50 Universities Offering Soil Science In Nigeria

Universities offering Soil science in Nigeria

Universities Offering Soil Science In Nigeria – Soil sciences might not be a very popular program in many Nigerian universities, however, they are quite a several universities that offer the program.

If you are considering taking the Soil sciences program in any of the Nigerian institutes, then you have to consider the schools that offer the program and the one that gives the best.

You wouldn’t want to just take the program in just any University. There are over 50 Universities in Nigeria you can select, however, which is the best is what you should consider.

What is Soil Science?

 Soil science is the study of the soil as a natural resource on the surface of the Earth. It involves the rigorous study of the soil formation, classification, and mapping of the soil which includes the physical, chemical, biological and fertility properties of soils and how it is related to their use and management.

It is very important to take study the soil because with this one can practically tell which is beneficial for farming, building or other use.

Nigeria Higher Education 

Nigeria’s higher Education is classified as the peak or final stage of education in Nigeria. With predominantly 4 years programs or at most 5 years except Medical programs that could last up to 6 years. 

Education in Nigeria begins at the age of 5 years, however, parents can enrol their children in Pre-School which prepares the pupil for Primary level.

Pupils are meant to study for 6 years in Primary school, which is primary 1-6, then pupils write the common entrance examination to push them to the next level.

Junior Secondary school is the first phase of secondary school which last for 3 years and then the second phase which is the Senior Secondary school which lasts for another 3 years in total students stay in school for 6 years. 

At the final stage of senior secondary school, the pupil sits for the O level certificate or the WAEC. This result is used as part of the criteria to get admission into the University.

Each school have their WAEC requirements and is also based on the program you are putting in for. Meanwhile, higher education is not compulsory unlike primary and secondary which are compulsory.

Higher education comprises Universities, polytechnics, Monotechnics and colleges of Education. These institutions offer various programs that last for 2 to 5 years and offer Bachelor’s, diplomas, master and doctorates.

Universities In Nigeria

The University is the highest tertiary institution in Nigeria that offers, Bachelor’s, Master and doctorates. Most courses run in the university last for around 4 to 5 years in Nigeria

There are over 153 universities across the 36 states in Nigeria, both private and public universities. These universities are registered by the National University Commission (NUC).

In 1948, the first university in Nigeria was introduced in Ibadan. This was the University College, Ibadan. The was a first-generation University.

However, from 1948 to 1965 the first five generation universities had been introduced. These Universities include; the University of Ibadan, University of Ibadan, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ahmedu Bello University, Zaria and the University of Lagos. These were created to meet the demands of the education needs in Nigeria.

After the first generation university was introduced then the second and third generation Universities were introduced, these were the likes of the University of Calabar, University of Ilorin, University of Jos, University of Port Harcourt, University of Maiduguri, Federal University of Technology ( Akure, Owerri, Yola, and Bauchi ) and others. This was from 1970 to 1990. Before the federal government gave licenses to individuals and organizations to run private universities.

List of Nigerian Universities Offering Soil Science

In as much as there are other notable science programs to go for in Nigeria. Soil science is also a notable program you can put in for. The program is majorly classified under Agricultural Sciences.

Here is a list of Universities that offers Soil Science programs;

  • University of Benin, Edo.
  • Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo.
  • Abia State University, Abia.
  • Akwa Ibom state University, Akwa Ibom.
  • University of Calabar, Calabar.
  • Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra.
  • Delta State University, Delta.
  • Delta State University of Science and Technology, Delta
  • Imo State University, Imo.
  • Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Makurdi.
  • Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun.
  • Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola, Yola.
  • Rivers State University, Rivers.
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu.
  • SALEM University, Kogi.
  • University of Uyo, Uyo.
  • Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia.
  • Joseph Ayobabalo University, Osun.
  • Ebonyi State University, Ebonyi.
  • Imo State University, Imo.
  • Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun.
  • Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo.

So we have been able to list a couple of Universities that offer soil science.

University Admission Requirements 

To get admitted into any university in Nigeria, you need to be qualified and also be able to pass the test.

So, firstly, you must have completed the SSCE certificate examination with good grades. For every university, you need at least five credits in relevant subjects.

There are individual school requirements as well. So the first part is to pass the UTME examination with a cut-off mark of at least 200 to even qualify.

After that, you get to also take the post UTME examination to proceed and finally get admitted. Until then you will need to meet up with the requirements.

The general requirements for SSCE results include 5 credits in English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science, and any other science subject.

Meanwhile, other processes to get into the universities could include direct entry. Aside from the UTME requirements, the direct entry also has its general requirements which include; 2 A level passes in Chemistry and one in Zoology, Botany, Agricultural Science, Biology, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Geology, Economics and Health Science.

Remember, some schools have their special consideration for direct entry. 


Soil science is quite an interesting program to take, however, some schools are best for the program. Several universities in Nigeria offer the program which is classified under Agricultural Faculty, while some are strictly Agricultural schools you can enrol with if you are intending to take a program on soil science.

That is why we have put a list of schools you can enrol with to push for the study of soil science. Also some information you might be needing to get admitted to the program in whatever schools you have selected in the list above. we hope you find this helpful and very encouraging in your pursuit of the program and Universities Offering Soil Science.


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