Top 8 Universities In UK For International Students

Top 8 Universities In UK For International Students

England is a major global travel center, with train, bus, and airport connections. You’ll discover the history, architecture, culture, cosmopolitan cities, and breathtaking landscapes in one small country, making it a popular destination for foreign students studying abroad, getting a degree, or continuing their graduate-level program education. It’s no surprise that so many foreign students study in England because of its handy position in continental Europe, the lack of a language barrier for English speakers, and internationally acclaimed institutions.

The true problem is picking the perfect institution for you. With so much information accessible, making a choice may be difficult. We’ve listed the best universities in the UK for international students.

Top 8 Universities In UK For International Students

1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English-speaking world, is the top university in the United Kingdom for overseas students. It contains 39 separate colleges, six private halls, more than 100 libraries, and the world’s biggest university press. The university is rated first in the world for medicine and first in four academic divisions: social sciences, medical sciences, humanities, math, physical, and life sciences. 

Oxford is located around 90 minutes northwest of London. The campus is stunning, and the town has a rich tradition of artisan brewers. Oxford University is consistently placed in the top ten worldwide, including second in the 2022 QS World University Rankings and first in the 2022 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

The college institution is dispersed around Oxford, classifying it as a “city university.” Weekly small-group tutorials for undergraduate instruction are organized by colleges and halls, a feature peculiar to the institution and its nearest relative, Cambridge. Oxford University has around 24,000 students, with approximately 45 percent foreign students.

2. University of Cambridge

Cambridge University, one of the most significant institutions in the United Kingdom for foreign students, was established in 1209 by intellectuals who had left Oxford University. It is one of the world’s oldest and most respected universities. 

Cambridge has almost 150 academic departments divided into six schools: Clinical Medicine, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences, and Arts. Cambridge University has generated the most number of PhDs and research papers of any British university. The institution works closely with tech startups like Silicon Fen and significant universities outside of the UK like MIT.

With approximately 4000 foreign students, Cambridge is rated sixth for “openness and diversity.” Its small group teaching sessions, such as Oxford, provide tight monitoring and excellent instruction. It boasts over 100 libraries, 80 sports programs, and other extracurricular activities and groups.

3. The Imperial College London

Imperial College London is a public research university specializing in medical, science, technology, and business. The Royal College of Science, the Royal School of Mines, and the City & Guilds College merged to become it in 1907. It now offers advanced degrees in clinical medicine, physical sciences, engineering and technology, and computer science. 

Imperial has produced numerous Nobel Prize winners, intellectuals, and artists, including Sir Alexander Fleming, Thomas Huxley, Brian May, H.G. Wells, and others.

Imperial was rated top in the United Kingdom for Innovation. This progressive thinking extends to its globally renowned research and welcoming community. Over 59 percent of Imperial’s students come from countries outside the United Kingdom.

4. University Of Edinburgh 

The University of Edinburgh is a famous research university and one of the oldest in the English-speaking world. It contributed significantly to the Scottish Enlightenment in Edinburgh, earning the city the moniker “Athens of the North.” 

This premier university in the United Kingdom now includes 20 academic schools divided into three colleges: Science and Engineering, Medicine and Veterinary Science, and Arts, Humanities, and Social Science. Furthermore, it is ranked first in the UK for medical and informatics research.

The University of Edinburgh includes five major campuses in Edinburgh, a well-known cultural center. It is a historical and architectural marvel. In addition to academics, university students and alumni thrive in the performing arts, athletics, and independent publishing.

5. King’s College London 

King’s College London is one of the most significant institutions in the United Kingdom due to significant socioeconomic changes throughout the Industrial Revolution. King’s is well-known for its contributions to stem-cell cloning, DNA discoveries, the Higgs boson, communication technologies, and other fields. The institution is a crucial hub for healthcare education, dentistry, and nursing, with multiple teaching hospitals. Furthermore, it is the only World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) recognized laboratory in the United Kingdom.

KCL has five campuses spread around London, delivering high-quality education to students from all over the city. It works closely with the British Museum, British Library, Shakespeare Globe, and other institutions. Furthermore, KCL’s worldwide collaborations offer students and faculty meaningful experiences.

