores.

The University of the Witwatersrand

Another early university in South Africa is The University of the Witwatersrand or the Head. Established in the year (1896) Head is one of the stylish universities to study medicine in South Africa.. And this public exploration university is located in Johannesburg.

Head has been ranked by US News as the 135th academy in the world for clinical medicine and the 197th stylish global university. And at Wits South Africa, you can get an MB BCh degree the traditional way for six times as well as a graduate degree for four times coincidently.

The Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Science (FMHS) has been synonymous with excellence in medical and health Science education and exploration in South Africa since (1956).

Positioned at the bases of Cape Town’s Tygerberg Hills, the academy exists with her aspiration to be a vital community of scholars, learners, preceptors, experimenters, clinicians and other staff committed to developing unborn health professionals who, through invention and leadership will promote health, help complaint and give optimal healthcare.

The University of KwaZulu- Natal

Innovated in the year 2004 University of KwaZulu- Natal or UKZN is one of the recent public universities in South Africa. And it has presto resin to become one of the most estimable universities in South Africa. But with an aggregate of scholars comprising both undergraduates and graduates. And formerly, the University of KwaZulu- Natal’s academy of clinical medicine ranks 279th in the world, according to US News and World Report.

The University of Pretoria

This public university started in the year (1908). Tuks is a well- attended university in Pretoria, with a pupil population of over scholars. And according to US News Tuks is the 511th in the world. Also, the other schools in the faculty are the School of (Dentistry, HealthCare science, Health Systems & Public Health).

The University of the Free State

One of South Africa’s oldest public universities The University of the Free State or UFS was established in 1904 with an aggregate of registration scholars. Then, what’s further intriguing is that UFS teaches its degree programs in the English language and Afrikaans. And the UFS is one of the best sodalities in South Africa where you can get a medical degree. And again, the UFS offers a wide range of medical programs at both undergraduate and graduate situations.

The University of Limpopo

This public university began operating in 2005 but formerly records a total pupil registration of over undergrads and postgrads. Then the University of Limpopo is another popular university in South Africa where you can get a medical degree. And the University has no notable global ranking, but its medical degree program is one of the most stylish in South Africa. So in Limpopo, just like most of the universities in South Africa, the faculty of Health science houses the School of Medicine departments.

The Walter Sisulu University

Walter Sisulu University It’s a comprehensive University in South Africa where you can get one of the stylish medical degrees in Africa. This Walter Sisulu University or WSU started in the year (1977). Then, the  South African university which began offering medicine in the year (1985) with a traditional program, and also later espoused the innovative class grounded on problem- grounded literacy and community- grounded education is one of the stylish universities in South Africa.

The University of Western Cape

The University of Western Cape or UWC is another old Public University in South Africa. The School began its operations in the (1959) but got its university status in the year (1970). But although the university doesn’t offer a clear cut path to a medical degree, its faculty of Community and Health science has an Academy of Natural Medicine.

The Nelson Mandela University

Nelson Mandela University is another top institution in South Africa which offers value to its students throughout its course of courses and disciplines. But officially, the university was suitable to launch its medical academy under the faculty of Health Science. And the country’s tenth medical academy opened in March this time to the University’s first ground- breaking class of 50 medical students, who are presently writing examinations.

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