University Of Nebraska International Scholarships Currently Ongoing

University Of Nebraska International Scholarships Currently Ongoing
University Of Nebraska International Scholarships Currently Ongoing

University Of Nebraska International Scholarships Currently Ongoing: The University of Nebraska is one of the foremost institutions for higher education in the world, if not the best. Founded in 1869, it has a rich history of excellence including being the first school to admit women and the first to feature a university-owned farm and experiment station. It was also one of six land-grant colleges established after the passage of the Morrill Act.

Famous alumni include former president George W. Bush and Warren Buffett. Current faculty include Nobel Prize winners like Roger Tsien, who won for his work on green fluorescent proteins used as molecular probes.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) is the largest campus in the University of Nebraska system with 25,000 students. Lincoln is a college town and an excellent place to live with access to some of the best education available at any price.

The university has a strong core curriculum that provides students with a solid liberal arts education that can be used to fulfill prerequisites for advanced degrees in law, medicine, dentistry, and many other professional fields. Few institutions offer such a broad spectrum of options as UNL on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Scholarship Description

This scholarship is available for international students and is given to those who have been accepted into the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

The scholarship is worth up to $5,000 per year or $25,000 total for four years. All that is required for an application is a copy of your high school transcript and an essay about why you want to study at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and what your long-term goals are.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha has some scholarships available to incoming students and continuing students. The following list shows the criteria for each scholarship and the amount awarded as well as when an award can be expected to be announced:

An outstanding feature of UNL is its faculty including Nobel Prize winners like Roger Tsien who won for his work on green fluorescent proteins used as molecular probes.

Summary of the University Of Nebraska Scholarships For International Students

In summary, the University Of Nebraska has offered scholarships of up to $40,000 for international students. United States residents who are not yet a citizen may be eligible for scholarships of up to $12,000. The scholarship application requires the student to be accepted into the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services program or a U.S.-based visa program, so do your research before enrolling at the University Of Nebraska!

The University Of Nebraska offers international students from select nations opportunities for academic and leadership excellence that enable them to succeed in an ever-changing global society.

The Nebraska Commission on International Relations (NCCIR) is a regional institution dedicated to promoting the free and open exchange of ideas between Nebraska and the world and maintaining strong relations with the government of the United Nations, its affiliated agencies, and other international organizations. The NCCIR publishes an annual report summarizing activities for the preceding year.

Documents Needed to Apply for the University Of Nebraska Scholarships For International Students

The documents needed are:

  • Application form
  • Copy of a bank statement or utility bill in your name
  • Copy of a passport and a visa if you are an international student.
  • (Proof that you have enough funds for the first year)
  • School fees paid to date or money order for school fees
  • TOEFL / IELTS scores, if applicable
  • Admissions essay (you can find this on the admissions website)
  • High school transcripts with college credits earned were available as other important information.

 “Please note: It is always best to apply well before the deadline, as scholarships are awarded based on availability.

Application Deadline for the University Of Nebraska Scholarships For International Students

The deadline for application deadline for the University Of Nebraska Scholarships For International Students is approaching. Do you still want to get accepted? If you are going to be applying for a scholarship that will be awarded in 2023, applications should be submitted before October 28th, 2022.  

As a current international student and future graduate of the University of Nebraska, the admissions committee looks favorably upon students who have demonstrated interest in international exchanges and diversity while they are undergraduates. This can mean many things but one important factor is volunteering with organizations that have an interest in diplomacy or international affairs at an early age such as school clubs or community service initiatives.

Eligibility Criteria for the University Of Nebraska Scholarships For International Students

To be eligible, You must:

  • Be a degree-seeking student, who has not previously been awarded a degree in the United States of America.
  • Have applied for and received the F1 or J1 visa.
  • Be enrolled in an institution approved by UNL.
  • Have demonstrated financial need by submitting a completed IRS 1040 form (pages 1 through 5) before scholarship funds can be distributed to you.

Applicants should have submitted their tax return no later than June 30th if they are looking for funding for the academic year or December 31st if they are looking to apply for scholarships for the 2023 academic year.  

How to Apply at the University Of Nebraska Scholarships For International Students

 Go to and click “Find Scholarships by Department”

  • Select the Category you would like to apply
  • From that drop-down list, select “Applicant” and then “International Students”
  • Scroll through the International Student categories until you see one that says scholarships for international students
  • Follow the instructions in the scholarship title to fill out your application.

Fields of Study at the University Of Nebraska Scholarships For International Students

Here are some of the courses available for international students who wish to study at the University of Nebraska:

  • Agricultural Education
  • Biochemistry
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural Communications And Media
  • Agricultural Economics, Policy and Management
  • Agricultural Engineering Technology
  • Agronomy and Soil Science
  • Animal Sciences And Industry
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Sciences and Technology, general (Anatomical Pathology)
  • Dairy Science and Technology Field Education Program in Livestock Production Systems Modeling
  • Enterprise Solutions for Agriculture & Food Systems (an M.S. program that is a joint venture between the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and the College of Business Administration)
  • Food Science
  • Poultry Science
  • Animal Physiology
  • Architecture & Interior Design, General
  • Biochemistry, General
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biology/Biological Sciences, General
  • Biomedical Sciences, General (also offered at Lincoln campus)
  • Biotechnology And Applied Microbiology (also offered at Lincoln campus) – Includes instruction in bioinformatics, bio-processing, and cell culture technologies. Provides practical experience in these areas. – Does not include education in biology beyond the levels covered by high school courses.

Benefits of Studying at the University Of Nebraska Scholarships For International Students

The benefits of studying at the University of Nebraska:

  • The University of Nebraska has an established history as one of the top public research universities in America.
  • It has a wide range of programs from arts and sciences to engineering, law, education, business, medical and health sciences.
  • With over 1 billion dollars in annual funding for research at Nebraska’s schools and colleges, there is no shortage of opportunities to work with some of the world’s best minds
  • The University supports more than 50% of its students by providing scholarships that can cover everything from tuition to room and board on campus.
  • The University of Nebraska is a member of the Big Ten Conference, which is one of the most competitive athletic conferences in the country.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in some of the top sports in America including football, basketball, and baseball.
  • An exceptional education with scholarships for students:


The University of Nebraska offers over 200 areas of study for undergraduate and graduate students. All majors are guaranteed to receive funding from scholarships from all sources that total over 1 billion dollars, including state funds and private donations. The total amount for each student is based solely on academic merit and financial need, not a student’s race or gender.

Frequently Asked Questions

External Scholarships

You May Qualify to Attend Nebraska Tuition-Free

With the Nebraska Promise, students who meet academic qualifications and have a family income of $65,000 or less (Adjusted Gross Income/AGI) or are Pell Grant-eligible can attend tuition-free.



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