How To Apply for University of Giessen Doctoral Scholarship

University of Giessen Doctoral Scholarship
University of Giessen Doctoral Scholarship Now Ongoing

University of Giessen Doctoral Scholarship Now Ongoing: The university of Giessen is located in the German city of Giessen, Hesse. The university has roots that go back to the 16th century. It’s a fantastic choice for undergraduate education, with a large number of international students and English-speaking professors as well.

The university is famously home to the Collegium Jenense, one of Europe’s oldest centers for higher learning. This collegium was founded in 1559 by Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse. The university also has close ties to the only former German Vatican, the Karl Von Habsburg University in Vienna. The university’s current buildings date from the mid-19th century.

In the field of its research, Giessen is one of the largest players in Germany with around 6,700 full-time academic staff and doctoral students with almost 3,000 working on research related to humanities and social sciences. There are also more than 1200 part-time lecturers available to teach within all departmental fields – including international ones such as political science and partnership studies.

The university is a leader in research related to the humanities, social sciences, and life sciences. Among its more interesting projects that are relevant to anyone who works with words – such as translation, are the following:

The “Centre for Language Technology” researches in fields including speech technology and natural language processing, as well as multimedia content analysis.

The “Intercultural Communication Studies Centre” has several research projects going on related to media and cross-cultural issues.

Also notable is the university’s linguistics department, which was responsible for developing modern Standard German – along with many other programs related to studying abroad.

The university is well known for its sports and fitness program. The campus has a wide range of facilities, such as swimming pools, gyms, training halls, and playing fields for soccer and other sports. Also notable is the university’s sailing club – with the highest ranking in Germany and over 15 teams taking part in regional competitions.

Also worth noting due to their popularity is the student theatre, which performs at least one production of a German classic every year. They also put on a yearly cabaret-style night featuring original student-written pieces – with all performances being directed by students as well.

Scholarship Description

The scholarship covers the cost of the monthly fee for the duration of your stay and covers the complete cost of your study materials.

The University of Giessen is a world-renowned research university, which sows especially in natural sciences and economic sciences. The University is located in the center of Europe, between Frankfurt and Cologne. 

Clemens-Gesellschaft (German for “Clemens Society”) is an academic honor society in German-speaking countries. The society was founded in 1847 in Frankfurt by the law professor Clemens von Galen, to honor outstanding teachers.

As a member of the University Scientific Council, you will have a voice and be active in shaping the future of your University. The University Scientific Council is responsible for strategic issues and long-term planning.

Summary of Detail of the University of Giessen Doctoral Scholarship

The University of Giessen offers doctoral scholarships for outstanding students with a Ph.D. degree, who are interested in working in Germany. A selection committee will assess your application at the time of submission and again if you are shortlisted.

The University of Giessen is one of Germany’s most international universities. Students are encouraged to study and research together to prepare them for the global challenges facing society.

The scholarship is designed for outstanding students with a Ph.D. degree, who are interested in working in Germany. This scholarship is available for pursuing a full-time doctoral program at the University of Giessen, Germany for the 2023 academic year.

Host Country: Germany

Host University: University of Giessen Doctoral 

Program Degree: Undergraduate, masters

Funded by; the University of Giessen Doctoral Scholarship

Application Deadline

The deadline for application is February 2023.

Documents Needed To Apply For The University of Giessen Doctoral Scholarship

The documents needed to  apply:

  • A motivation letter
  • An essay on your academic study plan and goals
  • A CV with a personal statement, enclosed in a separate document
  • Two letters of recommendation 
  • Your transcript(s) from the university or the university’s partner institution 
  • Your Diploma Supplement 
  • A copy of your passport or ID card 
  • a copy of Statement of Purpose, A Vitae (short statement of your academic career) 
  • If necessary:
  • An English translation of the Bologna application form 
  • Participation in summer schools, forums, and other activities at the international level (international conferences, workshops, etc.) 

If applicable:

  • A logbook of the activities undertaken in your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Description Sheet with dates, details, and names of participants
  • Proof that you are accepted for an exchange program or study at a university for one semester or more than one semester 
  • Proof of travel expenses for an exchange program or one semester or more than one semester.
  • Proof that you are accepted for a research project 
  • Copy of your diploma(s) or proof that you have fulfilled your doctorate requirements in European Studies.

Eligibility Criteria For the University of Giessen Doctoral Scholarship

To be eligible, here are the criteria:

  • Candidates must be nationals of an African country
  • The scholarship can only be granted to Ph.D. students at the University of Giessen
  • Applicants will need to confirm that they have sufficient funds for living and studying for one year in Germany.
  • Ph.D. candidates who wish to apply must have successfully passed their first examination.
  • Candidates from all departments of the University of Giessen are encouraged to apply.
  • We do not consider transfer students.
  • The scholarship covers a monthly stipend and additional scholarships.
  • The grant covers a monthly stipend for one year of a total of 8,027 Euros (as of January 2017). Additional scholarships include air travel costs, medical insurance, and accommodation in Germany.
  • You will be required to serve the host university for a minimum period of two years after graduation. It’s an obligation to give back in any way you can to your country of origin.

How To Apply For The University of Giessen Doctoral Scholarship 

Here are the steps to apply:

1) Fill in the required information

2) Upload your Statement of Purpose

3) Upload your CV/Resume

4) Submit

This scholarship is open to those who are enrolled in or have completed a bachelor’s degree. The scholarship is aimed at international applicants.

Applicants residing in Germany need not pay tuition fees if they apply for the scholarship.

The final decision will be made by the University of Giessen Scholarship Committee, which will assess all applications on merit and financial need as well as other criteria such as geographical diversity, cultural diversity, and academic excellence.

Benefits Of Applying And Studying At The University of Giessen Doctoral Scholarship

Here are the benefits:

  • Our prestigious university is internationally recognized as one of the best in Germany and a research leader in many fields, including law, human medicine, veterinary medicine, biosciences, and engineering sciences
  • You will get a scholarship from €17000 to 20700 euros per year- one of the most generous scholarships among universities in Germany
  • We offer state-of-the-art teaching facilities with access to over 25 libraries as well as cultural and sports activities on campus
  • You will have fantastic opportunities for elective courses abroad during your studies or after finishing your degree
  • Travel Scholarships are available for students on certain courses to provide an opportunity for study abroad experience
  • We provide many facilities to help you during your studies, including language courses and accommodation
  • The University of Giessen has a large area of research with more than 250 research centers, institutes, and laboratories. These cover almost all areas of basic and applied research
  • We provide a good infrastructure to support your studies- a new library opened in 2017 with 3 floors of study spaces, over 55000 books, and access to the main university library which has over 1.3 million books in total, as well as a language laboratory, psychology counseling service, and student health clinic
  • You can benefit from our close cooperation and exchange programs with universities from all over the world
  • You will be trained to become a specialist in your field of study and gain an internationally recognized German degree
  • We attract many international students from all over the world every year. You will make friends and have a great time studying in Giessen with our excellent student life program
  • Together with the University of Applied Sciences, Giessen, you can take advantage of double-degree programs to study both law and engineering or law and biosciences in Germany at the same time, giving you more specialized knowledge and skills in your chosen areas of study.

Frequently Asked Questions

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