Apply For The University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship

Apply For The University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship
Apply For The University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship

Apply For The University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship: The University College London is one of the most prestigious and sought-after universities in the world. It currently has over 17,500 students enrolled and a much higher number of applicants as well. These applicants include high school/college students as well as people coming from all around the globe including international students who are looking to study at UCL.

UCL is a proud member of the UCL Union, which represents undergraduate and graduate teaching staff, while also having strong links with other unions such as those for research workers and senior academic managers.

UCL holds itself to be the most accessible of all universities and this means that students who have been concerned about studying at UCL have the freedom to learn and grow. UCL has also said that they aim to achieve this by emphasizing that their academics are accessible, as well as welcoming, knowledgeable and kind. The university also aims to make sure that there is an emphasis on community, which is reflected in the housing options available at UCL, meaning that you can live next door to many of your peers without facing a language barrier, or being placed in a house with people who are different from you in terms of culture or philosophy.

Scholarship Description

The scholarship covers tuition costs for the academic year for a full-time undergraduate course at University College London that meets UC’s specific Admission Criteria. It does not cover any administrative fees such as matriculation, registration, student association, or graduation. It is available to international students and those whose nationality entitles them to a grant bursary or means-tested grant by the UK Government, the European Union, or the Republic of Ireland.

Each scholarship holder will receive £1,850 (approximately $2,400) per year to cover tuition fees and an average maintenance grant of £874 (around $1,000). The scholarship expires at the end of each academic year.

The scholarship is targeted at international students who have strong academic records and exceptional personal qualities such as motivation and leadership skills; who speak English fluently; who can demonstrate their commitment to global issues; and who are likely to be successful in their studies.

Scholarship Summary of University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship

University College London, one of the world’s leading research universities, has an international scholarship program open to domestic and international students. Scholarship recipients can attend UCL for either undergraduate or postgraduate study.

The Global Undergraduate Scholarships are awarded to students from around the world who have been offered a place to study at UCL. All applicants must have excellent grades across all four years of high school with a UCAS Tariff score in the top 90th percentile or above. Successful candidates enjoy a generous package including tuition fees, living costs, and support services such as healthcare, childcare, and counseling.

Scholarship Host Country: UK, London

Host University: University College London

Program Duration: 2 years

Course level Available: B.Sc, Masters, Ph.D

To be funded by: University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship

Application Deadline

The application Deadline Is April 2023

Documents needed to apply for University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship

The documents are:

  • A one-page letter of interest
  • Transcripts for all years of high school
  • Certificate in the General Educational Development (GED) program and test scores
  • International Baccalaureate diploma and grades from the final two years (if applicable)
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • A personal essay addressing your strengths, ambitions, and goals
  • In your essay, justify your application and address the following questions:

– What makes you a strong performer in school? Why do you think this will translate to success in a postsecondary program?

– How can the University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship help you meet these goals?

– How have your experiences influenced who you are as an individual?

– Describe what you would contribute to UCLGHSC, and provide comments on our mission and values. Preferably explain how they apply to your personal experience.

– Provide the name(s) of at least two people who can attest to your academic performance, outstanding leadership skills, maturity, perseverance, and understanding of social issues facing youth today.

Eligibility Criteria for University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship

To be eligible, here are the criteria:

  • Applicants must be a current UCL student
  • Students need to be enrolled in a single degree program across the UCL Global Network and studying in an academic year at any of the following campuses:
  • London, UK
  • Boston, USA
  • Beijing, China
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Shanghai, China.

Applicants must also: – Be planning to study for at least 4 years. – Have completed up to two A levels (or equivalents) or at least two International Baccalaureate programs (or equivalent). – Have achieved grades over 360 on GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.

How to Apply for University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship

here are the steps to applying:

  • The first step to applying for the University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship is to read up on how UCL works and what the scholarship covers by clicking on this link.
  • Then, you need to fill out a short application form, which includes some information about your previous experience with language through an online form.
  • For further information and fees, click on this link:
  • Fill out the application form by professionally answering the questions. Remember to take your time and don’t rush. Do not copy/paste from a website/book as that is not allowed and will disqualify you! Be original and creative!

Benefits of Studying at the University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship

The benefits are:

  • A three-year undergraduate degree at UCL, one of the world’s leading universities
  • Eligible participants will be awarded:
  • £18,000 overseas fees per year
  • An overseas study allowance of £1,000 each year
  • Help with relocation costs to London (up to £2,000)
  • Work whilst studying with ‘periods of study
  • Help with accommodation in London, including a furnished room
  • Additional financial support to help with living costs (up to £5,000)
  • Access to student loan facilities, including access to loans before you start university (subject to income test)

Fields of Study at University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship

Some fields of study available are:

  • Dentistry
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Psychology and Neuroscience

Fields of study at University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship are very diverse. This scholarship is available to citizens of one of the following countries: Australia, China (including Hong Kong), Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico (including in combination with Spain), Nigeria, and Turkey.

In the UK, University College London offers almost 600 undergraduate scholarships in these fields per year. They are awarded to students from around the world to provide a diverse range of talent. To achieve this they offer a variety of scholarships, covering things such as fees and living costs. These scholarships can be applied for up to 2 years after you graduate from UCL, giving you time to find work or travel before deciding how long you’d like to study full-time abroad.


This scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for men and women who are currently enrolled in undergraduate programs. The University College London Global Undergraduate Scholarship will provide applicants with the financial support they need to pursue their educational goals while living and studying abroad in London.

Frequently Asked Questions

The UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarship is open to all undergraduate programs and aims to enable and encourage international students from low-income backgrounds to pursue their degrees at UCL.

You can visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website to find out more about the funding available if you are studying in the UK as an undergraduate student, including whether or not you are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Just scroll down to the relevant section of the webpage.

UCL’s annual tuition fees for students commencing in the academic year 2022/23 are set at £9,250 for UK students in the vast majority of undergraduate programs. UCL reserves the right to increase its fees in line with government policy (including on an annual basis for each year of study during a program).



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