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UBC scholarships

UBC is currently awarding scholarships to undergraduates and graduates whose aim is to study and earn a degree overseas.

As one of the world’s top universities, UBC attracts students all around the world, offering them courses and programs that not only suit their needs but in form of scholarships.

So if you are interested in studying at Columbia, here is an opportunity.


The campuses are about an hour or two away from the school depending on the campus you choose. They are situated in Okanagan and Vancouver and are led by students’ ambassadors.

New students are given a tour around campus where they get the opportunity to ask questions about UBC’S undergraduate programs.

Okanagan Campus

The campus was opened in 2005 with lecture halls, recreational facilities, and study spots for students. Campus life revolves around the warmth of the landscapes and environment, allowing the students to explore and experience city life.

There are some benefits to living on the Okanagan campus like participation in hands-on learning, deep interaction with professors, and career opportunities after graduation.

Vancouver Campus

Very close to the Pacific Ocean, the campus provides opportunities for students who have fun, to tour the city on excursions, academic gatherings, workshops, and seminars.

Also, graduates are easily accessible to big-time professionals and experts who need apprentices or interns for work. You get to make a global impact, learn from the best, and pursue your academic path.

Student life

UBC is a university that combines research and learning, making education flexible for students. Also, the school has a team, and club for every level of athlete, making them powerful contenders in the sporting world.

So if your interest lies in sports, UBC has all that’s required to train and prepare you.

Aside from sports, students also have the opportunity and chance to make new friends by joining clubs and societies.

Here, they get involved in school activities building their leadership skills. There are also volunteer opportunities that expose you to new and exciting things.


Through the campuses, there are undergraduate and graduate courses that are spread across twenty-six faculties namely;

  • Architecture
  • Applied Science
  • Arts Audiology
  • Speech Sciences
  • Business
  • Community and Regional planning
  • Education
  • Health Disciplines
  • Kinesiology
  • Interdisciplinary programs
  • Journalism
  • Land and food systems
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Population and Public Health
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Social work, etc.

Some of the programs taught in these faculties are:

  • Business and Computer science
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Food science
  • Cognitive systems
  • Geography
  • Oceanography
  • Urban Forestry
  • Freshwater Science
  • Food and Resources economics
  • Earth and Ocean Sciences
  • Atmospheric Science
  • Mathematics and Economics
  • International Economics
  • Commerce
  • Civil Engineering
  • Urban Forestry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Philosophy, politics, and Economics
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Environment
  • Technology
  • Natural resources conservation


The acceptance rate at Columbia is quite high with international students falling under the greater percentage of studentship. Here are some scholarships that are currently being awarded

International major Entrance

This scholarship is awarded to undergraduates who show exceptional academic qualities. It is renewable for three years of study for students who are on a study permit.

The scholarship amount is about 40,000 CAD. To be eligible, you must be a secondary school leaving graduate, must be an international student with a student visa or study permit, and must not be nominated for a need-and merit award.

Outstanding International Student award

This is a one-time merit-based scholarship that is awarded to students who were offered admission into the University of British Columbia.

This scholarship provides a stipend of expenditure worth 2,500 CAD to 10,000 CAD. To be eligible, you must possess strong academic excellence among other things.

You must also be a secondary school leaving graduate, must be an international student with a student visa or study permit, and must not be nominated for a need-and merit award.

Guaranteed Ph.D. Funding

This scholarship is specifically for Ph.D. students with outstanding academic excellence and runs for the first four years.

The scholarship worth $22,000 can be used to cover tuition, books, feeding, and accommodation. This funding may comprise other external and internal awards, research, or assistantships, recognizing their importance to the scope of the University and its educational system.

International Tuition award

This scholarship of $3,200 is given to full-time students enrolled in the university. Given to students In the research-based programs, the focus is narrowed down to their thesis and dissertation which can be done in five to seven years at the Ph.D. level.

To be eligible, students must be fully registered in one of the graduate programs and must be students who receive external funding from their home or government.

Graduate Support Initiative Awards

This scholarship is awarded to both local and international students from the funding of graduate studentship, multi-year funding, tuition, and scholarship top-ups.

All students are eligible except for students who are in the following programs;

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business analysis
  • Master of data science
  • Master of digital media
  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Engineering leadership
  • Master of Pharmacy
  • Master of management
  • Master of health leadership and Policy IN Clinical education

President’s Academic Excellence initiative Ph.D. Award

Open to all nationalities, the scholarship awards a total of $4.3 million per year to Ph.D. students at the research level. It’s also available to both new and existing Ph.D. students.

These students receive $600 to $900 per year. The scholarship is always open.

Documents needed to apply for a scholarship at the University of British Columbia

  • Passport
  • Passport photograph
  • A CV or Resume
  • Letter of motivation
  • Letters of recommendations
  • Proposal letter
  • Transcripts

How to apply

If your interest has been piqued and you wish to study here, follow this guide;

Choose your course of study

In the process of applying for UBC, you will be required to make a first and second choice for a course of study as any degree you choose will determine the programs you will undertake in your second and third year.

Write a personal profile

This helps the school determine if you are fit for the course you are applying for. This is a very important part of the application process as it is a very important determinant factor for admission.

Check for scholarships

To ease your expenditure in a place that is far from home, scholarships and student grants help with the tuition, travel, and sometimes accommodation expenses. So, look out for scholarships and apply.

Benefits of studying in British Columbia

The University offers scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world, aside from this benefit, there are others from different points of view;

The outdoor experience 

  • You get to experience the seasons of the country and go hiking and sky-diving.
  • Technology is at its best at Columbia
  • Good and quality education in the country
  • Lively city life as you are exposed to
  • Community communication
  • Lovely weather
  • A $375 award per year for continuing students
  • An $825 award per year for domestic students
  • And a $900 award per year for international students
  • Earn a globally recognized degree
  • Access to student support

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