University of Leeds Scholarships

University Of leeds Scholarships
University Of leeds Scholarships

Leeds is a well-known university with a diverse and highly educated community, which makes it an ideal location to study. It is also the 3rd largest city in the UK, so there is plenty of opportunity for employment once you graduate. But what distinguishes Leeds as an academic institution are its small class sizes and hands-on approach to learning.

Alternatively, you can work alongside world-renowned scientists at one of its major research centers, such as Cancer Research UK or Leeds Institute Limited (a world leader in graphene production). All these features make Leeds University stand out from the competition.

Facilities at the University of Leeds

Leeds has also received a good reputation for its sports facilities, including the largest indoor sports center in Europe. Not to be outdone, it has on-campus accommodation, a gymnasium, and a swimming pool. The university has also invested heavily in its student’s welfare, with all students allowed to access a personal laptop. This is the perfect balance between a hands-on learning approach and the wider society into which graduates are inducted.

And so it is that this relatively young university continues to attract students from all over the UK who wish to study in one of their city’s many colleges.

Having over 100 research centers, many established world leaders in graphene including The University of Manchester and the University of Surrey have shown interest in this area.

With such a diverse community, Leeds is a great location to study with an extensive choice of degrees available, and at seven colleges around the city, students are spoiled for choice.

The Leeds University Business School and Leeds City College are located next to each other in the city center. Part of the college has been re-designed as a business school and offers brand new facilities inside some architecturally stunning buildings.

Studies at the University of Leeds

Leeds Central Library has been given a huge make-over and has a café, cafe bar, and study areas.

Library J – The new library at Leeds City College

Moorland Road – a couple of minutes’ walk to the Leeds University Business School

The university has also identified local colleges to carry out its research. This includes City College, which houses the world’s first graphene research center, building up to the issue of commercialization.

As well as research, there is also an emphasis on teaching at Leeds University. The university has recently been granted Special Research Status in recognition of its innovative teaching methods.

  • History

Leeds was officially opened by Queen Victoria in September 1854. Undeterred by the initial hostility to the university, it continued to grow and become a key member of the British academic community. The institution today that you see around you is a relatively young one, which has had to constantly evolve to cope with changes in society and technology.

The university started life as a college of art, manufacturing, and technology known as Leeds Mechanics Institute in 1832 and was then open for just 20 years.

The fees below provide examples only to help you understand which categories the tuition fees relate to;

Tuition Fee for Domestic Students:

For the 2022 academic year, domestic students will have to pay a maximum tuition fee of £9,250. This fee applies to undergraduate full-time courses. For international and part-time courses, this tuition fee will be £64,000 and £8,000 respectively. The majority of our international students are coming from UK institutions where you can expect to pay around £3,300 a year or less for tuition fees.

  • Tuition Fee for International Students: 

In the 2022 academic year, all international students must apply for an Overseas Student Visa (OSV) before enrolling at the University of Leeds. Your tuition fee will be charged on a per-year basis and is payable in up to ten installments. The majority of payments are made within the first six weeks of each term.

When making your decision about which university you want to enroll at, you must look at more than just the tuition fees. You must also consider other factors such as financial assistance and bursary schemes, accommodation and amenities offered, etc.

Scholarship Information for International Students

The University of Leeds is committed to international students from all over the world. If you’re looking for a scholarship or grant to help cover your study, we will be able to offer advice on these options.

  • The dean’s business school international excellence scholarships

This scholarship covers tuition and living expenses for students from abroad, who wish to study at the dean’s business school at the University of Leeds. For a few lucky scholars, this award will make all the difference in terms of their future success. The scholarship also assists with travel arrangements and other logistics associated with studying abroad as well as helping bridge any language gaps.

Note that these scholarships are not just for international students: domestic applicants will also be eligible if they have demonstrated outstanding academic performance or have an established career in business before taking up their course studies at the Leeds Business School.

