Universities that Accept Third Class for Masters in Nigeria

Universities that Accept Third Class for Masters in Nigeria

Universities that accept Third Class for Masters in Nigeria- Did you just graduated from the university with a third class but you still want to proceed further in the academic line by applying for masters? Well, it’s true that a number of universities prefer at least second class upper for master’s admission but I have good news for you. There are still some standard universities here in Nigeria that accepts third class for Master’s admission. In fact, you will be surprised at the long list I will be giving out in this article.

Universities that accept Third Class for Masters in Nigeria

Obtaining A Master’s Degree

A Master’s degree is an academic degree awarded by a university upon completion of a course of study showing mastery or better understanding of a specific area or field of study.

What a Master degree will do to you

It makes you a master in your field

A master’s degree helps you to acquire specialized knowledge in your chosen field of study. It helps you gain mastery and makes you more competitive in your field.

Career Advancement

A master’s degree will make it easier for you to attain higher positions such as managerial and leadership in your field. A good number of organizations always prefer their staff to have master’s degree. Some companies even go all the way to support their staffs in acquiring higher degrees through; study vacations, allowances and so on.

Increased Earning Ability: You will get to earn higher as a Master’s degree holder than your colleagues with lesser degrees.

Increased Professional Network: While studying to acquire master’s degree, you will get to meet people from different industries and backgrounds. You will get to meet a lot of professionals, many of whom are high-flyers in their careers. You will also get to study with professors who are leading powerful industries. So as a graduate student, you have access to real-world knowledge and valuable networks.

Nineteen (19) Universities that accept Third Class for Masters in Nigeria

 The following universities in Nigeria accept third class for masters in Nigeria:

  1. Taraba State University
  2. Enugu State University of Science and Technology
  3. Ahmadu Bello University
  4. University of Ibadan
  5. Lagos State University
  6. University of Jos
  7. University of Benin
  8. Ambrose Alli University
  9. Cross River University of Technology
  10. Umaru Musa Yaradua University
  11. University of Port Harcourt
  12. University of Ilorin
  13. Kaduna State University
  14. University of Calabar
  15. Tai Solarin University of Education
  16. Obafemi Awolowo University
  17.  African University of Science and Technology Abuja (AUST)
  18. Covenant University
  19. Igbinedion University, Okada

General Criteria for applying for Master’s degree as a third class degree holder

If you are applying for a master’s degree in Nigerian Universities, the following are the basic requirements:

  1. Statement of Purpose/Application letter: Here, you need to say a little about yourself, why you are applying for the course and reason for choosing the university.
  2. Transcript: You should obtain this from the institution you got your first degree. Ideally, you apply for it and it gets forwarded to the school you are applying to for Master’s degree.
  3. O’ Level result: a minimum of five credits in relevant subject is required.
  4. NYSC Certificate: it could be a discharge certificate or certificate of Exemption. It is not negotiable.
  5. Post-Graduate diploma: You will need to do a post-graduate diploma course in your field of study. This will make you qualified to apply for masters in your field. Graduates with first class, second class upper need not go through post-graduate diploma. So, as third-class degree graduate, post-graduate diploma is like a bridge you will need to cross in order to obtain a master’s degree. 
  6. Some years of relevant work experience: Having some years of experience will give you better advantage of securing admission as a third class-degree holder.

Overcoming the Post-University Dilemma; Get a Master’s degree or Get a Job?

After the last paper in final year at the university, reality always set in. All the excitement and merriment of being a student and living on campus gradually fades away. You will have to go back home and face life squarely. A number of students get confused at this junction and if this ‘junction of confusion’ is not properly handled, there could be negative consequences in the nearest future.

Planning for life after first degree should have started at most, during the final year of study. By the time you are writing your final exams, it should have been clear to you what you want to do after school.

If you are proceeding for further studies, you must be able to answer the following questions thoroughly:

  • Do I want to proceed for further studies or I want to get a job?

If your choice is to proceed for further studies, you must be able to answer clearly these 4 questions:

  • What are the criteria needed for further studies?
  • What institution am I going to further my studies?
  • Do I have enough funds/ sponsorship for further studies?
  • What do I want to do with the higher degree I intend to obtain?

And If your choice is to get a job, you must also be able to give solid answers to these 5 questions:

  • What kind of Job am I looking for?
  • What company/ organization am I looking forward to working with?
  • What critical skill do I have that will make me better qualified for the job?
  • What critical skill do I need to acquire in a short time to be better qualified for the job?
  • What location am I willing to get a job?

Three (3) Categories of People that should get a Master’s degree

The academically-inclined students:  I call this set of people “bookworm”. A number of them graduated with first class honors while some second class upper. They are sound academically and are also sound when it comes to imparting knowledge into others and they do so effortlessly.

These set of students are so talented that if they teach you a subject, you will not only pass it, you will also fall in love with the subject. These are the kind of people that we need in our classrooms. When we have more of naturally-talented teachers in our classrooms, statistics of failures and drop-outs will reduce drastically. So if you are reading this and you are very passionate about academics, then you should go get a master’s degree, don’t waste time looking for job.

Those that graduated with poor grades from school: The labor market is so complicated that even a graduate with a first class or second class upper is not 100% sure he/she will get a job (most especially in a black nation like Nigeria). If you are to secure a job here in Africa, so many factors come into play e.g. age, tribe, sex, religion, prejudice, etc. So, graduating with a much lower grade will put you at a higher disadvantage when seeking a job. But if as a third class graduate, you can get a higher degree like Masters, it will give you better chances in the labor market.

Those that want to set a good legacy for their lineage: This category of people really need not obtain a master’s degree but they just want to set a good legacy for their children and younger generation. For such people, obtaining a master’s degree is like icing on a cake.

What to do with a third-Class degree

Getting a third class degree does not imply that you were a dullard in school. There are so many other factors aside I.Q level that could have led a student to graduating with poor grades from school. But, graduating with poor grades is not the end of the world. There are so many things you could do, that can even make you out-shine those colleagues of yours that had better grades than you.

  1. Have a positive mindset about life: Don’t look down on yourself, the fact that you fail in one aspect does not mean you can succeed in another aspect. So raise your head high and square your shoulders, there are better days to come.
  2. Take on some courses (online or offline) that will help you acquire critical skills: There are some critical skills of very high economical value. If you can take your time to acquire such skills, you will be better off.
  3. Get a Post-graduate diploma or Master’s degree: This will make you better qualified and relevant in your field.
  4. Become an Entrepreneur: If you have that passion for business or to start something, go ahead and do just that. You may as well break forth through this means.
  5. Be ready to sell yourself through your CV: Package your CV well. Let your employers know that your poor grades do not mean you are a frivolous or incapable person and that you are best fit for the job.
  6. Acquire some work experience: you can volunteer in your community or some NGOs to work for free. The work experience you acquire from volunteering will give you an edge when applying for your dream job.


In life, it’s always good to strive to be the best wherever and whatever you do ,because success would always open bigger doors for you. However, if you have graduated with a third class from university or even a pass, it is not the end of life. It doesn’t mean you are a failure, don’t give up on yourself, you may need to explore some other things. Forgive yourself, pick up the pieces and move on.

You have been able to learn from this article different things you could do to make the best out of that third class degree including getting a masters’ degree. So get up and start something today. The future is bright!

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