University of Edinburgh Masters Scholarships 2022/2023

University of Edinburgh Masters Scholarships 2022/2023, Study at The Comfort of Your Home Country


University of Edinburgh Masters Scholarships 2022, Study at The Comfort of Your Home Country-The Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarships scheme is currently providing unique opportunities for interested students to get a “Master’s degree” from the University of Edinburgh (free of charge). Many thanks to the power and innovation of the Internet as students can now acquire the best education from every part of the globe on an online basis while residing in their home countries.

About Edinburgh University

Edinburgh University is rated among the top-ranked institutions of higher learning in the UK. It is popular for its superb research culture. Moreover, the university made it to the list of top university to admit maximum applications for undergraduates on yearly basis. Among its alumni, there are famous names like Charles Darwin, David Hume, Alexander Graham Bell, James Clerk Maxwell, and the list flows with the Nobel Prize “Laureates”, Pulitzer Prize winner, Turing Award winners, Fields Medalists and Abel Prize laureates. Moreover, many previous heads of state are products of the University of Edinburgh. This fully-funded Master’s scholarship is a rare chance available for students from lower-income nations to come to the list of these world personalities.

About The Scholarship Scheme

The Edinburgh Global scholarship is aimed towards providing an equal opportunity to every interested students from “lower-middle-income countries” or “lower-income countries” . The purpose is to create an academic pool where all the extraordinary, talented and exceptional minds from all over the world can connect through virtual education. Every year twelve (12) scholarships are granted to foreign students to have Masters classes online (free of charge) in UK and enjoy the European education school system. For this Masters’s program, the students are not expected to attend their classes physically in the school, however, the level of education is still the same. This fully-funded online scholarship at the University of Edinburgh is an avenue where the students can get connected to the world’s best departments and pursue their Master’s studies in a prestigious institution of higher learning. The scholarship by the United Kingdom-based university is a testimony of the country’s initiatives toward equal education and in deleting the border differences while promoting diversity, inter-regional tolerance, and acceptance.. This Online Master’s Scholarship in the United Kingdom (UK) is always attractive, reason is because everyone wants to acquire their higher education certificates from the best university in the world. This type of fully-funded scholarship for foreign students now gives hope to the financially challenged students to dream big and wake-up to securing a graduate degree from the most expensive and quality institutions without paying the tuition fees and without bearing travel and accommodation expenses. Furthermore, the student does not have to let go of his home land, family or friends in order to secure this degree certificate because this opportunity is a fully-funded Master’s degree to be organized online for the students.


Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarships:

* Host Country: United Kingdom
* Host University: The University of Edinburgh
* Degree Level:.Master’s Degree
* Mode of Education: Online
* Scholarship Worth : Full Tuition Cover.
* Nationality: International students (See list

Benefits Students Stands to Gain from the University of Edinburgh Scholarship 2022-2023:

  • The full tuition fee will be taken care of in this scholarship.
  • The student does not have to make expenses on travel to the United Kingdom for the course and can continue to live in his or her home country.
  • The students will get a quality education from “the
    best faculty in the world” .

Eligibility Criteria For Applications into the Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarships:

— The candidate must be starting the online part-time learning Masters’s program available at the University in session 2022/2023.


— The candidates must be a resident or Citizen of the eligible countries. Eligible countries for this offer are based on the following categories ‘Least Developed Countries’, Lower Middle Income Countries’ and ‘Other low income Countries’ as slated by the “Organization for Economic Corporation and Development Assistance Committee”

– The candidate must have to get access to a seat for an online Masters at the University of Edinburgh and should have boldly accepted that admission (offer) or be intending to do so.

— Candidates must posses or expect to obtain, a United Kingdom “first class or 2:1 Honours degree” at their undergraduate level or the international recognized equivalent.


Eligible Countries:

The eligible countries for this offer are selected based on these categories ‘Least Developed Countries’, Lower Middle Income Countries’ and ‘Other low income Countries’. Applicants must be a citizen of the following list of countries:
Burkina Faso
Central African Republic
Congo, Dem Rep
Korea, Dem Rep
São Tomé and Principe
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands
South Sudan
Yemen, Rep

Application Process for the Edinburgh Global Online Learning Masters Scholarships

1. The candidates have to apply for the scholarship via online sources. The aspirants have to apply for admission into the University of Edinburgh first only then they can gain access to the main scholarship application form.
The online scholarship application form can be seen in EUCLID or can be accessed through the portaltitled “MyEd”, which is an online portal with the web-link @

2. Each candidate must ensure to have the university User Name and password while visiting the portal with MyEd, these Username(s) and passwords are generated online.


3.  Once Logged in, Applicants are to fill in all necessary information and upload documents if need be. Candidates will also be asked to include the following within their personal statement report: the exact element of this programme that attracted he or she to the University of Edinburgh and predict how completion of this programme will be of benefit to their career and overall personal development. As a bonus point, candidates are advised to also input how the offer will enable them to contribute to their community, region or country.

Deadline for Edinburgh University Scholarship Application;

This scholarship scheme will stop receiving online forms from 23:59 GMT on the 6th of June 2022 . For candidates finding it hard to apply, please note that in order to successfully gain access to the scholarship application system, you must have visited the University site and applied for admission into the University of Edinburgh. Also note that, following the submission of an application for admission, it can take about ten working days (or more, depending on the volume of applications) for all system checks to be completely carried out and for official access to be granted.


All applicants are advised to visit their email addresses time to time, also check on your spam mails incase of any notification from the scholarship body. All candidates will be notified of their results and general outcome by July 1, 2022 .


End Notes

If you meet these criteria(s) why not apply as early as possible, you can’t miss this special opportunity to acquire your Master’s degree certificate from a re-known institution of higher learning free of charge. Kindly save this post and go through it again to avoid missing crucial steps in your application. Also make sure to crosscheck your online form before final submission to avoid unforeseen mistakes.
We at are wishing you success in your application process.


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