  • International Undergraduate Science and Engineering Scholarship

Leeds is one of the world’s leading universities. Situated in the UK, it has a student community numbering over 37,000 students. This scholarship offer is aimed at talented and motivated international undergraduate students who are looking to pursue an engineering course at Leeds. The scholarship offers significant financial support to eligible applicants.

This scholarship is open to all international qualifying undergraduates in science or engineering fields and there are no nationality restrictions on this offer.

Fields of Study at The University Of Leeds

Here is a list of courses available for international students;

The University of Leeds courses is organized into three categories: Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s degrees, and Graduate Certificates.

A Bachelor’s degree at the University of Leeds gives you flexibility in your choice of subject, with a range of options to suit your interests and career ambitions. -Bachelor’s degrees-

Accounting: Accounting is a business and management discipline concerned with creating, measuring, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting the economic value of transactions or events.

English Literature: English Literature covers a wide range of topics such as traditional narrative prose and poetry from Chaucer to Shakespeare; Modernism in literature; Literary Theory; Romanticism; Genre studies; Children’s literature and much more!

History: History is about making sense of human behavior through historical study. At Leeds, we offer both British history and European history.

Geography: Geography is the scientific and human exploration of the earth, its features, atmosphere, and resources. We focus on fields as varied as environmental geography, economic geography, social geography, cultural geography, and urban geography.

History: History is about making sense of human behavior through historical study. At Leeds, we offer both British history and European history.

Pharmacy: Pharmacy is a science that seeks to understand the interactions between plants and chemicals with which they interact for health purposes. With regards to food supplements and nutrition, pharmacists assist in their production (e.g., formulation).

Psychology: Psychology is a branch of Knowledge that aims to understand human behavior. Psychologists are interested in how people think and act their behavior, what motivates them, how environments influence them, and why people behave differently in different situations.

Sociology: Sociology is the study of society. At Leeds, our Sociology degrees are characterized by a strong emphasis on contemporary social issues and problems. We also have high-quality research centers supporting many of our courses.

Technological Engineering: Technological Engineering seeks to develop new applications for existing technologies in addition to designing new processes or technologies that are considered “technical”.

  • Other Courses

The University also has several other courses available to international students. The below list includes four of the most popular courses available;

Biomedical Science: Biomedical Science is an excellent foundation for careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, and scientific research.

Science with Foundation Year: The science with foundation year is the easiest way to study a full degree in science at the University of Leeds.

Economics: Economics is about how society organizes itself and why it does what it does. It deals with issues like how much people earn, what goods and services cost, where these things come from, who receives them and what happens as a result.

Society, Health and Development: Society, Health and Development is a course taught exclusively by Leeds University. It will equip students with an understanding of the complex social, economic and political processes that influence health and development globally.

  • MBA Programmes

The Leeds MBA has been an international course since its creation in 2002. Together with the full-time courses, this program has been successful in attracting students from more than 60 countries around the world. The Leeds MBA provides a flexible way to learn about leading organizations, business techniques, influential people, and management methodologies that are shaping the economy today. The program is available to both business professionals seeking further expertise through study or academics looking to develop their careers through studying at the master’ Level.

Eligibility Criteria for International Students at the University of Leeds

To be eligible for a scholarship at the University of Leeds, international students must meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 18 and above.
  • Good academic standing.
  • Evidence of financial need.
  • Students who have taken A Levels in their own country are also eligible if they took a similar curriculum to UK equivalents.

To apply for a scholarship, you need to fill out an online form on the scholarship website and be interviewed by a Scholarship Advisory Officer at UOL for eligibility purposes only – there is no selection process (unless you want to volunteer).

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several academic scholarships from the University of Leeds scholarships available to UK and international students studying any Masters course. You can search our Masters scholarships directory to find out what’s available, whether you are eligible and how to apply.

Using data from the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the University of Leeds is ranked 37th in the THE Most International Universities in the World 2022.




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