Best Universities Offering Project Management In Nigeria

Universities Offering Project Management In Nigeria

Best Universities Offering Project Management In Nigeria-Do you want to study project management and have no idea which universities offer this course in Nigeria, then you are in luck today because we will be covering the universities offering project management in Nigeria. A project management course explains the structure and administration of effective projects. The life cycles of projects are taught to students. They are provided strategies and tools for organized planning, learning how to control risks and changes, and handling stakeholder expectations. Alright let’s dive in here is the list of universities offering project management in Nigeria.

List Of Universities Offering Project Management In Nigeria

  • Federal University of Technology Owerri
  • Federal University of Technology Akure
  • Bells University of Technology
  • Federal University of Technology Minna

Universities Offering Project Management In Nigeria

1. Federal University of Technology Owerri

The Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), founded in October 1980, is one of the top technology universities in Nigeria. The institution’s goal is to run effective training programs and practical programs aimed at changing the nation’s economy from one that is consumer-oriented to one that is production-oriented and has a strong technical foundation.

FUTO has developed into a national leader in creating skilled workers in engineering, science, and technology, serving as the industry’s main source of skilled labour.

One of the five departments that make up the core of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri’s School of Management Technology (SMAT), is the Department of Project Management Technology (FUTO). The department was founded in 1982, although it didn’t begin accepting undergraduate students until 1983–84. There were eight (8) undergraduate students in this initial group.  Eight students completed their degrees during the school year 1987–1988. 

Initially, the department only had two (2) full-time academic employees, as opposed to the twenty (20) full-time academic employees it now has. The department is currently having trouble admitting all applicants owing to space constraints and the staff-to-student ratio at NUC BMAS as the number of undergraduate students increases.

The department also offers postgraduate diploma, MBA, master’s, and doctoral degree programs with concentrations in industrial technology, construction project management, and information and communications technology project management.

The B. Tech., Project Management and Technology program’s philosophy is to be driven by excellence and international best practices to provide scalable human capital development programs in Project Management and Technology, producing graduates with disruptive, cutting-edge technical, technological, and innovative management knowledge and skills for efficient participation in National and international efforts for sustainable development.

After completing the B. Tech, Project Management and Technology program, students will be prepared to find gainful employment as employees in organizations’ project management-related operations or to work for themselves as independent contractors providing project management support services to businesses almost everywhere in the economy where programs, projects, and related processes are conducted. 

Graduates of the program can work specifically as project technical managers, which includes designing, developing, planning scope, time, quality, and cost, controlling, monitoring, and evaluating projects in the economy’s private, public, and non-governmental sectors as well as impact assessors.

2. Federal University of Technology Akure

The Federal University of Technology Akure was established in 1998 as part of a government of Nigeria initiative to develop institutions focused on generating graduates with both practical and academic understanding of technology.

FUTA aims to improve the technology by creating an atmosphere that fosters research, teaching, and learning and encourages the creation of technologically advanced, self-sufficient, and societally relevant goods.

This program seeks to provide the necessary training for people to become excellent managers of a country’s productive resources in various project sectors of the economy. The program combines management and technology disciplines like production, construction, accounting, marketing, etc., necessary to carry out physical and economic projects in the private and public sectors with the utmost efficiency. It is based on a foundation of basic sciences, engineering, and economics.

Graduates of the curriculum will be qualified to work in organizations that plan or carry out projects. For example, consider construction, oil, project consultancy, telecommunication, automobiles, entrepreneurship, and many other industries where projects are developed.

3. Bells University of Technology

The first private technology institution was founded in Nigeria at the Bells University of Technology (BUT), called Bellstech. It was founded in 2004 and started accepting students from 2005–2006. It is situated in Nigeria’s Ogun State.

The university aspires to become a globally recognized institution dedicated to advancing and changing society via cutting-edge breakthroughs in environmentally friendly technology.

The BELLSTECH platform has a beneficial impact. Their innovative spirit and exceptional skills fuel the culture of excellence that defines them. They use information and communication technology to generate graduates who thrive in the classroom and are relevant to society.

The college of management sciences at BELLSTECH houses the department of project management, a 5-year program that awards students with a B.Tech in project management.

4. Federal University of Technology Minna

One of Nigeria’s few universities providing project management programs is the Federal University of Technology in Minna. Since its founding in 1983, FUT MINNA has focused on technology education. While project management technology may be useful for any profession, The school concentrates on engineering, technology, and related fields.

The department’s goal is to raise human capital to a high level by providing high-quality, practical training, research, and development services in the area of project management techniques in order to fulfill current and future societal needs.

The School of Entrepreneurship and Management Technology (SEMT) of the University was founded in June 2009, and one of its departments is the Department of Project Management Technology. The department provides both undergraduate and graduate programs in project management technology with the goal of transferring pertinent fundamental competencies that serve as a strong and thorough basis for successful project management.

The degree program was created with students’ academic and professional objectives. Their Bachelor of Technology, Postgraduate Diploma, Master of Technology, and far more advanced Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs in Project Management will meet your needs whether you are a “greenhorn,” a person with some experience, or a seasoned professional seeking specialized training.

Why You Should Study Project Management

Project management is a crucial skill that may benefit students in a variety of circumstances and helps them acquire practical abilities. Additionally, a transportable talent, project management, may make a student more appealing to employers when they submit a job application.

Although challenging to master, effective project management techniques greatly benefit when used effectively. Students who learn project management may achieve academic and professional success.

It Applies To A Wide Range Of Businesses (E.G. It, Manufacturing, Construction)

Every industry, including the government sector and small- to medium-sized businesses, needs project managers to fill a variety of job tasks that call for such talents. You could go anywhere with a career in project management, including being able to work as a consultant and run your own business.

Boost The Quality Of Your Work

High-quality work is essential for students to do well in school and succeed in the job. Setting up effective project management will assist you in maintaining high standards during each project. Quality helps you maintain your standards while securing consistency and a high grade.

It Is A Skill Highlighted By Employers

Most workers will eventually be required to work on a particular task with a deadline; a solid understanding of project management approaches can help you satisfy these demands. It demonstrates initiative and might offer you an advantage in the increasingly competitive job market to handle tasks as they arise.

Improves Your Career Advancement Opportunities

Because project management involves both cooperation and leadership, it gives you the ability to perform at a greater level. Your career may develop if you are skilled at planning and executing high-level initiatives and have the necessary credentials. You may bolster your resume by becoming a trained project officer.


I hope you were able to pick which university is best for you to study project management. There are only four universities that offer project management in Nigeria. We hope to have more in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Project management is known to use procedures, techniques, abilities, knowledge, and experience to accomplish certain project goals per predetermined guidelines. Final deliverables in project management are subject to a limited amount of time and money.

Project managers may operate in any geographical location, with any size organization, in any sector, due to the role’s abstract nature. Most firms with higher management, several teams, and departments working on numerous large-scale projects, however, tend to have project manager responsibilities.

Yes, project management is a lucrative profession with high compensation and a wide range of tasks, but it’s also tough and sometimes quite stressful.

The profession of project management is quite profitable. This is mostly because, despite the abundance of project management positions accessible in Nigeria, there is a serious shortage of people with project management expertise across the nation. As a result, project managers are in great demand.

Project manager salaries vary from N671,840.00 to N790,400.00 at the entry level and from N13,080,000 to N15,042,000 at the top.




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