Top 20 Universities In Turkey For International Students

Top 7 Universities In Turkey For International Students

Turkey is a major tourist destination, attracting 40 million visitors each year and ranking the sixth most popular holiday spot. Turkey’s universities are no exception. Turkey plans to enroll 100,000 overseas students this autumn. Such as the country’s satisfaction rating, the number of international students currently enrolled, and its leading institutions’ skills and course options. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best universities in Turkey for international students.

Top 20 Universities In Turkey For International Students

1. Sabanci University

Sabanci University is a unique university with an integrated educational approach. It was founded in 1995 by the Sabanci Foundation following a comprehensive study of its top educational systems. Their teaching method comprises two stages. Students begin with a Foundations Development Year, which gives them a thorough head start.

Sabanci University’s undergraduate and graduate programs take a different approach than other institutions. Not to add, the majors and institutional structure are founded on an interdisciplinary approach rather than conventional departments.

Sabanci University has around 240 students and offers a variety of degrees, including business and economics, humanities and arts, physical sciences, and computer science. Engineering and technology, as well as the social sciences.

Sabanci University has been awarded Turkey’s most enterprising and creative university in different evaluations. Their names are accurate since their study focuses on social development, such as policy development, manufacturing technology, and conflict resolution.

2. Bilkent University

Ankara is home to Bilkent University. It was founded in 1984 and is a privately owned institution. Bilkent University is a scientific and research-oriented university regarded as one of Turkey’s finest for international students. As indicated by its latest World University Rankings, it has maintained to deliver tremendous and quality education to its students. It features multiple structures and buildings devoted to various fields of study and a huge library where students may access millions of materials and sources for their studies. 

The library of Bilkent University is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most comprehensive in the world.

Education, business management, humanities and letters, engineering, and law are nine faculties. All of these faculties’ programs are taught in English. It boasts an increasing number of international students and an international faculty from over 40 nations.

Its numerous clubs and activities balance Bilkent University’s many academic fields. Students may participate in specific sports groups, periodic conferences and seminars, art and cultural exhibits, and Mayfest, a weeklong music festival.

3. Koç University

The modest roots of Koç University, one of Turkey’s most outstanding institutions for foreign students, may be traced back to manufacturing buildings turned into classrooms. Today, it offers several excellent programs on a campus constructed by renowned architect Mozhan Khadem. The colleges of Social Science & Humanities, Economics, Nursing & Medicine, Administrative Sciences, and Engineering are all housed on one beautiful campus. 

Koç University has received the most national research funds and prizes. They contribute to Turkey’s scientific, social, and economic growth via 132 research labs. With the exception of nursing and law programs, all classes at Koç University are offered in English. The institution also works with universities throughout the world, including the University of California, Cornell University, Georgetown University, and others.

4. Çankaya University

Çankaya University is a newly established, privately owned university in Ankara. This top Turkish institution for foreign students offers a diverse range of courses in architecture, engineering, economics, arts and sciences, and law. Çankaya University’s degree programs are primarily taught in English so that international students may get the most out of their education and research. The institution includes a separate Preparatory School of English for people studying the world language. Çankaya University’s current research focuses on business and women’s studies, including a few topics.

Apart from high-quality programs at all levels, this institution was distinguished by its award-winning campus in 2011. A contemporary library, first-class scientific labs, a specialized sports complex, and direct transportation to the city center are all available.

5. Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University is a well-known public university, particularly in medicine and biological sciences. The world-renowned Medical School is located on the main campus in Ankara’s old town. It also has dental and pharmacy colleges, biomedical laboratories, and various health institutions. 

The colleges of Economics, Education, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Fine Arts, Letters, and Sports Sciences are all located on the Beytepe campus. It also features a conservatory, five vocational schools, and 104 research institutes.Courses are provided in Turkish, English, German, and French at Hacettepe. The institution encourages internationalization at all levels of study and has more than 500 bilateral partnerships with universities worldwide.

6. Ozyegin University

Ozyegin University, a new university created by Turk billionaire Husnu Ozyegin to offer an inexpensive entrepreneurial research university, is one of the top Turkish universities for foreign students. It has a goal for a transformational student experience modeled after Cambridge and MIT. Architecture and design, engineering, commerce, social science, and law are among the university’s faculties. Other schools provide professional aviation training, cuisine and culinary arts, and current languages.

Ozyegin University aims to put students’ knowledge to good use in society. International students will benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to academics and their whole surroundings. Ozyegin University, which claims to be a financially accessible college, offers students suitable credit and scholarship schemes.

7. Boaziçi University

In 1863, benefactors and missionaries in Turkey founded Boaziçi University as Robert College, an American university. It is now totally under Turkish authority, although it has maintained close ties with the American academic system. In national admission tests, Boaziçi University has the most candidates. 

Students may study well-known disciplines, including computer engineering, industrial engineering, and electrical and electronics engineering, at this top institution in Turkey. Many local and foreign students are welcome to study social science and education in addition to engineering.

Every spring, Boaziçi University hosts recreational and cultural events like the Tasoda Music Festival and an international sports festival. Students may live in ten dorms, ranging from historical to contemporary structures with ecological features like solar panels and wastewater collection.

Is Turkey A Suitable Place To Study For International Students?

Turkey has one of the highest rates of tertiary education accessibility globally. Its higher education system is based on the European Bologna Process, which means that a degree earned at a Turkish institution is recognized across Europe. Turkey also participates in other exchange programs, such as the Mevlana and Farabi exchange programs and Erasmus+.

Over 60,000 distinct programs are available to international students at 207 institutions. Furthermore, Turkish institutions feature many English-taught programs, particularly at the masters and doctoral levels. Many academic areas, including business, engineering, and medicine, hold them in high respect. Furthermore, Turkish colleges have much lower tuition prices than those in other European nations.

Living in Turkey is less expensive than in other parts of the world. With roughly 400-500 USD each month, you can cover your basic needs such as housing, food, transportation, etc. Every city has at least one university, making the country a student-friendly environment. Events at the university are often discussed with the broader community.

What Are The Most Popular International Student Programs In Turkey?

According to current global trends, some of the most popular programs in Turkey for international students concentrate on Computer Science and Engineering. In Turkey, several colleges and institutes provide a diverse variety of high-quality engineering degrees centered on this topic. Universities aim to blend theory via research and studies with practical applications to real-life circumstances and difficulties in most computer engineering degrees.

Turkish universities provide courses in business management, computer science, and engineering. Courses that discuss new business trends and management practices in the present era of sales and technology, similar to computer science and engineering, are garnering universal appreciation and choice for course popularity in Turkey.

Can International Students Stay In Turkey After Graduation?

International students may apply for a work permit after their degrees since their student visas will expire. You will not be required to return to your home country and reapply to Turkey as in prior years. You will be given a temporary residency visa, allowing you to begin looking for work immediately following graduation. 

Once employed, your company will submit your work permit to the Ministry of Labor. There are three types of work permits for foreigners: short-term, everlasting, and independent.

Can International Students Work While Studying In Turkey?

International students may work part-time in Turkey according to new labor legislation that permits them to apply for a student work permit. Before working up to 24 hours a week, undergraduate students must complete their first year of study. Furthermore, master’s and doctoral students may work full-time or as researchers at their institutions.

The Turkish government is working hard to establish Turkey as a premier international study destination. They think that working licenses will improve the country’s appeal to students internationally and various scholarships and cooperation with colleges overseas.


Turkey is a lovely nation with various English-medium public and private institutions equipped with cutting-edge technology, qualified faculty, and a welcoming learning atmosphere. The universities listed above are known to accept international students, and the majority of their courses are taught in English.

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