6. London School of Economics And Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science is a public research institution specializing in social science. Since its inception in the 1800s, the institution has vowed to better society by studying poverty, inequities, and other related topics. It demonstrates academic brilliance in politics, law, sociology, economics, and anthropology. LSE has produced more than 50 international leaders and 18 Nobel laureates, including philosopher Bertrand Russel.

With approximately 9600 international students, LSE is one of the finest institutions in the UK for international students. It has strong relationships with Columbia University, Peking University, the University of Cape Town, and other international institutions.

7. University Of Manchester

The University of Manchester is the most prominent single-site university in the United Kingdom. Its structures, including parks, apartments, and the Jodrell Bank Observatory, are interwoven with Manchester. The University of Manchester is made up of three faculties. Biology, Medicine and Health, Science and Engineering, and Humanities are among them. It is particularly visible in economics, social sciences, biological sciences, and engineering.

The University of Manchester naturally has the most outstanding student population in the UK due to its vast campus and numerous programs. UoM students benefit from a vibrant campus, an extensive National Research Library, an art gallery, and sports facilities.

8. University Of Warwick 

In 1965, the University of Warwick was founded as part of a government drive to promote higher education in England. It has around 30 academic departments spread over the colleges of Arts, Science, Engineering, and Medicine and Social Sciences. Mathematics, Management, Statistics, and Economics are among its top disciplines. There is also a Business School, a Medical School, the Coventry College of Education, and Horticulture Research International.

The University of Warwick has over 26,000 students, with more than 43 percent coming from outside the United Kingdom, making it one of the finest institutions in the UK for international students. It works closely with prominent worldwide institutions such as Columbia University, Cornell University, McGill University, and UC Berkeley.

Tips For Studying In The United Kingdom

There are several distinctions between how universities in England and the United States are constituted. You will, for example, take modules rather than courses, and the grading scheme for these modules will be altered as well. Furthermore, your performance (for those pursuing a complete degree in England) will decide the degree you obtain, with a first-class degree being the best.

Depending on your program and degree type, your module evaluation will be less reliant on tests and more based on projects and essays. A final exam after the course is also usual.

Expect an extensive wait between accepting your application and the release of cash if you rely on student loans (such as FAFSA for US citizens). Your loans will be paid out in USD, then transferred to your institution, where they will be translated to GBP and put into your British bank account (HSBC has an international student bank account option, for those looking). This procedure might take many weeks, so plan if you need the money for necessary living costs.

Don’t take your access to the rest of the UK and continental Europe for granted when studying in England. Ryanair provides flights for the same price as a Saturday night Uber during rush hour, and trains and buses will carry you to the Scottish Highlands. You may also take a weekend trip to Ireland by taking a boat.

Is the United Kingdom Good for International Students to Study In?

Universities in the United Kingdom are leading in teaching and research globally. They consistently rank among the top universities globally. Thus, over 500,000 international students apply to UK institutions every year. You can reduce overall fees and living costs in the UK because courses are shorter than in other countries. You may need to demonstrate English proficiency to enjoy over 50,000 world-class higher education courses.

Living in the UK guarantees a rich diversity of culture, efficient transport links, safe accommodation, and extraordinary cuisine. England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland offer a unique experience, whether from cosmopolitan cities, countryside villages, or historic old towns. The United Kingdom is also a venue for famous music festivals and international events in sports.

Can International Students Work While Studying In The United Kingdom?

International students who want to work part-time must adhere to certain norms and restrictions. Students who remain in the UK for more than six months are granted a student visa, which permits them to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week. Students may work full-time throughout their holidays. Students enrolled in pre-sessional English or courses below the UK degree level are limited to 10 hours per week. Finally, students on short-term study visas are not permitted to work.


There are several prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. Most of these institutions welcome international students, but some are exceptionally adept at offering world-class education to international students.

These institutions above were chosen based on several considerations, including their rankings, popularity among foreign students and support for them, program excellence, and social scenes.

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