University Of Malaya Master’s and Ph.D Scholarship is On, Check Requirements And Deadline

University Of Malaya Master’s and Ph.D Scholarship is On, Check Requirements And Deadline- If you are planning to advance your career in a specific area of study abroad and you have just concluded your Bachelor’s Degree program, or even Masters degree program and seeking for Master’s and Ph.D. Scholarship to achieve your set dream,This excellent International Scholarship opportunities is for you. Grab this opportunity and unlock your dreams to Study in Malaysia.

About University of Malaya

University of Malaya, a world-class institution of higher learning is sited in , “the picturesque city” of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This institution is a public research based and is dedicated to teaching and learning, providing quality services on a global scale and research services. The University of Malaysia upskills her students on a global scale. Students with exceptional scholarly reputations are stimulated to apply for this scholarship as the University provides an amazing opportunity to anyone who successfully secures it.

About The Scholarship Program

This program is offering International Scholarships to students all around the world who intend studying in Malaysia but are not able to afford them due to low finances. These Scholarship slots in Malaysia at “the University of Malay” are open not only to Malaysian but all countries students who are interested . This initiative is one of the Fully Funded Scholarships in the country that will see to all the expenses of the Students during his or her study in Malaysia Students do not have to make payment of any tuition fees, and they also get extra allowances for travel, housing and living expenses, all these are covered by “the University of Malaya Scholarship Program”. Don’t lose this fortuity to advance your course abroad along with a full grant.

What Are The Benefits Expected To Gain From The University Of Malaya Scholarships

  • The first benefit one stands to get from this scholarship is that full tuition fee will be settled by the program and so Students do have not to think about their many academic expenses at university and can further their respective careers without any financial stress.
  • The scholarship program is also committed to helping financially-challenged applicants even beyond their academic expenses.
  •  Problem about accommodation would be solved as accommodation expenses will also be provided during their Study in the University.  
  • Other Personal expenses that are also covered by the program include their living costs as students and their basic life needs.
  • Programs available at the University of Malaya: These degree program Scholarships are available for interested candidates to key in, Masters (MS/M.Phil) and Ph.D. in many areas. The time range of the Masters Degree is between 2 to 3 academic years while that of the Doctoral Degree is between 4 to 5 academic years in Malaysia. Kindly check the following list of available programs in the institution.
  • Islamic Studies
  •  Dentistry
  •  Business and Accounting
  • Medicine
  •  Science
  •  Computer Science
  •  Creative Arts
  • Law
  •  Malay Studies
  •  Built Environment
  • Languages and Linguistics
  • Pharmacy
  • Economics and Administration
  •  Engineering
  •  Education

What are the Eligibility Criteria’s For Application into University Of Malaya Scholarships program?

  • Candidates must pass the following criteria to qualify for this International Scholarship to study in University of Malaya, Malaysia. Foreign or International Students from all nations are eligible to apply for the University of Malaya scholarship, hence there is no restriction for any demographic zone.
  •  The scholarship is only available for students who want to read Masters, and Ph.D. programs. So, applicants are expected to submit their Bachelors degree or Undergraduate results for Masters Scholarships while those for Ph.D.
  • Scholarship program are to make available their Masters degree.

  • To be taken to the University of Malaya, students must have relevant qualifications over the years with a minimum
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of more than 3.00.
  • Also, English Language Proficiency Certificate or any of the IELTS/TOFEL international English language certificate is strongly required.
  • Students must also make provisions for the other necessary details and documents to the program at the time of admission.

Documents Required from Applicants For University Of Malaya Scholarship Application

The list of information’s and documents is given below:

A scanned copy of applicants passport and copies of academic transcripts of students which should also be scanned as required by the program. Students are expected to submit a proof of English language proficiency certificate as that will determine if they have proper knowledge of the English language

  • A well-written Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume is required aswell. Make sure to present a well-written comprehensive CV as it speaks volume in your selection criteria.
  • One recommendation letter: The recommendation letters must be written by the either the applicant’s teachers, advisors or employers (who can be able to give account of your academic performance and research potential) in English Language.
  • Links to your Published academic papers and scanned copies of your academic achievements may be an advantage though they are not compulsory.

Application Process For University Of Malaya Scholarships, How To Apply;

The process flow for the application into the University of Malaya Scholarship is available online. All interested individuals needs to prepare all the required documents before beginning the application process. Kindly follow the given procedure explained below to apply Online on their Scholarship Program.

  • Students are expected to register first, after signing up to the application portal press to log in to the University of Malaya website and finish up the admission portal profile as its a crucial requirement.
  • After that, Applicants need to select the required degree according to the field of that interests them, complete the admission online form as well as an Application form for the scholarship along with other prompts. There is no need to have yourself fill a separate scholarship application form.
  • Students are also required to show their previous relevant qualifications with
    a CGPA 3.00 or more as any CGPA less than that automatically disqualifies such student.

Deadline For Online Application into the University Of Malaya Scholarship 2022

The scholarship forms are currently on sale, so If you are considering securing your degree in Malaysia free of charge then get your sleeve folded and get straight to activate your application process done as fast as you can because the last date of grace to apply is August 31, 2022. So make sure to apply before the time runs out.

End Notes

This kind of opportunity is rare so never miss out If you are planning to advance your career in any of the above mentioned areas of study abroad and you have just concluded with your Bachelor’s Degree program, or even Masters degree program and seeking for Master’s and Ph.D. Scholarship to achieve your proposed dream, make sure you go through the requirements again and again. While applying for any scholarship to secure an admission or, it is very necessary to go through the application process and required credentials documents with all eligibility criteria to prevent any unwanted inconvenience that may come in the end. The application portals for this program may be a bit different as per the so many variety of degree programs & countries of the candidates. It is true that getting admission here is competitive, However, the correct application requirements and higher CGPA can make you one of the lucky ones. Make sure your CV and Resumé is updated and check your emails frequently.

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